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GPSRangefinder WatchModel # 368300UserManualLit # 98-2370/04-12

Care and MaintenanceThe Neo Watch is durable and waterproof. To help ensure reliable operation, the following care andmaintenance guidelines are recommended : Avoid exposing the watch to extreme environmental conditions for a prolonged period of time. Avoid severe impacts on the watch. You may clean the watch occasionally with a soft and damp cloth. Brush the clip contacts at the bottom of the watch regularly. Dirt build-up on the surface of thecontact points may affect normal charging and data transfer. (*Note: Use a soft-bristled brush. Hardbristles or wire brushes may leave scratches on the watch). DO NOT expose the watch to strong chemicals such as gasoline and alcohol, as they will damagethe watch. Store the watch in a dry place when it is not in use.WARNINGDo not attempt to open the Neo Watch.Risk of explosion if battery is replaced with incorrect type. Do not attempt to open, disassemble or service the internal battery. The battery must bereplaced by a qualified technician. Do not crush, puncture or short the battery’s external contacts. Do not expose totemperatures above 140o F (60o C). Properly recycle or dispose of the battery. Do not dispose in fire or water.

Table of ContentsPage TitlePage #Welcome4Important Info / Our Registration / Downloading Additional Courses6Charging the Battery7Package Contents / Computer Requirements / Updates8Parts/Controls (Buttons and Functions)9Operational Overview (Power On and Basic Operation)10Play Golf Mode: Using Play Golf Mode11Play Golf Mode: Button Functions12Other Menu Options: Battery / Golf Demo13Other Menu Options: Odometer / Alarm14Other Menu Options: Timer / GPS Status15Settings Menu Options: Settings Menu / Time & Date16Settings Menu Options: Sound / Units17Settings Menu Options: System Reset / About18Troubleshooting / FAQWarranty19-2426Click any page title to jump to that section of the manual3

IntroductionWelcomeDear Valued Consumer:Congratulations on your purchase of the Bushnell Neo GPS RangefinderWatch. We sincerely hope you will find your Bushnell product both enjoyableand easy to use. Knowing the exact distance for each shot will assist you inlowering your score and enhance your overall golfing experience.This User Manual was created for you to get the most out of your new deviceand assist with the initial setup. It only takes a few minutes to read, after whichyou can immediately begin using your new Neo Watch and enjoying its manyfeatures.The Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder Watch is preloaded with approximately25,000 golf courses and ready to use out of the box without downloading anyadditional software. After you’ve had a chance to begin to get familiar withthe capabilities of the Neo , please be sure to go to to set up yourfree user account within 180 days. This will let you make sure the internallystored GPS data includes any newly added courses, and provides you withaccess to all the features and benefits has to offer.Thank you for choosing Bushnell.4

IntroductionImportant InformationLegal DisclaimerBy using this product, you agree that Bushnell Outdoor Products will not be held legallyresponsible for any injury or damage to you or any person or property caused by theuser’s improper operation and/or poor judgment while using this product.Note: See Limited Warranty for other limitations to our liability.Additional InformationThe Global Positioning System (GPS), a network of 32 satellites orbiting Earth, is operatedand maintained by the U.S. government. This GPS device requires at least 3 satellites tobe acquired to accurately determine your position. Any change made to the system bythe government could affect the accuracy and performance of this product.Our Website: www.bushnellgolf.comBushnell Golf GPS is the bestonline resource for all our Golf GPSproduct owners, including productsupport, FAQs, etc. It also servesas a portal to access iGolf.comGPS course files to use with theseBushnell products. Setting up membership will ensureyour unit has access to the latestupdated GPS course data.5

