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Poplar Bank NewsWe are a Respectful and Caring SchoolNovember 2014Issue 3Principal: Natasha BaageAdmin Assistant: Lana GrigorovitchSecretary: Heather VazPhone Number: 905-953-8995Superintendent: Dianne HawkinsTrustee: Martin Van Beekwww.poplarbank.ps.yrdsb.edu.on.caFall Progress ReportsSchool Improvement PlanRespectful SchoolDifferentiated Instruction and AssessmentStudents will be receiving their progress repoton Tuesday, November11th. Parent Interviewtimes will be sent homewith reports.Respect Bulletin Board – September &OctoberFor the first 2 months of school, the Grade 7-8students of Mme McDonald s class created ajigsaw display of a variety of rules of conductthat all students at Poplar Bank from Grade 1 toGrade 8 should know and respect. My students thought itimportant to categorize these rules in four major themes (represented by thefour colourful puzzle pieces): Respecting School Rules (i.e.,dress code, chewing gum, wearing hats, proper way to ridethe bus, use of technology, etc.); Respecting Classroom Rulesand Routines (i.e., being prepared for class, listening attentively during lessons, raising your hand to speak, correctuse of classroom materials, asking permission to leave theroom, rules during lunchtime, etc.);Respecting School Yard Rules (i.e., Hands offpolicy, correct use of school equipment, respecting borders,playing appropriate outdoor games, etc.); and Respecting Friends(i.e., treating others with respect, no bullying, politely waitingyour turn, inviting others to come and play with you, usinggood conflict resolution strategies, etc.).

Page 2Upcoming EventsNov. 11: Remembrance DayAssemblyProgress Reports Go HomeSchool Council MeetingPoplar Bank has theirvery own SnackShack! We will beselling a variety ofsnacks and drinks atfirst recess during themonth ofNovember. All studentscan come check us outjust outside the milkroom!"Nov. 17: French Book FairNov. 25: Girls Area IntermediateVolleyballNov. 13: Photo Retake DayNov. 27: Boys Area IntermediateVolleyballNov.13-14: French Book FairTeacher/Parent InterviewsNov. 28: Immunization Clinicfor Grade 7’s and Grade 8 girlsNov. 14: PA Day (No School)Nov. 17-21: Spirit WeekPoplar Bank Intramural Sports ProgramIntramural Volleyball hasbegun at Poplar Bank!Students in grades 4 - 8 haveplayed their first matches inthe gym against other studentteams in our first ever inhouse Poplar Bank IntramuralLeague. The students haveshown excellent comradery,sportsmanship, and respectfor one another while havingloads of fun in the spirit offair play. A big thank yougoes to all supervisingteachers as well as grade 8students Juanita, Richard,Amparo, Ashley, Daniel,Crystal, Seema, Sneha, Yusef,Nico, Arsheeya, Sara A., Nick,Liukkor, Elicia, Katrina, andSarah W.forvolunteeringas officials tohelp keep score, referee, andlend a hand with setting upequipment. The winningteams for the Junior andIntermediate leagues will mixtheir rosters together in a funchampionship match in lateNovember to wrap up theseason. Looking forward toBasketball in January!Mr. MaccaronePoplar Pride At Its BestThe Poplar Bank Cross-Countryteam was well represented atthe Regional Meet on Oct 17 atBruce's Mill. We had 13students who ran as fast asthey could and displayedexcellent results!Congratulations to the grade 5girls team- Olivia (10th!),Caroline (11th!) Alejandra,Laura, and Maia. Their totalscores got them a 4th placeresult!Congratulations to Michael ingrade 5 who finished in 6thplace!Congratulations to Jenica ingrade 7 who finished in 2ndplace!Congratulations to Nicholas ingrade 8 who finished in 1stplace!Congratulations to the grade 8girls team- Elicia, Sara, Lauren,Feyi, and Katrina.Way to go PoplarPride!

