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We are now takingADMISSIONSFor FS1 to Year 13Give your child a holistic education.

CONTENTSA LEVELTABLE OF CONTENTSWelcome.1-2Sixth Form Pathways.3-6How to choose your subjects.7-8Entry Process Timeline.9-10A Level Options.11-34BTEC Options.35-38Arabic and Islamic Studies.39Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).40-41


WelcomeDear Parents and Students,Thank you for taking the time to consider The English College for your post-16 education. This bookletis designed to help give you a ‘flavour’ of the courses offered at the College and help guide you in yourpathways.The English College’s mission statement is to develop all of our students as academic, characterful, happyyoung people equipped with the values and knowledge to succeed in life. With the help of the incrediblysupportive staff and wider community, we can firmly attest that the College guides students towards thisobjective. The English College is the perfect place to maximise potential and teach every student the skillsrequired to succeed. There are multiple leadership and volunteering opportunities available to the students,and this is integral in building character beyond the classroom, and equipping students with skills that areessential in the modern world. I encourage you to look at the Sixth Form section of our website for moreinformation on Sixth Form life.The English College is proud of its diverse and bespoke curriculum which opens a large number ofopportunities for higher education. In 2020, 92% of our students went onto higher education. Over theyears we have seen our students gain places at some of the world’s leading universities including Oxford,Cambridge and John Hopkins, studying a host of courses from Medicine and Engineering, through to Zoology,Anthropology and Digital Animation.Thank you for considering The English College and we hope to welcome you into Year 12 in September 2021.Kind regards,Mike EdmondsAssistant Head of Secondary School Head of KS52


We offer pathways that create a personalised,meaningful, and challenging timetable for ourstudents. Keeping inline with the majority ofUK schools, we offer three A Level subjectsat Key Stage 5. Most universities offer theirplaces based on three subjects at A level orequivalent. The English College will only offera route equating to more than three A Levelsto those students who have demonstratedoutstanding GCSE results.The 3 main academic pathways offered are:1) GCE Advanced Level (A Levels) OnlyPathwayStudents can study three A levels over Year 12and 13. In the majority of subjects, students atthe end of year 12, will take the AS exam in thatsubject. In a minority of subjects, students willonly sit exams at the end of year 13.two A Levels, 10 lessons a week) and BTECLevel 3 Subsidiary Diploma Travel and Tourism(equivalent to one A Level, 5 lessons a week).BTECs enable a learner-centred approach toeducation, with a flexible, unit-based structureand knowledge applied to project-basedassessments. BTECs focus on the holisticdevelopment of the practical, interpersonaland thinking skills required to be successfulin employment and higher education. Thereare no external assessments and the studentscomplete assignments which are marked bythe teacher and then externally verified.REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ROUTE: - A student must have a total of four 9-4 (A*-C)(I)GCSE grades - Entrance onto the BTEC courses are at thediscretion of the Headteacher or DeputyHeadteacher of the Secondary SchoolREQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ROUTE: - A student must have a total of six 9-5 (A*-C) (I)GCSE grades - We will review a students application tostudy four A levels on a case-by-case basis.As an indicator we would expect the studentto have achieved a minimum of five or moregrade 8 or 9 (A-A*) at (I) GCSE.3) Blended A Level and BTEC Pathway2) BTEC - Level 3 Qualifications PathwayREQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ROUTE: A student must have a total of five 9-5 (A*-C)(I)GCSE grades and must satisfy the entrancerequirements for the A Level course they wantto enroll in.Students can choose to study two BTECcourses. The College currently offers BTECLevel 3 Diploma in Business (equivalent toThe English College has developed its optionblocks to suit a combination of BTECs and ALevels. Students can select two A levels andBTEC Travel and Tourism or one A Level andBTEC Diploma in Business. Both routes willgive the equivalent of three A Levels.4

Individual Subject Entrance RequirementsWe recommend that students attain a minimum of a grade 6 at (I)GCSE in the subjectto gain access entry onto an A level in the same subject. For example, if a studentwishes to study History A level, they should have attained a minimum of a 6 at GCSE.All entry criteria are used as a guide to ensure that a student will be successful in aspecific subject area. If the student has not taken that subject at (I)GCSE then English,Mathematics and/ or Science grades will be considered by the Secondary Schoolleadership team to determine suitability for a course.Certain subjects require higher (I)GCSE grades to ensure success at A level.Mathematics - Students require a minimum of 7 at (I)GCSE.Science - Biology, Chemistry and Physics require the minimum of 7, 7 in CombinedScience or a 7 in the respective Separate Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) at (I)GCSEOur knowledgeable and supportive Secondary School leadership team will meet withstudents and parents to ensure that all students are taking the most suitable coursesfor their ability and future plans.5


HOW TO CHOOSEYOUR SUBJECTS?Where can I get further information about university degrees?Scan the QR code or visit des7

