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SpecificationPower supply230-240 VPower consumed505-550 WCapacity(Strong flour for a loaf)(Strong flour for a dough)(Yeast)Automatic Breadmaker50 HzOPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECIPES (Household Use)max. 550 g min. 400 gmax. 600 g min. 250 gmax. 8 gmin. 0.75 gmax. 150 g dried fruit/nutsTimerDigital timer (up to 13 hours)Dimensions (H W D)approx. 37.0 28.0 33.0 cmWeightapprox. 6.8 kgAccessoriesMeasuring cup, measuring spoonThank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and savethis manual for future use. This product is intended for household use only.SD-257Before UseCapacity of raisin nut dispenserModel No.How to UseRecipesHow to CleanTroubleshootingPanasonic CorporationWeb Site: in China澳

ContentsBefore Use¶ Safety Instructions ·· 2¶ List of Bread Types and Baking Options·················· 3¶ Accessories/Parts ············· 4¶ Bread-making Ingredients ·············· 6How to UseRecipes¶ Bread Recipesbasic ··················15whole ·········18rye ·····················20french ················20italian ·················20brioche ··············21sandwich ···········21¶ Gluten Free Recipes ··············22¶ Dough Recipes cwhole wheatryefrenchpizza¶ Cake Recipes 33cakesteabreadsHow to Clean¶ Care & Cleaning ··· 34To Protect the Non-stick Finish¶ To protect the non-stick finish ······· 35Troubleshooting¶ Troubleshooting ···· 36¶ WARRANTY ·········· 392Important Safety PrecautionsList of Bread Types and Baking Options Function Availability and Time Required Location Do not use the applianceoutdoors or in theimmediate vicinity ofheat sources or in roomswhere humidity is high. Position thebreadmaker on a firm,dry, clean, flat heatproofworktop at least 10 cm(4 inches) from the edge of the worktop. Do not place on unstable surfaces, or on electrical itemssuch as fridges or on materials such as tablecloths. During baking the casing heats up, thebreadmaker should be placed at least 5 cm(2 inches) from walls and other objects. Time required for each process will differ according to room temperature.OptionsBread typeSize Crust TimerRESTKNEADRISEBAKETotalBAKE 25 min–60 min15–30 min1 hr 50 min–2 hr 20 minBAKERAPIDBAKERAISIN ——15–20 minapprox. 1 hour 35– 40 min 1 DOUGH———DOUGHRAISIN———BAKE — BAKERAPIDBAKERAISIN —— — DOUGH———DOUGHRAISIN———ryeBAKE—— Makes bread with rye flourand spelt flour.DOUGH———25 min–60 min25 min–50 min25 min–50 min1 hour–1 hr 40 min15 min–25 min1 hour–1 hr 40 min55 min–1 hr 25 min55 min–1 hr 25 min45 min–60 min45 min–60 minfrenchBAKE—— 10–20 minMakes bread with strongwhite bread flour for a crispiercrust and open texture.40 min–2 hr 5 min2 hr 45 min–4 hr 10 minDOUGH———40 min–10–20 min1 hr 45 min1 hr 35 min–2 hr 40 minBAKE—— 30 min–1 hour10–15 min2 hr 25 min–3 hours50 min4 hr 30 minBAKE———30 min25–30 min1 hr 30 min50 min3 hr 30 minBAKE—— 1 hour–15–25 min1 hr 40 min2 hr 10 min–2 hr 50 min50 min5 hoursBAKE— 2 —1 hour45 min2 hoursDOUGH—— BAKE———basicMakes bread with strongwhite, brown, soft grainbread flour. Caution1. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replacedby the manufacturer, its service agent or a similarlyqualified person in order to avoid a hazard.2. Do not attempt to repair the breadmaker. Consulta Panasonic dealer and have it serviced by anauthorised technician.3. Do not immerse the unit, power cord, or plug inwater or any kind of liquid.4. Do not allow the power cord to hang over theedge of the worktop or touch a hot surface.5. Do not remove the bread pan or unplug thebreadmaker during its operation.(If the electricity supply is switched off the programsequence stops. However the appliance has a10 minutes memory so if the power is restored within10 minutes, the program will resume.)6. Do not touch, block or cover steam vent during use.7. The surfaces are liable to get hot during use.8. To avoid burns, always use ovengloves when removing the bread panand the finished bread. Also take carewhen removing the kneading blade.9. Always keep the inside of the unitand the bread pan clean to ensureprograms work successfully.