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SPECIALTY APPLICATIONSCARBIDE TIP BLADESM-Factor by Morse GP (General Purpose)Sub micron grade carbide tooth tips are precision ground in a triplechip tooth design for maximum cutting performance. Specially designed for alloy steel and stainless steel applications for exceptionallong life.M-Factor by Morse – GPApplications Alloy steels Stainless steelsGeneral PurposeWidth x Thickness Teeth Per InchInches Typical users include:Steel service centersForging operationsGeneral manufacturingmm1.5/2.01 x .03527 x 0.901-1/4 x .04234 x 1.07t1-1/2 x .05041 x 1.30t2 x .06354 x 1.60*t* Available July, 20102/33/4ttt*ttttM-Factor by Morse CH (Case Hardened)Precision ground sub micron grade carbide tooth tips feature triplechip tooth profiles designed for long life and fast, smooth cutting ofchrome plated, case hardened hydraulic shaft specifications.Applications Work hardened, chrome platedhydraulic cylinder shafts Case hardened shafts & shapes Heat treated thick wall tubing Typical users include:Steel service centersAutomotive parts makersCylinder ManufacturersBearing ManufacturersM-Factor by Morse – CHCase HardenedWidth x Thickness Teeth Per InchInchesmm1 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .05027 x 0.9034 x 1.0741 x 1.302/333/4ttttttM-Factor by Morse FB (Foundry Band)Sub micron grade carbide tooth tips are precision ground in a triplechip tooth profile specially designed for exceptional long life and fastcutting of tough, abrasive and non-ferrous materials.Applications Aluminum castings:gates, risers, extrusions Abrasive wood & plywood4 Typical users include:Aluminum foundriesGraphite manufacturingComposite wood (furniture)M-Factor by Morse – FBAluminum FoundryWidth x ThicknessTeeth Per InchInchesmm31/2 x .0253/4 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .04212.7 x 0.6019 x 0.9027 x 0.9034 x 1.07tttt

BLADE FEATURES Special high speed steel tooth edges Special alloy steel backer Unique tooth geometry Superior wear, heat and shock resistance Fewer blade changes in a wide range of materialsequals less downtimeWidth x ThicknessInchesApplications High production cutting Solids of tool steelA2, D2, S7 Small to medium solids ofstainless (304, 316, 17-4) Nickel based alloysInconel, Monel All machinable metals insingle pieces or bundlesTeeth Per Inchmm2/33/427 x .9034 x 1.0741 x 1.2754 x 1.60tttttttt4/65/7Variable1 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .0502 x .063ttttttttBI-METAL BLADESHighly fatigue resistant to eliminate premature breakage. Excellent in solid tool steelsand small to medium stainless & nickel based alloys.HIGH PRODUCTION CUTTINGIndependence II High Production Bi-Metal BladesIndependence EXS High Production Bi-Metal BladesLonger lasting than competitive blades and more wear resistant than The Achiever , andM42, these blades are the best choice for cutting exotics, stainless steels and large solids.Width x ThicknessInches1 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .0502 x .063mm27 x .9034 x 1.0741 x 1.2754 x 1.60Applications High production cutting Large solids Stainless steels ExoticsTeeth Per ce Wide BandsWidth x ThicknessInchesmm2-5/8 x .0633 x .06367 x 1.6080 x 1.60Teeth Per Inch.75/1.1tt1.1/1.5tt1.5/2.02/33/4Variablettt5

PRODUCTION APPLICATIONSBI-METAL BLADESThe Achiever Production Bi-Metal BladesConsistently reliable with excellent durability in mild to difficultmaterials – layer and bundle cuts in large profiles and solids.Applications Production cutting Material range fromcarbon to stainless steelThe Layer & bundle cuts:1018, 4140, 4340tool steelsstainless steels Large profiles & solidscarbon steelsalloy tooth steelstainless steelBLADE FEATURES Best performance in a wide range of materials M. K. Morse proprietary edge wire M. K. Morse engineered spring steel backer - additional rigidity Consistent reliability / performance from blade to blade Exceptional tooth durability and fatigue resistanceThe Achiever Width x ThicknessInches1 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .0501 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .0502 x .063t Heavy Set6mm1.4/2.52/3Teeth Per Inch3/44/6Variable Pitch - 0º Rake27 x .90t34 x 1.07tt41 x 1.27ttVariable Pitch - Positive Rake27 x .90ttt34 x 1.07ttttt41 x 1.27ttttttt54 x 1.60ttttt5/75/8ttt

Applications Specially designed forstructural applicationsBLADE FEATURES Special tooth profile for cutting structural materials Increased beam strength Less noise and vibration Less tooth strippage Longer life in interrupted cuts Straighter interrupted and bundle cuts Bundle cutsInterrupted cutsI-beamsLow alloy steelsCarbon steelsA36BI-METAL BLADESLong life and straight cuts in structural material cuttingapplications while reducing noise and vibration.STRUCTURAL APPLICATIONSChallenger Structural Bi-Metal BladesChallenger Structural BladesWidth x ThicknessInches1 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .0502 x .063mmTeeth Per Inch2/33/427 x .9032 x 1.1 tttt41 x 1.3 tttt54 x 1.64/65/7ttttttttttttt Heavy Set7