Choosing your A Level subjects is an exciting time but can also be quite a daunting process. You arenarrowing down subjects from nine to three or four and for the first time have complete ownershipover your curriculum. This is something you need to think very carefully about and there are severalthings to consider.What subjects are you successful in?More and more people are going in tohigher education. This means the marketis getting more competitive and if youwant to be accepted to your top choiceuniversity, you need to have a strong set ofA Level grades to stand out amongst thecrowd.Do you have a particular career pathin mind?Certain degrees such as Medicine andEngineering do have essential subjectrequirements. If you think these are fieldsyou want to go into then make sure youhave done the research and choosethe necessary subjects. The majority ofcourses don’t have strict requirements, butdo have preferred subjects. Again if youknow you want to go down a certain route,do the research now so you pick the rightcourses and avoid disappointment later on.What is a BTEC?BTECs are high quality, hands-onqualifications grounded in the real worldof work. BTECs are all about learning bydoing and that means BTEC studentsput what they learn into practice straightaway. Throughout the course, they workon a series of assignments set in reallife scenarios, developing the practicalknowledge and skills employers anduniversities are looking for. The majority ofuniversities internationally recognise theseas equivalent to an A Level, but if you have aspecific university in mind, please check therequirements before selecting your options. .What do you enjoy?We all know that when we enjoysomething we are more motivated tospend time on it. If you actively engagewith a subject you are then more likely tobe successful and as we have previouslysaid, this is extremely important. Soalthough you might think a certaincollection of subjects will look better, theuniversities generally are more concernedabout the grades you achieve.I don’t have a clue what career I wantto go into?If you are really unsure about what youwant to do, again, choose the courses youenjoy and are good at. This will lead you togetting a stronger set of grades and keepmore Higher Education options open toyou.What transferable skills can a subjecthelp me develop?With a rapidly evolving working landscape,by 2030 many of you will end up in jobsthat do not even exist yet. So how dowe choose subjects that help us to getsomewhere, if we don’t know where weare going? A report from Pearson on‘Employment in 2030’ has found that thereis a need for skills such as judgment,decision-making, analysis, evaluation,communication, story-telling and that theywill need people who can give insight, notjust observations. When choosing yoursubjects consider how they can help youdevelop these transferable skills.8


EXTERNAL ADMISSIONSWe welcome applications from external candidates who have not completed GCSEs withus. On application, students will be required to sit a CAT4 test and will be interviewed by theAssistant Head of Secondary to assess the student’s suitability to the College.Places are offered on a first come, first served basis and subject to The English Collegebeing able to provide adequate provision for the student. Please complete our onlineapplication form: n/WELCOME FROM THE STUDENT CABINETThe student cabinet welcomes all parents and students for the academic year 2020/21.A strong sense of community is something The English College promises year after year.The development of each child is taken care of and a robust bond is formed betweenhome and school environments leading to a well-rounded progress for the students. Ahighly dedicated and professional batch of teachers makes sure the students excel in allfields whether that is academic or extra - curricular activities. As the student leadership ofthe school, we aim at achieving overall and scholastic excellence to achieve the higheststandards set by our teachers and parents.10


2021/22A LEVEL OPTIONSCOURSEGUIDEA Level CoursesArt Design.13Biology.14Business.15Chemistry.16Computer Science.17Drama & Theatre Studies.18Economics.20English Mathematics.26Media Studies.27Music.28Physical ology.33Spanish.3412

ART AND DESIGNExam BoardEdexcelCan this course be taken as an AS Level?No - this is a 2 year courseDoes the AS level grade count to the finalA level grade?N/ABRIEF DESCRIPTION OF COURSEArt and Design is a two year course withoutthe option of an AS level. It is a subject areawhich can offer a particularly rich and diverserange of learning experiences. This syllabuswill provide the opportunity to undertake acourse of study which is broad, purposefuland relevant to the student’s needs. Individualabilities and interests will be developedthrough the use of a variety of materials,techniques and processes. The focus of the Alevel course is independent learning.SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENTUNIT 1 - Art and Design CourseworkThis unit incorporates two linked elements,each with separate final outcomes: Practicalwork and Personal study.The investigation and development forboth these elements will be shown throughsupporting studies. Students will submita 1000–3000 words illustrated essay andpractical outcome(s) based on themes andstarting matter developed from personalstarting points.UNIT 2 - Art and Design Externally SetAssignmentThe paper consists of one broad-basedthematic starting point. This unit encouragesindependence in the development of ideas,intentions and response. It has an externalExamination 15 hour practical exam.ENTRY REQUIREMENTSIt is essential that candidates will have studied13Art and Design at GCSEand will have achieveda grade 6 or above and grade 7 or above forexternal candidates in order to continue on tothe A level course. Students who are comingfrom a different system may be considered atthe discretion of the Head of Department. Allstudents must have good drawing skills andmay be asked to show a portfolio supportingtheir application.CAREERSThis course would form an excellentfoundation for students preparing for entryinto a college or university, and would be ofparticular benefit to students who may wishto pursue careers in areas such as Fashion,Visual Merchandising, Theatre Studi