Registration/ RegistrationWithin 180 days of purchase, go to to register your Neo Watch, which willupdate the preloaded GPS course data and load any new courses that have beenrecently added to the iGolf database.If a unit that has not been registered is powered on 180 days or more after the firstGPS signal reception, it will not function but will display a prompt to register online(which will allow it to resume normal function). Registration is free and takes only a fewminutes. Completing the registration will give you access to the latest GPS data for useon your device. To register:Go to, select “Join Now,” enter the requested information andselect the “Join Now” button to continue. Create your profile and select the“Save” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the proper drivers to yourcomputer and sync your Neo to receive the most up-to-date golf course files.Downloading Additional/New Golf CoursesOnce your Neo Watch has been registered, you may update the GPS data for anexisting course or download a new course to it at anytime. Make sure your Neo Watchis connected to the computer* and that you are logged in to your account.Then, simply follow these steps to update existing courses or download new coursesto your Neo Watch.1. Select ‘GPS Courses’ from the header menu, enter the name of a golf course in thesearch bar, and select the ‘Search’ button.2. Select the desired course from the results list to access the course download page.3. Select ‘Download GPS & Scorecard’ to download the selected course files to yourNeo Watch.6

Charging the BatteryAbout the BatteryThe rechargeable battery of the Neo Watch is long lasting and provides up to 14 hoursof golf, or one year of use as an everyday (time only) watch. However, battery life maybe reduced due to a variety of factors (external temperature, etc). All rechargeablebatteries lose their effective charge length over time. To check your remaining battery life, select “Battery” from Menu 1 (pg. 13). To rechargethe battery, attach the 4-pin end of the included USB cable to the contacts on the backof the watch and connect it to your computer. The Neo Watch and USB cable arecompatible with all USB ports, including A/C style USB chargers. The battery charging/full displays and charging contacts are shown below:CHARGINGFULL7

Contents/Requirements/UpdatesPackage Contents / Computer Requirements/UpdatesPackage Contents1 - Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder Watch1 - USB/Charging Cable1 - Quick Start GuideComputer Requirements*USB (1.1 or 2.0) PortOS: Windows (7, Vista or XP) or Mac OS X (version 10.6 or later,INTEL processor)**Required to transfer course data files.**Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States andother countries. Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. andother countries.Firmware/Software UpdatesPlease check periodically for the latest firmware and softwarereleases.8

Parts / ControlsButtons and FunctionsShot1Back342MenuSelect5Front1. SHOT Button: Tracks shot distance in Play Golf mode. Controls backlight. Press &hold for night mode. Disable night mode with a single quick push. Press Select,Front, or Back to exit Shot Distance.2. MENU Button: View Golf Menu in Play Golf mode. View Main Menu Options fromTime screen.3. BACK Button: Scrolls up through Menu items. View large Back of Green callout inPlay Golf mode.4. SELECT Button: Selects from menu items.5. FRONT Button: Press & hold to power on/off. Scrolls down through menu items.View large Front of Green callout in Play Golf mode.9

Operational OverviewPower On and Basic OperationReady to start using your Neo Watch?First, be sure the battery has a full charge. If you are using it for the first time,it should be charged until the “FULL” charge indication is displayed (refer to“Battery Charging” on pg. 7 for details). Next, make sure you are outdoors, in alocation with a clear view of the sky overhead, to ensure good reception ofGPS satellite signals Now, you’re ready to power up and use your Neo Watch. Press and hold the FRONT button (5) to power on the Neo Watch. Press the MENU button (2). Scroll through the menu options by pressing the FRONT (5) and BACK(3) buttons. Press again at the bottom (or top) of a menu screen to go tothe next (or previous) menu screen (see below). Select the desired feature by pressing the SELECT (4) button.The Menu of features is displayed over a series of three screens as follows: Menu 1: Play Golf*, Battery, Golf Demo Menu 2: Odometer*, Alarm, Timer Menu 3: GPS status*, Settings*GPS feature- using these features requires a satellite signal. To ensurereception, make sure you are outdoors away from tall buildings and trees,with a clear view of the sky.10

Play Golf ModeUsing Play Golf Mode Press MENU and select “Play Golf ” (press FRONT orBACK if necessary) at the top of Menu 1 then pressSELECT. The Neo Watch will search for GPS satellitesignals. Once satellite lock has been acquired, the Neo Watch will display a list of courses in the local area. Scroll the course list with the BACK and FRONT buttons, and selectyour course by pressing the SELECT button. You are now in “PlayGolf” Mode. After you’ve selected a course, the main screen will display Front,Center, and Back of the Green distances for Hole 1, as well as parinformation. The current Hole number is shown on the top left.Hole #Par InformationCenter of theGreen DistanceFront of theGreen DistanceBack of theGreen Distance11