Issue 3Page 3Congratulation to Our New School Council!.Atthe October School Council meeting, we held ouryearly elections. Thank youto all the parents whoattended. Congratulations tothe following individuals whohave been elected:ExecutiveJennifer Brett FraserCo-ChairPetra Turco Co-ChairArun Chulliyil TreasurerAmy Fischer SecretaryCoordinatorsNina DoironVolunteer CoordinatorSteven BascevanFundraising CoordinatorPreeti RajEdna BazanteSusan ThomsonJennifer Casa-ToddMembers at LargeAdrian GlauserLica McIntyreSarah HowsonNatalie OcakKim JaggerKelly BarbarichKaren PeckWendy LebskinMichelle Williams-LeeLibrary NewsOctober was library month, and Poplar Bank celebrated reading with a Book Bucket Challenge.Students and staff wrote their Bucket List of books read (inFrench and English) and challenged someone else to read too!Completed Book Bucket Lists were posted in the library for everyone to see thatPoplar Bank students are great readers!Scholastic French Book FairWe will be having a ScholasticBook Fair in the library thismonth. There will be a largeselection of French books tobrowse and choose from. Allpurchases help support literacy,our classrooms and library.The Fair will be open thefollowing hours:Thurs. Nov. 13: 7:45am—8:00 pmFri. Nov. 14: 7:45 am—11:00 amMon. Nov 17: 7:45 am—3:00 pmAt the Book Fair there will be two draws. Fill in a ballot to win 50 in books ( 25 for you and 25 foryour class). Also, bring in a non-perishable food item for the Newmarket Food Bank, and you can entera draw to win one of three prizes for 10 in free books. What a great way to help the local community

Page 4Student Safety in the School YardPlease note thatsupervision in the schoolyard begins at 7:50 am andare asked not to drop offtheir children before 7:50am. After school, studentswho walk home must besure to leave schoolproperty and go directly home. Thiswill help prevent unsafe situations from arising in and around schoolproperty.after school, supervisionends at 2:45 pm. ParentsKeep your eyesopen for PoplarBank clothingorderscomingsoon!Reporting to the Office ReminderWhenever a parent orvisitor comes to the school,he or she must alwayscome directlyto the office. If aparent, grandparent orcaregiver needsto drop something off for astudent, we will take the itemand call the student fromclass or the yard to the office.Parents, grandparents andcaregivers are not to go intothe school halls/classroomsor yard to meet students.This causes unsafeconditions as only schoolstaff have access to thoseareas during the school day.All other people areconsidered to be strangers.Please share this with yourchild’s grandparents, otherrelatives and caregivers.Thank you in advance foryour cooperation.Unsafe Crossing of Our Bus LoopWe continue to see studentsand parents walking through theNorth bus loop both before andafter school. We need your helpin stopping this unsafepractice. When dropping off orpicking up your child, pleasereinforce with him/her to use thesidewalks off Bonshawadjoining the school property. Itis an unsafe practice to crossbetween parked busses or walkthrough the bus loop and thismust stop immediately. Pleasealso remember to never enterthe bus loop with your car or topark in the loop.Thank you for helping uskeep all students safe.

Issue 3Page 5Bus Information—Inclement Weather ConditionsThe cold weather season is justaround the corner. We wouldlike all parents to be aware ofthe following bad weatherprocedures followed by theYork Region District SchoolBoard. If the road conditionsforce the cancellation ofthe school buses, local radiostations will be notified assoon as possible, normally nolater than 6:30 a.m.During severe weather conditions, please tune in to oneof the radio stations listed belowfor up-to-dateinformation. Remember thatbuses are cancelled in themorning then the buses will notbe operating in theafternoon. Therefore, if youdrive your children toschool in the morning you mustalso be able to providetransportation for them afterschool at 2:35 p.m. Radiostations that will be notified ofbus cancellations are:CFTR 680, CKEY 590, CFRB1010, CHFI 98.1 andCKAN 1480. You have the right,as a parent, to keepyour child(ren) at home in severe weather conditions;however, the school will probably be opened eventhough transportation has beencancelled.A bus cancellation message willalso be available atwww.schoolbuscity.com and byfollowing the YRDSB on Twitter.Punctuality Counts!Punctuality is an importantlife-skill valued by school, employers in the workforce,and society. We continue toexperience a number ofstudents arriving late forschool. The morning bell ringsat 8:00 a.m. and classes beginsharp at 8:05 a.m.Students who walk to schoolor who are driven toschool must be in classbefore the end of the respectsongs. Otherwise, they aremarked as late and this isrecorded on their report card.Strategies to help studentswho are repeatedly late caninclude making up lost timeor a letter to parents. Severecases will be referred toAttendance & CounselingServices. Please ensure thatyour child arrives on timeready to learn.Requests for Ill StudentsFrequently we receive requestsfrom parents to allow a child toremain indoors at recess orlunch hour due to illness or acold.Unfortunately, we cannotaccommodate theserequests. We have no staff tosupervise thesestudents; all our supervisors arein the school yard. It is ourbelief and the recommendationof the York Region HealthServices, that students who aretoo ill to go out for recess aretoo ill to come to school. Theonly time students are permittedto stay in at recess timesor lunch hour occurs whenEnvironment Canadaannounces severe winds andcold conditions.