PRODUCTION APPLICATIONSBI-METAL BLADESM42 Production Bi-Metal BladesDurability for higher production speeds on difficult to machinesolids and heavy walled structuresApplications Solids Heavy walled structures Carbon steels Alloy steels Some stainless steels Medium to heavyproduction machinesVariable Pitch - Positive RakeWidth x ThicknessTeeth Per InchInchesmm1.4/2.5 2/3 3/4 4/6 5/7Variable3/4 x .03519 x .90 tt1 x .03527 x .90ttt tt t1-1/4 x .042 34 x 1.07ttt tt t1-1/2 x .050 41 x 1.27 tttttt2 x .050 54 x 1.27tt2 x .063 54 x 1.60 tttt Available with 6º rake angleVariable Pitch - 0 RakeWidth x ThicknessInchesmmTeeth Per Inch2/3 3/4 4/6 5/8 6/10 8/12 10/14Variable6.4 x .646.4 x .909.5 x .9012.7 x .64t12.7 x .9019 x .90tttt27 x .90tttttt34 x 1.07ttttt41 x 1.27tttt1/4 x .0251/4 x .0353/8 x .0351/2 x .0251/2 x .0353/4 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .050ttttttStraight PitchWidth x ThicknessInchesmm41/4 x .0353/8 x .0351/2 x .0251/2 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .0422 x .0502 x .06368RakerTeeth Per Inch10141011.1436Wavy Hook6.4 x .90tt9.5 x .90t12.7 x .6412.7 x .90tt27 x .90tttt34 x 1.07tt54 x 1.27t54 x 1.60tttttStraight Pitch teeth are most often used when the cross sectional size range is consistent.84ttt

Variable Pitch-Positive RakeWidth x ThicknessTeeth Per InchInchesmm2/33/4 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .05019 x .9027 x .9034 x 1.0741 x 1.27t3/44/6Variablettttttttt Interrupted cuts of:Pipe & tubingAngle & channelt Heavy SetVariable Pitch - 0 RakeWidth x ThicknessInchesmmTeeth Per Inch4/65/86/10Applications Carbon steels Structural steels – A36Single pieceBundlesStacked pieces8/1210/1414/1820/246.4 x .649.5 x .6412.7 x .5012.7 x .64tt12.7 x .90t16 x .90tt19 x .90ttt27 x .90tttt34 x 1.07tt41 x 1.27ttttttttttttVariable Pitch teeth can handle a wider range of application sizes and reduce sawingharmonics for quieter, reduced vibration cutting.Specifications - Straight PitchWidth x ThicknessInches1/4 x .0253/8 x .0251/2 x .0201/2 x .0251/2 x .0353/4 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .042mmTeeth Per Inch686.4 x .649.5 x .64 t12.7 x .5012.7 x .64 t12.7 x .9019 x .90 t t27 x .90 t t34 x 1.07 t10 12 14 18Rakertttt14 1824 1.14 3Wavy6Hooktttt t4ttBLADE FEATURES Variable pitch teethhandle a wide range ofapplication sizes Good general purposemetal cutting blade Reduced sawingharmonics – quieter,less vibration Moderate cost-per-bladelow cost-per-cutM AT R I X I I B I - M E TA L Small & medium bandsaw machinesVariable1/4 x .0253/8 x .0251/2 x .0201/2 x .0251/2 x .0355/8 x .0353/4 x .0351 x .0351-1/4 x .0421-1/2 x .050BI-METAL BLADESGeneral purpose blades ideal for cutting materials with easy tomoderate machinability. Matrix II bi-metal band saw blades offergood value in maintenance shops and small fabricating shops.GENERAL PURPOSE BLADESMatrix II General Purpose Bi-Metal Bladest t tt ttttt t ttttStraight Pitch teeth are most often used when the cross sectional size range is consistent.9

LOW MACHINABILITY METALSB I - M E TA L D I E B A N D SBI-METAL BLADES10Bi-Metal Die Band BladesApplications Tool & die shops Die blocks Tool steels “D” grade steels “Super” alloys Inconel Waspalloy Hastelloy Tough materials Typically used onvertical machinesDesigned for cutting solids with very low machinabilityincluding the toughest machinable materials. Productioncutting with less blade changes for tool and die shops.BLADE FEATURES Low cost-per-cut High heat and wear resistance Available in Matrix II and M42 specifications Wide selection of blade type and tooth sizes Made with either straight pitch or variable pitch teeth Matrix II die bands, with high shock resistance, are better suitedfor thinner sections M42 die bands offer high wear and heat resistance and are bestsuited for cutting difficult-to-machine tool steel and die blocksM42 SpecificationsWidth x ThicknessTeeth Per InchInches mm)1014468/1210/14Raker Hook Variable6.4 x .64t6.4 x .90 ttt9.5 x .90 ttt12.7 x .64tt12.7 x .90 ttttt1/4 x .0251/4 x .0353/8 x .0351/2 x .0251/2 x .035Matrix II SpecificationsWidth x ThicknessInches mmTeeth Per Inch6810Raker1/4 x .0253/8 x .0251/2 x .0251/2 x .035141834Hook66/108/1210/1414/18Variable6.4 x .64ttt9.5 x .64ttttt12.7 x .64ttttttttt12.7 x .90tttt

