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2020 Summer Session Course GuidelinesGeneral GuidelinesAll General Studies students planning to take Summer Session courses should consult the GS Bulletin: There is a 15-point limit for the entire Summer Session, with no more than 9 points in any Summer Session period orin overlapping periods. Not all courses offered in the Summer Session are accepted by the CC-GS Committee on Instruction for credittowards the undergraduate degree program. The following courses are not approved for GS students:Business 5020PS5025PS5030PS5040PS5301PS7001Oral Communications for BusinessMath Methods for BusinessIntroduction to FinanceCorporate FinanceFinancial AccountingManaging Human Behavior in the OrganizationLeading Alignment and AgilityIntroduction to MarketingMarketing StrategyDeveloping and Implementing Ideas: EntrepreneurshipSecurity AnalysisManaging Information and KnowledgeSpecial Topics: Business EdgeFilm Studies (FILM)S3210 / S4034Comedy Writing across MediaPrelaw (LAW)S3150S3200Comparative JurisprudenceConstitutional Crises on Campus: Constitutional Law through the Lens of Higher EducationBioethicsAny CourseFundraising ManagementAny CourseInformation & Knowledge StrategyAny CourseLandscape DesignAny CourseNarrative MedicineAny CourseNegotiation & Conflict ResolutionAny CourseSports ManagementAny CourseStrategic CommunicationsAny CourseSustainability ManagementAny CourseAcademic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 1

Postbac Premed Students and GS undergraduate students fulfilling premedical requirements may not take the following sixweek (offered in either session D or Q) science courses to fulfill the physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistryrequirements of their programs.Chemistry (CHEMS1403(D)S1404QGeneral Chemistry IGeneral Chemistry IIOrganic Chemistry (CHEM)S2443(D)Organic Chemistry IS2444QOrganic Chemistry IIPhysics (PHYS)S1201(D)S1202QGeneral Physics IGeneral Physics IIGlobal Core RequirementFor detailed information on fulfilling the Global Core requirement, students should refer to the GS re.The following courses are approved as courses that may be used in partial fulfillment of the Global Core requirement:African-American Studies (AFAS)UN1001Introduction to African-American StudiesAnthropology (ANTH)S1008The Rise of CivilizationArt History- Asian Humanities (AHUM)S2901DMasterpieces of Indian Art and ArchitectureS2604DArts of China, Japan, and KoreaArt History (AHIS)S2600The Arts of ChinaClassics (CLCV)UN3111UN3059Plato and Confucius: Comparative Ancient PhilosophyWorlds of Alexander the GreatClassics- Modern Greek (GRKM)S3935DHellenism and Topographical ImaginationEnglish and Comparative Literature (CLEN)S3829Fantastic Fictions: Translating Asian American NarrativesEast Asian Languages and Cultures (AHUM)S1400DColloquium on Major Texts: East AsiaFilm (FILM)S2295DS4215World Cinema: MexicoContemporary Global DocumentaryFrench (CLFR)GU4020Contemporary Migrations in the French and North African ContextAcademic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 2

Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (CLME)S4031Cinema and Society in Asia and AfricaMUSI (AHMM, MUSI)UN3320Music-East Asia-Southeast AsiaS3321DMusics of India and West AsiaS2020DSalsa Soca Reggae: Popular Musics of the CaribbeanReligion (RELI)UN1612S2305DS2308 (D, Q)Religion and the History of Hip-HopIslamEast Asian BuddhismScience RequirementFor detailed information on fulfilling the Science requirement, students should refer to the GS he following courses are approved for partial fulfillment of the Science requirement:Courses Designed for Non-Science MajorsAstronomy (ASTR)S1403DEarth, Moon, and PlanetsEcology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology havioral Biology of Living PrimatesS1115DThe Life AquaticPhysics (PHYS)UN1111DOrigins and MeaningPsychology (PSYC)S1001DS1001QThe Science of PsychologyThe Science of Psychology(Note: Course may also be taken to satisfy a requirement for majors in psychology or neuroscience and behavior, and concentrators inpsychology.)Additional Courses (Prerequisites May Apply)Biology (BIOL)GU4310VirologyChemistry (CHEM)S1403DS1404QS1404XS1500XS1500DS1500QGeneral Chemistry, IGeneral Chemistry, IIGeneral Chemistry, IIGeneral Chemistry LaboratoryGeneral Chemistry LaboratoryGeneral Chemistry LaboratoryComputer Science (COMS) (ENGI)W1004DIntroduction to Computer Programming: Java *Academic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 3

