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TOGETHER WE GROW2 Mackay Street, Nhill 3418Term 4P: 5391 2144Week 5F: 5391 2022Issue 33Upcoming DatesE: [email protected] November 2019Students of the WeekFriday 8thPre-Foundation visitCongratulations to the following students whowere presented with Student of the Weekawards at assembly last Friday:Monday11thRemembrance DayFoundation: ShelleyMonday11th toFriday 15thYear 5/6 camp toMelbourneFriday 15thPre-Foundation visitWednesday20th2020 Foundation classinformation session7pmFriday 22ndF/1/2 NaracoorteCaves excursionFriday 22ndPre-Foundation visitNOV Thursday 7th Kinder visit all dayYear 1: KelseyBirthdaysWe wish the following students a very HappyBirthday:Liam Dickinson: Saturday 9thNovemberAnnabella Zanker: Sunday10th NovemberYear 2/3: AthinaYear 4/5/6: Archie

From the PrincipalGenerosityOn Tuesday after lunch I spoke to the studentsabout generosity. We had just been therecipients of amazing generosity from Gabyand Matt from Hindmarsh Shire in the form of aBBQ lunch that was provided as part of theWalk to School program. In addition to thefood, the school has also been provided withextra gifts for the students which will bedistributed in the next week or so. Eachstudent will receive a drink bottle and a hat.The top 30 students in the school who havewalked the furthest as part of Walk to Schoolwill receive an IGA voucher. The top Walk toSchool student in each class will receive anextra drink bottle, and from these 4 students,one will be the recipient of a scooter. Suchgenerosity! Thank you Gaby and HindmarshShire.Scholarships and AwardsThe School has the privilege of acknowledgingparticular students through the provision ofawards and scholarships. These will beannounced and presented at the End of YearService and Graduation on WednesdayDecember 11.Maureen Reichelt Memorial Trophy – thistrophy is a prestigious award presented to onegirl and one boy from any year level in theschool. The citizenship qualities considered inmaking the selection include students who; Are well mannered, courteous,cooperative. Show respect for both staff and otherstudents, and is highly respected withinthe school. Readily accepts responsibility andleadership within the School. Applies him/herself diligently to study. Readily participates in school activities. Is an ambassador for the school in thecommunity.Scholarships – The Nhill Lutheran Parents andFriends Association will be offering twoscholarships for 2020 which will bedetermined by the staff. Students do notneed to register their interest in theAcademic Scholarships as all students willbe eligible for consideration. Thescholarships will apply to students whodemonstrate excellence in academics,display excellent attitude and behaviour,and consistently strive for a high standard oflearning. Both of these scholarships are tothe value of 300 each.Year 5/6 CampWe wish the Year 5/6 students every blessingas they attend their camp to Melbournenext week. Miss Lindsay and Mr Prenzler willbe accompanying them, with Mrs Masonproviding bus transport on Monday andFriday. Miss Lindsay has prepared anamazing itinerary which includes a MCGtour, a dinner on Lygon Street, a Charlie andthe Chocolate Factory performance andmore.Every blessing,Damon PrenzlerMaintenance RosterThe purpose of this roster is to have a groupof people available to fix any smallmaintenance issues that arise. If they occurin your month, you may be called upon tohelp.November/DecemberNathan Wheeler, Moody Tu, DonOliver, Aaron Cramer, AlexanderJupp, Hamish Merrett, GlennFraser, Tom Curtis