Play Golf ModeButton Functions in Play Golf ModeTrack Shot Distance: This feature allows you to easily check the distancebetween any two points and would normally be used to measure the lengthof your shot. Press the SHOT button to set Point A (where you are standing)to “0”. After walking to your ball (Point B), the Neo Watch will display thedistance between Point A and Point B in a straight line.View Golf Menu Options: Press MENU to view the Golf Menu, which allowsyou to manually change holes (view next/previous hole info), change theunits of measurement (yards or meters), check the current time, or exit thegame. Press MENU again to return to your game.View Larger Back Distance Callout: Press BACK to display the Back Calloutscreen for 5 seconds, then return to the main Front, Center, Back (FCB) screen.View Larger Front Distance Callout: Press FRONT to display the Back Calloutscreen for 5 seconds, then return to the main Front, Center, Back (FCB) screen.12ShotBackMenuFront

Other Menu OptionsBatteryTo check the remaining battery charge, select “Battery” from Menu 1.Golf DemoSelecting “Golf Demo” from Menu 1 provides an overview of thefunctionality of Play Golf mode without requiring a GPS satellitesignal. It will display sample screens of the main Front, Center,Back (FCB) screen, Shot Distance, Hazard Distances, Back of theGreen, and Front of the Green Screen. Bring up the Golf Menu andselect “Exit Game” to exit the Golf Demo.The Golf Demo feature is intended primarily for retail demonstration purposes,but also provides a way for you to “show off” your Neo Watch to your fellowgolfers when you’re inside the clubhouse !*Note: “Change Hole” and “Yds/Mtrs” are non-functional in the Golf Demo.13

Other Menu OptionsOdometerOnce a GPS satellite signal has been acquired, selecting the Odometerfunction allows you to track distance, speed, and total activity time.Total Activity TimeDistanceSpeedAlarmThe Neo Watch features a standard alarm function. The alarm sounds at theset time.Cycle betweenHours/Minutesand AM/PMExit Alarm14Toggle time upSet AlarmToggle time down

Other Menu OptionsTimerThe Neo Watch timer function works like a kitchen timer (countdown timer).Set the desired time, and an alarm will sound when the time has elapsed.Toggle Time UpCycle betweenHours/MinutesExit TimerStart TimerToggle Time DownGPS StatusOnce a GPS satellite signal has been acquired, selecting the GPS Status screenwill show the strength of the signal.Indicates the # of satellitesthat have signal lock-on.Exit GPS StatusThis number represents theprecision of the fix on yourposition (HDOP “HorizontalDilution of Precision”). Lowernumbers greater precision,below 2.0 is best.15

Settings Menu ItemsSettingsFrom the settings menu, you can adjust the time and date (select “TimeDate”),disable the key tones (select “Sound”), adjust the units of measurementbetween standard and metric (select “Units”), and perform a system reset(select “SysReset”) to restore all original settings.Press SELECTTime/DateThis option allows you to set the time and date, set the time zone, adjust theGPS update settings, and set the preferred time format.Press SELECTGPS Update: Setting this optionto “On” will update the time tothe time zone you have selectedwhen GPS Signal is acquired.In order for the Neo to updatethe time based upon your GPSposition, set the time zone to “ByLongitude.” The time will then setautomatically when GPS signalis acquiredSet time format to standard ormilitary. For standard time, select12h. For military time, select 24h.16Time Zone selections are basedupon Coordinated Univeral Time(UTC) values.Eastern Standard Time: -05:00Central Time: -06:00Mountain Time: -07:00Pacific Time: -08:00Alaska Time: -09:00Hawaii Time: -10:00Manually set time. Set GPSUpdate to “Off” to ensure the timeis not changed when GPS signalis acquired.

Settings Menu ItemsSoundThis menu option allows you to disable key tones. When key tones are set tothe “On” position, the Neo will emit beeping tones with each button push.When key tones are set to the “Off” position, the button pushes will be silent.Press SELECTEnable key toneson button push.D