(See page 34 for care and cleaning.)10. This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children) with reduced physical, sensoryor mental capabilities, or lack of experience andknowledge, unless they have been given supervisionor instruction concerning use of the appliance by aperson responsible for their safety.Children should be supervised to ensure that theydo not play with the appliance.11. This appliance is only intended to be used tomake bread, dough and cakes as detailed in thefollowing instructions.12. This appliance is not intended to be operated bymeans of an external timer or separate remotecontrol system.13. Hold onto the plug when plugging into/removingfrom the socket.BakingoptionProcesseswhole wheatMakes bread with strongwhole wheat flour ormultigrain bread flour.italianMakes light bread forenjoying with pasta, etc.briocheMakes rich flavored breadwith eggs and buttersandwichMakes bread with a soft crustand texture.gluten freeMakes bread using glutenfree bread mix/flour.pizzaMakes pizza dough.bake onlyBakes teabreads and cakes.—15–30 min15–30 min15–30 min15–25 min15–25 min15–25 min15–25 min15–25 minapprox.10 minapprox.10 min15 min(KNEAD)(RISE)10 min–7–15 min18 min——1 hr 50 min–2 hr 20 min1 hr 10 min–1 hr 30 min1 hr 10 min–1 hr 30 min2 hr 10 min–2 hr 50 min1 hr 30 min–1 hr 40 min2 hr 10 min–2 hr 50 min1 hr 30 min–2 hours1 hr 30 min–2 hours1 hr 20 min–1 hr 35 min—50 min50 min4 hours1 hr 55 min–2 hours4 hours—2 hr 20 min—2 hr 20 min50 min5 hours45 min3 hours50 min5 hours—3 hr 15 min—3 hr 15 min1 hour—55 min—Before Use¶ Baking Bread ························· 8¶ Making Dough [DOUGH] ·············· 10¶ When adding extra ingredients · 11¶ Baking Brioche ····· 12¶ Baking Cakes ······· 14Safety Instructions3 hr 30 min2 hours6 hours3 hr 35 min(KNEAD)(RISE)45 minapprox. 10 min approx. 10 min—30 min–1 hr 30 min30 min–1 hr 30 min 1 Only ‘LIGHT’ or ‘MEDIUM’ available. 2 Only ‘MEDIUM’ or ‘DARK’ available. The breadmaker will operate for a short time during the rise period (to ensure optimal gluten development).3

Accessories/Parts IdentificationMain UnitControl Panel Operation statusRaisin nut dispenserRaisin nutdispenser flap OptionsLidAs the option pad is pressedthe option chosen will flash. Time remaining until programfinishedBefore UseThe ingredients placed in the raisin nut dispenser willdrop into the bread pan automatically upon selectingthe ‘BAKE RAISIN’ or ‘RAISINDOUGH’ mode.Turn to P.11 for ingredients whichmay be placed in the raisin nutdispenser.Never operate the breadmaker without thedispenserbeing in place.Dispenser lid REST: Displayed during the initial stage or with timer operation whenthe temperature of the bread pan and ingredients is being regulatedbefore kneading POWER ALERT: displayed when there has been an interruption in thepower supply TEMP: Displayed when the unit is hot – allow to cool before useKneading bladeKneading blade(wheat bread andgluten and wheatfree bread)Handle Select:Bread panChoose type ofbread or dough.Each time thispad is pressed,the arrow onthe right of thedisplay will movedown to the nextchoice.Control panel basic whole wheatAccessories ryeMeasuring cupMeasuring spoonTo measure out liquidsTo measure out sugar, salt,yeast, etc.(15 ml)(5 ml) french italian(max. 310 ml) brioche sandwich 10 ml incrementsTablespoon 1 2 markingTeaspoon 1 4, 1 2, 3 4markings gluten freePlug pizza bake only4 Option: Size: Timer:For StandardAvailable on basicSet delay timerBake or Pizzaand whole wheat(time until breadDough it is notis ready) or set Mnecessary tothe baking timepress this pad.for ‘bake only’ LPress the option padmodeto choose Bake XL Crust: Start/Stop:Rapid, Bake Raisin,The start/stop light will flashCrust ColourDough, Raisin Dough,during program selection.available on BasicBake Butter.Press the start pad whenand Gluten Freee.g. (basic)programming is completed.onlyTo cancel a program, press BAKE LIGHTBake bread (knead, rise, bake)this pad for 1–2 seconds.When the start pad is MEDIUM*pressed the start/stop BAKE RAPIDlight will stop flashing andFaster baking process DARKbecome constant. If youwish to change the program BAKE RAISIN* Medium crust isyou must stop the operationBake bread with addedindicated by theby holding down the stopingredientsblack dot betweenpad for 1–2 seconds. Thelight and dark.display will go blank and DOUGHthe start/stop light will goMake dough (knead, rise)off. Press the select pad toreactivate the screen and DOUGH RAISINthen re-program accordingly.Make dough with addedWhen the start pad wasingredientspressed at first, ‘basic/BAKE’ course will start. BAKE BUTTER This picture shows all words and symbols, but during operation only those relevant will be displayed.5

