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G510 Hardware User ManualVersion: V1.0.8Date: 2013-11-26

Confidential MaterialThis document contains information highly confidential to Fibocom Wireless Inc. (Fibocom). Fibocom offers thisinformation as a service to its customers, to support application and engineering efforts that use the productsdesigned by Fibocom. The information provided is based upon requirements specifically provided to Fibocomby the customers. All specifications supplied herein are subject to change. Disclosure of this information toother parties is prohibited without the written consent of Fibocom.CopyrightCopy, Reproduce, Distribute and/or Edit of this document or part of it as well as utilization of its contents andcommunication thereof to others without express authorization are prohibited. Offenders will be held liable forpayment of damages. All rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design patent arereserved. Copyright 2013 Fibocom Wireless Inc. All rights reserved.Trademarks NoticeThe FIBOCOM Logo is registered by Fibocom Wireless Inc. All other product or service names or logos are theproperty of their respective owners. Copyright 2013 Fibocom Wireless Inc. All rights reserved.Revision HistoryVersion DateRemarksV1.0.02013-02-04The initial revisionV1.0.12013-04-03Update the LPG, UARTV1.0.22013-04-26Update some parametersV1.0.32013-05-09Update chapter3.7, add UART2 and HOST UARTV1.0.42013-06-03Delete 2 channel ADC (not supported); Update Application Interface SpecificationV1.0.52013-06-17Update Figure3-8, Figure3-9 and Figure5-2V1.0.62013-07-31Update the name of the documentV1.0.72013-08-12Add section 3.6.3V1.0.82013-11-26Add G510-A20-00G510 Hardware User ManualPage 2 of 36

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Contents123Introduction . 61.1Scope . 61.2Audience . 61.3Applicable Documents . 61.4Standards . 6Overview . 72.1Description . 72.2Specifications . 8Hardware Interface Description. 93.1Block Diagram . 93.2Operating Modes . 103.3Power Supply . Supply Design. 113.3.2Power Consumption . 12Power On/Off Operation . 143.4.1Turning on the Module . 153.4.2Turning off the Module . 16Sleep Mode . 163.5.1Activating Sleep Mode . 173.5.2Serial Interface during Sleep Mode . 173.5.3Terminating Sleep Mode . 17Real Time Clock . 193.6.1RTC Description . 193.6.2RTC Application . 203.6.3RTC Consumption . 20UART . 203.7.1UART1 . 203.7.2UART2 . 213.7.3HOST UART . 213.7.4Ring Indicate . 223.7.5DCD Indicate . 23G510 Hardware User ManualPage 4 of 36 Interface . 233.8.1SIM Connection . 233.8.2SIM Design Guidelines . 24Audio Interface . 243.9.11st Audio Channel: Microphone . 243.9.21st Audio Channel: Receiver. 243.9.32nd Audio Channel: Microphone . 253.9.42nd Audio Channel: Speaker . 253.9.5Audio Design . 25Controls and Indicators Interface . 263.10.1VDD Reference Regulator . 263.10.2EMERG RST . 263.10.3LPG. 273.10.4WAKE UP. 28Electrical and Environmental Features . 294.1Absolute Maximum Ratings . 294.2Environmental Specifications . 294.3Application Interface Specifications . 304.4Pin Definitions. 32Mechanical Design. 335.1Mechanical Specifications . 335.2Recommended PCB Layout . 34Ordering Information. 35Appendix: Glossary. 36G510 Hardware User ManualPage 5 of 36

1 Introduction1.1 ScopeThis document describes the hardware application interfaces that are provided when FIBOCOM G510 GPRSmodule is used.This document helps you to understand the interface specifications, electrical features and related productinformation of the G510 module.1.2 AudienceThis manual is intended for all members of the integration team who are responsible for integrating the G510module into the host OEM device, including representatives from hardware, software and RF engineeringdisciplines.1.3 Applicable Documents G510 Hardware Design Application Note AT Commands User Manual G510 SMT Application Note1.4 StandardsETSI ETS 300 916 (GSM 07.07 version 5.9.1 Release 1996)ETSI TS 100 585 (GSM 07.05 version 7.0.1 Release 1998)ETSI ETS 300 901 (GSM 03.40 version 5.8.1 Release 1996)ETSI TS 100 900 (GSM 03.38 version 7.2.0 Release 1998)ETSI EN 300 607-1 (GSM 11.10-1 version 8.1.1 Release 1999)ETSI TS 100 907 (GSM 02.30 version 6.1.0 Release 1997)ETSI TS 100 549 (GSM 03.90 version 7.0.0 Release 1998)ETSI TS 101 267 (GSM 11.14 version 6.3.0 Release 1997)ETSI TS 100 977 (GSM 11.11 version 6.3.0 Release 1997)ETSI EN 300 908 (GSM 05.02 version 8.5.1 Release 1999)ETSI TS 101 356 (3GPP TS 07.60 version 7.2.0 Release 1998)G510 Hardware User ManualPage 6 of 36

2 OverviewThis chapter gives a general description of the G510 module.2.1 DescriptionG510 GPRS Module supports G510 Q50-00: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. With GPRS multi-slot class 10,G510 can operate on any GSM/GPRS network to provide data communications.The G510 is similar to a condensed cellular phone core, which can be integrated into any system or product thatneeds to transfer voice or data information over a cellular network. Thus, it significantly enhances the system'scapabilities, transforming it from a standalone, isolated product to a powerful high-performance system withglobal communications capabilities.Built around a cost effective 32-bit XCPU RISC core running at up to 312MHz with 4k of Instruction cache and 4kof Data cache, RDA8851BL offers plenty of processing power for multimedia applications. A high performanceproprietary 16/32-bit digital signal processing engine can further improve overall performance and userexperience