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Notice from the American Board of EndodonticsThe Directors of the American Board of Endodontics are increasinglyconcerned that collaborative efforts are being employed by Candidatesparticipating in the Written Examination.The Directors are very concerned that Candidates may feel that passing onquestions from current or previous examinations to other Candidates is “fairgame” and that this is really not cheating.It is important to note that all Candidates sign an agreement with theAmerican Board of Endodontics to preserve the confidentiality of theinformation on both the ABE Written and Oral Examinations.Transmitting test questions to other candidates or knowingly receiving thisinformation is most certainly cheating. Participation in this or any othersimilar endeavor will result in automatic failure of the examination and lossof Board Eligibility.The American Board of Endodontics is committed to ensuring a fair andequitable examination for all Candidates who participate in the certificationprocess.

Table of ContentsExamination Dates and Timelines . 12017 Exam . 1Applications . 1ABE Website . 1Pearson Vue and Measurement Research Associates . 2Pearson Vue’s Website . 2Pearson Vue Testing Centers . 2Location of Testing Centers . 2Tutorial . 2Written Examination Process . 3Authorization Letter . 3Registration via Telephone . 3Cancellation and No-Show Procedures . 3Confirmation Letter . 3Examination Time . 3Check-in Procedures . 3Required Admission Identifications . 4Acceptable Forms of Photo Identification . 4Acceptable Forms of Signature Identification. 4Palm Vein Recognition, Signatures and Photographs . 4Written Examination . 5Examination RulesBreaks - Unscheduled and Scheduled . 7Questions and Concerns during the Examination. 8Finishing the Examination . 8Examination Confidentiality . 8Examination Results . 9Examination Scoring . 9Receipt of Examination Results . 9Appeal Process . 9Examination Preparation .10

Appendix A: Matrix .11Appendix B: Sample Questions .14

Written Examination Timelines2017 ExaminationApplication Deadline: February 10, 2017The ability to register on March 20, 2017, requires that your application isreceived in the Central Office no later than February 10, 2017. Applicationswill not be accepted after February 10, 2017.Registration Date: March 20, 2017Registration begins on March 20, 2017, and is facilitated by Pearson Vue.Test Dates: May 17, 2017The 2017 Written Examination will be offered on May 17, 2017. Thoseeligible to take the exam can choose from a four-hour morning or afternoonsession at Pearson Vue.ApplicationsApplications are available may be down- loaded from the ABE xWebsiteOur website also contains: The current dates for the examination Application submission deadlines Registration deadlines.1

Pearson Vue and Measurement Research Associates (A division ofMeasurement Incorporated)Pearson Vue’s WebsiteBy logging into Pearson Vue’s Website http://www.pearsonvue.com/abe/You will be able to: View testing center locations Take an online tour of a Pearson Professional Center Get information to register via phone Contact customer service at Pearson Vue Hyperlink to Measurement Research Access the Measurement Research Associates’ Website and view the Tutorial View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Read the Candidate RulesWe highly encourage you to visit these sections to become more familiarized with theexamination process.Pearson Vue Testing CentersIn association with Measurement Research Associates, Inc. and Pearson Vue, the ABE WrittenExamination is administered as a computer-based examination at Pearson Vue testing centers.There are strategically located testing centers around the world. All of Pearson’s testing centersare uniform in size, equipment, appearance and procedures, ensuring a consistent and secureexamination experience for all Candidates.Location of Testing CentersTo view the list of Pearson Vue testing centers:1. Go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/mra/locate2. Select country3. Click Next4. Using the drop down box, select your preference in state/province/region5. Click NextTesting center directions will be included in your confirmation letter.TutorialThe computer-based examination is easy to use and requires no previous computer experience.To ensure every Candidate is at ease with the format of the examination, a tutorial has beendesigned to familiarize you with the computer screens you will see during the examination andthe steps necessary to respond to the questions, move on to the next question and review yourresponses. To access the tutorial and instructions on how to download it to your computer, goto: l.shtml.There are two parts of the tutorial. Part one provides you with the opportunity to learn how tonavigate through the testing format with a “guided tour” followed by the opportunity to take ademonstration test. Part two allows you to get the exact feel of taking an exam on the computerwith a demonstration test.You may take the tutorial as many times as you wish until you are completely comfortable withthe process.2