Bread-making IngredientsWaterFlour Use normal tap water. Use tepid water if using ‘RAPID’, ‘rye’ or‘gluten free’ settings in a cold room. Use chilled water if using ‘rye’, ‘french’ or‘brioche’ settings in a hot room. Always measure out liquids using themeasuring cup provided.Main ingredient of bread. The proteinin flour forms gluten during kneading.Gluten provides structure and textureand helps the bread to rise.SaltImproves the flavour andstrengthens gluten to help thebread rise. The bread may lose size/flavour ifmeasuring is inaccurate.Strong flour is milled from hard wheat and has a high content of protein which is necessary for the development ofgluten. Carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is trapped within the elastic network of gluten, thus makingthe dough rise.White flour:Made by grinding wheat kernel, excluding bran and germ. Used in e.g. ‘basic’, ‘french’ modes. Always use strong flour when using the recipes in this book. Do NOT use plain or self-raising flour as a substitute for bread flour.Wholemeal flour:Made by grinding entire wheat kernel, including bran and germ.Makes bread rich in minerals, but lower in height and denser than bread baked with white flour because thegluten strands are cut by the edges of bran flakes and germ.Rye flour:Before Use Use strong bread flour only. Flour must be weighed on scales.Main Flours Used in BreadContains some proteins, but these do not produce as much gluten as wheat flour.Makes dense, heavy bread with a flat or slightly sunken top crust (use in rye mode).Spelt flour:In the wheat family but is a completely different species genetically. Although it contains glutensome gluten-intolerant people can digest it. Makes loaves with a flat/slightly sunken crust.Brown flour: 10-15% of wheat grain removed during milling.Softgrain flour:DairyProductsStrong white flour with wheat and rye grains added. Provides extra fibre, texture, and flavour. Do not use with ‘Timer’ option (grains can absorb water and swell up, spoiling texture of loaf).RFatAdd flavour andnutritional value. If you use milk instead of water, thenutritional value of the bread willbe higher, but do not use in timersetting as it may not keep freshovernight. Reduce the amount of waterproportionally to the amount ofmilk.YeastEnables the bread to rise. Yeast which has‘Easy Blend’, ‘FastAction’ or ‘EasyBake’ written onthe packet isrecommended. Do not use dried yeast that requirespreliminary fermentation. When using yeast from sachets, sealthe sachet again immediately afteruse. To store follow manufacturersinstructions but use opened individualsachets within 48 hours.6Granary or Malted Grain flour:Adds flavour and softnessto the bread. Use butter, margarine or oil.2 tbsps oil are equivalent to25 g butter.Sugar (granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, treacle etc)Adds softness and gives crust colour.Has crushed wheat or rye grains added together with malted whole wheat.Makes brown bread coarser and moister with nuttier flavour. Do not use more than stated quantity (could damage bread pan’s non-stick finish).Stoneground flour:Grains are crushed between two large millstones rather than with steel rollers. Do not use more than stated quantity (could damage bread pan’s non-stick finish, or overload motor).Other flour:Products milled from other grains (i.e. corn meal, rice, millet, soy, oat, buckwheat, barley flours). Do not use more than stated quantity (hinders rising and texture). Should not be used as substitute for bread flour. Gluten Free - see page 22. Coarse ingredients such as flours with whole grains or the addition of nuts and seeds may damage thenon-stick finish of the bread pan. You can make your bread taste better by addingother ingredients:EggsImprove the nutritional value and colouringof the bread. (Water amount must bereduced proportionally)Beat eggs when adding eggs.BranIncreases the bread’s fibre content. Use max. 50 g (2 oz).Wheat germ Gives the bread a nuttier flavour. Use max. 50 g (2 oz).Spices,herbsEnhance the flavour of the bread. Only use a small amount (1-2 tsp).If using a bread mix. Bread mixes including yeast1 Place a 500 g mix in the bread pan, then addwater. (Follow instructions on the packet forthe quantity of water)2 Select the ‘basic’ – ‘BAKE RAPID’ – ‘Large’size setting. With some mixes, it is not clear how muchyeast is included, so results may vary. Baking br