(* Columbia students may receive credit for only one of the following two courses: COMS S1004 or S1005.)Introduction to Computer Programming: Java *(* Columbia students may receive credit for only one of the following two courses: COMS S1004 or 4701DW4705DW4771DW4771QW4995DData Structures in JavaData Structures in JavaDiscrete MathematicsComparative Linear AlgebraComputer Science TheoryComputer Science TheoryArtificial IntelligenceNatural Language ProcessingMachine LearningMachine LearningTopics in Computer ScienceEcology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (EEEB)S3015DAnimal Behavior Thru FieldworkMathematics (MATH)S1101DCalculus, IS1101QCalculus, IS1101XCalculus, IS1102DCalculus, IIS1102QCalculus, IIS1201DCalculus, IIIS1201QCalculus, IIIS1202DCalculus, IVS1202QCalculus, IVS2010DLinear AlgebraS2010QLinear AlgebraS2010XLinear AlgebraS2500DAnalysis and OptimizationS3027DOrdinary Differential EquationsS3027QOrdinary Differential EquationsS4061DIntroduction to Modern Analysis, IS4061XIntroduction to Modern Analysis, IS4062QIntroduction to Modern Analysis, IIPhysics (PHYS)S1201DS1202QS1202XGeneral Physics, IGeneral Physics, IIGeneral Physics, IIPsychology (PSYC)S2280DS2450QIntroduction to Developmental Psychology*Behavioral Neuroscience*UN2470DFundamentals of Human Neuropsychology*S2490DEvolutionary Psychology*S3280QSeminar in Infant Development**S4440DTopics in Neurobiology and Behavior***(* Prerequisite: PSYC S/UN1001 or equivalent)(* Prerequisite: PSYC S/UN1001 or equivalent)(* Prerequisite: PSYC S/UN1001 or equivalent)(**Students should have taken a course in developmental psychology.)Academic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 4

(***Students must have instructor permission.)Statistics 241DIntroduction to StatisticsIntroduction to StatisticsIntroduction to Statistics (with Calculus)Introduction to Statistics (with Calculus)Probability TheoryStatistical InferenceStat Comp & Intro to Data ScienceStatistical Machine LearningNew Courses Approved for Summer 2020The following is a list of new courses recently approved for Summer 2020. Course descriptions may be found on theColumbia Summer website: American and African Diaspora Studies (AFAS, AFAM)UN1001Introduction to African-American StudiesGU4000Gospel Music in Modern AmericaGU4468Post- 1945 JazzArt History and Archaeology (AHIS)S2409Architecture, 1750-1890S2600Arts of ChinaS4654Painting in the Mid-Twentieth Century, 1929-1980S4655Performing the CityBiochemistry (BCHM)GU4501Biochemistry I- Structure/MetabolismBiology (BIOL)GU4310VirologyClassics (CLCV)UN3059UN3111Worlds of Alexander the GreatPlato and Confucius: Comparative Ancient PhilosophyEarth and Environmental Sciences (EESC)S1004Dinosaurs and the History of LifeEconomics (ECON)S3255GU4301GU4321GU4370Money and BankingEconomic Growth and Development IEconomic DevelopmentPolitical EconomyEnglish and Comparative Literature (CLEN)OC3245Black Americans and the City of Light(Note: This course will be taught abroad in Paris; will not be offered during Summer 2020 semester)S3484Inventions of the Self: Autofiction, Therapy, and NeuroplasticityAcademic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 5

S3987QS4521Narrative Medicine: Forms of AutobiographyTopics in Comparative Literature: Defining LifeEnglish and Comparative Literature (ENGL)S3826Jane Austen and the PoetsS3943English Translations of the BibleFrench (CLFR)GU4020Contemporary Migration in the French and North African ContextFrench (FREN)UN3242UN3883French Language, Society, Culture Thru ParisFrench Civilization through Graphic Novels and CinemaHistory (HIST)UN2478UN2587UN2952UN3335UN3998US Intellectual History 1865- PresentSport and Society in the AmericasPandemics: A Global History Course20th Century New York HistorySupervised Independent ResearchItalian (ITAL)UN3643History of Italian CinemaMusic (AHMM)UN2240Music in East AsiaMusic (MUSI)UN2240The Song Within Us: Composition, Analysis, PerformancePhilosophy (HUMA)S1200Philosophical Reflections on Love, Loss, and Human NaturePhilosophy (PHIL)UN3800Philosophy, Justice, and Social ActivismPolitical Science (POLS)UN3100JusticeUN3260Latino Political ExperienceUN3671China’s Foreign RelationsUN3720Research Design: Scope and MethodsGU4708Experimental Research: Exploring Political PhenomenaGU4835Formal and Informal Terrorist ActorsPhysics (SCNC)UN1111Origins and MeaningPhysics (SCNC)UN3002ChernobylAcademic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 6

Psychology (PSYC)UN2280UN2470S2650Introduction to Developmental PsychologyFundamentals of Human NeuropsychologyCulture, Society, and the Social BrainReligion (RELI)UN1612S2335S4619Religion and the History of Hip-HopReligion in Black America: An IntroductionIslam in Popular CultureSociology (SOCI)UN1050Understanding SocietyStatistics (STAT)GU4224Bayesian StatisticsSustainable Development (SDEV)GU4250Climate Change: Resilience and AdaptationWomen’s Studies (WMST)UN2340Women, Power, and Popular MusicWriting (WRIT)UN3215Art Writing for WritersAcademic Affairs, General Studies7/2/2020, v.04, Page 7