Worship NewsDevotional ThoughtCausing deathDavid said to the messenger, ‘Encourage Joaband tell him not to be upset, since you nevercan tell who will die in battle. Tell him to launcha stronger attack on the city and capture it.’When Bathsheba heard that her husband hadbeen killed, she mourned for him. When thetime of mourning was over, David had herbrought to the palace; she became his wifeand bore him a son. But the Lord was notpleased with what David had done. (verses 2527)Read 2 Samuel 11:1-27The temptation for us in today’s reading is tosee David’s devious plan and action andcondemn it as if we were God. We are alsotempted to note and condemn the evils of theworld today: envy, greed, covetousness,adultery.In our hasty judgments we fail to see that eachtime we act contrary to what pleases the Lord,when we use force to achieve our own ends,when we try to hide the self-indulgence thatignores the needs of others and idolises self, wetoo cause the death of innocent people.God is not pleased with what we do. We needto turn to him for mercy. He is ready to forgiveus, to restore us and to change our hearts.In your mercy forgive me, Lord, every use ofpower to achieve my own ends. Encourageme to be ready at all times to do what pleasesyou in the battle of life. I thank you that youcover my sin and give me victory throughJesus Christ. Amen.Please see below for this week’s churchservice times;Nhill: 11 amWoorak: 11 amJeparit: 9 amChurch Office: 5391 1223Prayer of the WeekEach week we pray for someone in ourSchool Community. This week we prayfor . Sophie Blackwood and her family Chelsea and Oliver Bone and theirfamilyChapelChapel this week will be held in theMulti Purpose Room at 9am. It will berun by the Foundation class. Parentsand friends are always invited to join usand stay for morning tea and coffee.Chapel OfferingAt last week’s Chapel 27.90 was collectedand will go to the Maw Per Koh orphanageschool in Myanmar. So far this year, 1,047.25has been generously received from Chapelofferings. Thank you for blessing our sisterschool in Myanmar.

2020 Fee structure andbursariesThe fee structure for 2020 is listed below.Tuition fees have increased by 5% from 2019,with the Composite Fee remaining the same.Students enrolled in Prep (Foundation)automatically receive a fee remission for theTerm 1 tuition fee.Child 1 1338.00 per yearChild 2 1137.00 per yearChild 3 1137.00 per yearChild 4No ChargeComposite Fee per child: 250.00 per yearFee assistance is available to current NhillLutheran families who may be experiencingfinancial hardship. Information regardingspecific bursaries and amounts will beprovided in the coming weeks. All requestsare treated as confidential and will be left tothe discretion of the Principal. Families will benotified at the start of the year if they havebeen successful in securing a bursary. Werealise that financial situations change andfluctuate, therefore bursaries are reviewedand offered on an annual basis.Maw Per Koh appealRecently we received news and photos fromthe Maw Per Koh orphanage, who we helpthrough our chapel donations.They really appreciate our support, howevertheir funds are running low and they maystruggle to keep going through Januarywhen there will be no chapels.If you feel you are able, it would be muchappreciated if students could donate a littlebit extra over the next few weeks to helpthem keep going.

Walk to school barbequeThe students totally enjoyed the barbeque and games provided by the Hindmarsh ShireCouncil. A huge thank you to Gaby Castro and Matt Sherwell for their help.Get ‘em Going PlaygroupGet ‘Em Going Playgroup meets eachTuesday at 9.30 am. Each week childrenare given the opportunity to participate inphysical, social and mental stimulatingactivities to assist in preparing them for theirlearning journey ahead.Please bring along the following:UniformsCould all parents and caregivers please takea moment to check the name tags on theirchild’s uniform items? A number of hatsjumpers have gone missing and it is possiblethat some students have picked up the wrongone. A water bottle Fruit snack Gold coin donation

Horsham excursionYesterday all of the students visited the Horsham Town Hall for the presentation of “Carnival ofDangerous Creatures” by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.The excursion also included some play time at two of Horsham’s parks.

2020 Term datesTerm 129 January—27 MarchStaff PD days Jan 22-24, 28Term 214 April—19 JuneStaff PD week June 22-26Term 313 July—18 SeptemberTerm 45 October—11 DecemberIntegration AideNhill Lutheran School is seeking to employanother Integration Aide to join our teamand provide learning support for ourstudents. This position will commence at thebeginning of the 2020 school year.Advertisements will appear in the WimmeraMail with applications closing on November27. Further information is available from theschool.