Written Examination ProcessAuthorization LetterOnce the Prospective Board Candidate Application, Preliminary Application and/or WrittenExamination Registration form has been processed, an authorization letter will be sent from theCentral Office. You must have this authorization letter before contacting Pearson Vue to registerfor the examination. The Board notification letter will include your required identification numberand registration instructions. All reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. Please besure to have a back-up location chosen.Registration via TelephoneIf you have received your authorization letter, you can schedule your examination beginningMarch 20, 2017. Please call 877/435-1414 - you will be prompted to press #5 to be connectedto a customer service representative.Cancellation and No-Show ProceduresCancellations must be made at least one business day (24 hours) before the examination isscheduled. Candidates may cancel over the phone (877/435-1414). Upon confirmation of yourcancellation from Pearson Vue, you must immediately notify the ABE Central Office (312/2667310) of the cancellation.Candidates who do not arrive in time for the examination or have not cancelled at least onebusiness day before the examination will be considered a “No Show.” The ABE is invoiced forall “No Show” Candidates; therefore, the fee can not be applied to a future examination and isnot eligible for a refund.Confirmation LetterAfter the registration process has been completed, you will receive a confirmation letter via email, fax or postal mail from Pearson Vue. It is highly recommended that you provide your email address for receipt of the confirmation letter. Your Pearson Vue confirmation letter is one ofthe documents required to for check-in.Examination TimeYou are required to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time to allow forcheck-in and verification of identification. Candidates who arrive later than 15 minutes prior tothe start of the examination may not be allowed to take the examination. Traffic and/or parkingproblems will not validate a late arrival. The test administrator will make every effort toaccommodate a late arriving Candidate; however, the administrator must ensure that otherCandidates are not affected. In line with the cancellation policy, late arrivals will not be eligiblefor a refund of the examination fee. The non-refunded fee can not be applied to a futureexamination.Check-in ProceduresWhen you arrive at the testing center, the staff is required to adhere to the following procedures:1. Request confirmation letter2. Request two forms of identification (ID)3. Check ID’s4. Capture electronic signature and verify that signatures match5. Capture palm vein recognition6. Capture digital photograph7. Distribute rules document8. Show area where personal belongings are stored9. Offer erasable note board and pen10. Admit3

Required Admission IdentificationsYou are required to have three pieces of identifications to gain admission into the examination. Confirmation letter ID with signature and photo (non-expired) ID with signature (non-expired)Please verify that your name as shown on our ABE authorization letter exactly matchesthe name on your identification. This is requirement for registration and is mandatory foradmission at the testing center. If it does not match, contact the AAE’s membershipdepartment via email at [email protected] to get your record corrected and MargieHannen at [email protected] Failure to follow these instructions could prevent youradmission to the testing center.Acceptable Forms of Photo IdentificationMust be government-issued and include a photograph and signature. Valid (not expired) driver’s license Valid (not expired) state identification card Valid (not expired) military identification card Valid (not expired) passport Valid (not expired) alien registration cardsAcceptable Forms of Signature Identification Social security card Valid credit card Bank automated-teller machine cardPalm Vein Recognition, Signatures and PhotographsPalm vein recognition, signatures, and photographs will be taken at the testing center. Theseare for internal use at the center only. You cannot take the examination without first having yourpalm vein, signature, and photograph taken.4

Written ExaminationExamination DescriptionGeneral DescriptionThe Written Examination of ABE certifying process is a computer-based test consisting of 200multiple choice questions. Questions consist of a stem with four or five foils, and are designed totest recall skills and the Candidate’s ability to apply knowledge, interpret data and solveproblems.Design of QuestionsIncluded in the examination are clinical case histories, clinical photographs and radiographs.Examination MechanicsPresentationAll questions are multiple-choice and presented one-at-a-time on the computer screen.Moving between QuestionsThe Next and Previous buttons are used to move between questions.Entering AnswersYou may enter responses by “clicking” on the response you believe to be the correct answer ortyping in the letter of the response. Responses are recorded directly into the computer.Reviewing and Altering AnswersYou may review and alter responses after they have been entered into the computer during theexamination or after you have attempted to answer all of the questions. At any time during theexamination session, you can return to an item and change your answer.Skipping QuestionsYou can skip questions and return to answer them later. You can choose not to answer aquestion by simply moving to the next item in the examination. At any time during theexamination session, you can go back and answer the item by clicking on its number in the viewlist.Flagging QuestionsYou may flag questions for later review. You can then go through the review list to all flaggeditems or you can sort the list so that the flagged items appear together at the top.TimeReview time is included in the total amount of time allowed for the exam. Time is kept on theindividual computer workstation