Anti-Bullying Presentations at Poplar BankOn Monday October 20, we welcomed iEngage with presenter , Anthony McLean to speak to thestudents about Anti-Bullying. Anthony is an actor and speaker based in Toronto. He has presented athundreds of schools from Easter Canada to South Australia. iEngage presentations are upbeat and highimpact with a combination of audience interaction, comedy, pop culture and“freestyle” raps to keep the kids engaged. Check out what our own studentshave to say about Anthony and his presentation!Quotes from Grade 2Si quelqu’un te dérange ou dérange ton ami, demande-lui gentiment d’arrêter. Si la personne refused’arrêter, parles-en à un professeur ou à un adulte.J’ai appris que si quelqu’un te frappe, il ne faut pas le frapper, mais il faut le dire à un professeur.J’ai aimé quand Monsieur McLean a dit : « Éloigne-toi de ceux qui te disent un mot méchant comme parexemple « tête de patate » et ignore-les ».J’ai aimé quand il a dit d’aider les autres mais s’il y a une bagarre, ne t’y mêle pas. Éloigne-toi etdemande de l’aide.Aaron, Ally, Anwyn, Belinda, Danial, Daniel, Emmy, Jake, Jillian, Larissa, Lauren, Mila, Olivia, Ryan,Samieha, Samuel, William, et ZhengtongQuotes from Grade 61. Anthony McLean nous a donnés une présentation extraordinaire! Il nous a donnés le message de ne pasintimider les autres et il l’a présenté en une forme drôle. J’aimais sa présentation car il nous fait rire, nousdonne des bonnes histoires et des exemples de pourquoi intimider quelqu’un d’autre n’est pas gentil.Kylie, 6e Mme Jenicek2. J’ai aimé la présentation car il nous incluait et il a expliqué que l’intimidation doit arrêter car ça peutfaire mal aux autres. Samantha, 6e Mme Jenicek3. La présentation d’Anthony était formidable! J’aime comment Anthony nous a donnés un message maisc’était encore amusant et drôle. J’espère qu’Anthony va revenir à Poplar Bank. Il était mon invité préféré.Olivia, 6e Mme Jenicek4. Ce que j’ai aimé de la présentation d’Anthony McLean était qu’il n’y avait pas juste un discours maisaussi des chansons, des histoires et la danse. Nous inclure dans la présentation nous a aidés à comprendrele mal que fait l’intimidation et être plus intéressés. J’espère qu’il reviendra.Abigail, 6e M. Korman5. J’adorais tout! Absolument tout! J’aime le fait qu’il parlait de choses qu’on comprendcomme les Raptors et le film Frozen . Il a mélangé l’aspect sérieux de l’intimidation avec l’aspect drôle. Il a fait beaucoup de blagues et il a dansé. Je regarderais laprésentation encore une fois!Kaylah, 6e M. Korman6. J’ai pensé que la présentation était spectaculaire! Anthony McLean a mis la présentation dans des mots qu’on comprend. Il était honnête en nous parlant. Il nous a dit honnêtement qu’ilfaisait du taxage, a été une victime et un observateur. Anthony a mis de la vie dans sa présentation, je voulais entendre plus. Le message était: Stand up, reach out, tell someone we won’t stop till the bullying’sdone! Stand up, reach out, tell someone, don’t underestimate the power of one! Tyla, 6e M. Korman

Quotes from Grade 8“We as grade 8’s think that the iEngage presentation was entertaining, engaging, and it reallyshowed us the importance of kindness. The presentation taught us that being mean to people getsyou nowhere. We think that his style of presenting was unique, and really kept us interested andengaged.”Elicia, Lauren B., Hannah, Michaella, Kealyn“The iEngage assembly was a very inspirational presentation that really grabbed our attention. Ithad the fundamentals of an anti-bullying presentation just with more humour and fun that reallykept us grade 7 and 8’s engaged. He shared his experiences with us, we loved his funny stories,dancing, and especially his freestyle rap on My Little Pony, Unicorns eating bananas, and the colourpurple!”Crystal, Kyanna, Arsheeya, Nico, Katrina, Lauren M.“Anthony McLean was really relatable. He was really funny and kept us engaged. He made us feellike we had been his friends for a long time. We loved how he danced, and constantly referenced themovie Frozen (Let it Go!). He was up to date with pop culture and social media, so he was cool! Eventhough it was a serious topic, he made it feel not serious while making us listen.”Elizabeth, Yvonne, Jordanna, Mikayla“The presentation was informative and interesting in a fun way. He used his dance moves and personal stories to teach students how to respond and deal with bullying. He also showed us videoswhere people had to react to situations, and this helped us know what to do if it happened to us.”Feyi, Jack, Pierson, Eve, Richard“We loved his pers