Applications All types of band sawpallet dismantlingmachinesBLADE FEATURES Low cost-per-cut Rugged durability Available in bi-metal Matrix II and M42 specificationsas well as a special grade of carbon steel Made with either straight pitch or variable pitch teethWidth x Thickness Teeth Per InchInchesmm6/105/86Variable Raker1-1/4 x .04232 x 1.1ttMatrix II Bi-MetalWidth x Thickness Teeth Per InchInchesmm6/101-1/4 x .04232 x 1.15/86Variable RakertttLower cost blades are available in a specialgrade of carbon steel to enhance their durability in a variety of dismantling machines.Carbon Hard Back (HB) SpecialWidth x ThicknessInchesTeeth Per Inchmm1-1/4 x .04232 x 1.16/105/86Variable RakerttPA L L E T D I S M A N T L I N G B L A D E SM42 Bi-MetalBI-METAL BLADESSpecially designed to withstand the roughservice required on dismantling machineswhile cutting through pallet nails and staples.PALLET DISMANTLINGPallet Dismantling Blades11

MAINTENANCE APPLICATIONSCARBON HARD BACKCARBON BLADESCarbon General Purpose BladesApplications Low alloy, easy-tomachine ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals:Brass/copperBronzeAluminumLead Wood Plastic Cork Composition board PlywoodStiffer blades offer straighter cuts in wood & metalcutting. On metals they are used for short productionand maintenance applicationsBLADE FEATURES Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel withindividually hardened tooth tips Low cost-per-blade/low cost-per-cut in wood & similar materials In metals; low cost-per-blade/higher cost-per-cut than bi-metal Stiffer than hard edge flex (HEF) blades due to a hardened &tempered backer Straighter cuts with heavier feed pressure than carbon HEF Will accept heavier feed pressure than carbon HEF Good on easy-to-machine metals and other easy-to-cut materials Not recommended for blade speeds exceeding 4000 sfmSpecificationsWidth x ThicknessInches3/16 x .0251/4 x .0253/8 x .0251/2 x .0201/2 x .0255/8 x .0323/4 x .0321 x .0351 x .0421 1/4 x .0351 1/4 x .042mm6Teeth Per Inch8 10 14 18 24 8346346RakerWavyHookSkip4.8 x .64t6.4 x .64 t t t tt t t t t9.5 x .64 t t t tt t t t t12.7 x .50t12.7 x .64 t t t t t t t t t t t t t t16 x .80 t t tt19 x .80 t t t t tt t t t tt tt t t27 x .90 t t t tt t t t27 x 1.1 t32 x .90 t32 x 1.1 t tt Standard Set t Heavy Set t D-Double Set Raker1210 12 14 18 24 32 1.3 2

BLADE FEATURES Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steelwith individually hardened tooth tips More fatigue resistant than Carbon hard back Low cost-per-blade/low cost-per-cut in wood Low cost-per-blade/higher cost-per-cut intougher materials Can be run at speeds up to 15,000 sfmApplications Wood Plastic Cork Composition board Plywood Aluminum Non-ferrous metals Low alloy steelWidth x ThicknessInches mmTeeth Per Inch468 10 14 18 24 10 12 14 18 24 32 1 1.14 1.3 234634RakerWavyHookSkip1/8 x .0253 x .64 t t3/16 x .0254.8 x .64 t tt1/4 x .0146.4 x .30 t t t t1/4 x .0206.4 x .501/4 x .0256.4 x .64 t t t t t t t t t3/8 x .0149.5 x .30 t t t3/8 x .0259.5 x .64 t t t t tt t t t t3/8 x .0329.5 x .80 tt1/2 x .020 12.7 x .50 tt t t t t t1/2 x .025 12.7 x .64 t t t t t t t t t t t t tt tt t t5/8 x .03216 x .80t t t t t t t t3/4 x .03219 x .80 t t t t tt t t t t t t3/4 x .050 19 x 1.30 t t1 x .03527 x .90 t t t tt tt t t t t1 x .035 *Bright27 x .90 t1 x .042 27 x 1.07 t1 x .042 *Bright 27 x 1.07 t1 1/4 x .03532 x .90 t t t1 1/4 x .042 32 x 1.07 t t t t1 1/4 x .042 *Bright 32 x 1.07 t t1 1/2 x .045 38.1 x 1.14 t2 x .035 50.8 x .90 t t2 x .042 50.8 x 1.07 t t6ttttCARBON FLEX BACKSpecificationsCARBON BLADESIdeal for wood production cutting and short production/maintenance/general purpose applications using lowalloy steel & non-ferrous metalsWOOD PRODUCTION CUTTINGCarbon Wood Production Bladest Standard Set t Heavy Set t D-Double Set Raker* “Bright” specifications have an unblued, silver surface finish.13