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Brief OverviewWhat is Pippi?Pippi is a mod created for Conan Exiles by the user Joshtech a.k.aCoOkIeMoNsTeR. Pippi adds new features and systems to game play whichassist admins in maintaining players while also adding to the playersexperience.Pippi is modular by design, meaning that each system is separate from eachother but they all work together. A good example of this would be the WarpSystem and the Map System. By having warps in the Warp System the MapSystem can be configured to provide a visual representation of where thewarps are to the player. Further on in this document I will go further intodetail of each system.Certain existing features of Conan Exiles have been completely rewritten toprovide a better experience, some of these features are the Chat Systemand Map System.

Setup InstructionsSince Pippi is a Mod for Conan Exiles, it is installed the same way as othermods.If you are installing Pippi on a Server, place the Pippi.pak in your ServersMod directory making sure to configure your modlist.txt to reflect the newmod added

If you are installing Pippi on a Client, place the Pippi.pak in your Clients Moddirectory making sure to configure your modlist.txt to reflect the new modaddedYou may have a different setup as to the images below so add the Pippi.pakhow you normally would add any other mod.Once you have installed the Pippi.pak run Conan Exiles and join your game.On first run Pippi will generate default settings for all settings, depending onhow you want you server configured these default settings may work foryou straight out of the box either way I will still explain the process ofconfiguring Pippi.

System ExplanationsAs of writing this guide there is a total of 12 Systems that make up Pippi.Announcement SystemThe Pippi Announcement System allows Server Admins to setup presetmessages to publically broadcast to all players at a set interval. (Below is anexample of an Announcement being used to inform players that the serverhas a TeamSpeak while also providing the address)Chat SystemThe Chat System in Pippi is a complete backend rewrite and partial frontend.This allows for more in-depth control (like whispers, channels, etc). The ChatSystem handles all the text passed to it through the Chat Window with theexception of a Flood Trip. I will not go into detail on the mechanics of theFlood Trip System as its workings are not needed to be public. Many of thePippi Systems use the Chat System to visually display things to the playerslike the Announcement System as shown above. Generally you shouldn’thave to worry about configuring the Chat System unless you wish to use theprofanity filter.

Command SystemThe Command System is the heart of the all the commands that can be usedwithin Pippi. The Command System controls who can call commands, whocan see commands (Dynamic Help Generation) and the configuration ofcommands. It is also in charge of making sure every time Pippi updates thatyour servers command list is up to date and working properlyEvent SystemNo information on this system yetInfo SystemThe Info System is the most basic system within Pippi but is important as itkeeps track of install & update dates.Jail SystemNo information on this system yetMap SystemThe Map System is a complete rewrite both front and backend. This hasallowed far more control with not only what is displayed on the map buthow the map itself works. The Pippi Map can be zoomed and panned toallow better viewing. The Map System adds new functionality such asshowing where other players are such as guild member, showing warps fromthe warp system, homes from the player management system, personal andguild markers, player positions.

MOTD SystemThe MOTD System allows Server Admins to setup a preset message topublically broadcast to be displayed to the user each time there ChatWindow is initialized. (Below is an example of a MOTD before theAnnouncement Example)Player Management SystemThe Player Management System is in charge of all player modifications. Ifyou make any changes to a player, it more than likely goes through thissystem. Its purpose is mainly for ease of getting/setting player data. The KitSub-System also exists within this system (1.5.0)

Rules SystemThe Rules System is what maintains if players have accepted the rules,where to display the rules etc etc. While this could have been a subsystemof the Player Management System I decided to make it its own system (Anexample of a basic rules page is below, you can get creative and use thebasic tools to change fontsize, colour etc)Save SystemThe Save System has the most important job of them all, it makes sure thatall the systems configuration is saved/loaded from the database as well ashandling new/existing players Pippi Player Configs writingWarp SystemThe Warp System handles the creation, teleportation of players and generalmanagement of Warps. The Map System communicates with this system toprovide players with a visual representation of where the Warps existproviding the warp is available to them.

CommandsAs mentioned before Pippi has a command system. These commands areexecuted through the chat window.NOTE: When a command requires a player’s name Pippi does not requirethe players full name, you are able to use partial names and Pippi will tryand determine which player you are trying to use. If Pippi fails to find theplayer or there is more than 1 possible player you will get a message statingso, in which case you simply increase the length of the partial nameThe current commands are as followed:/help [/h] – Displays help message generated for what the player ispermitted to use/me action - Broadcasts a local message in 3rd person context/whisper [/w] playerName message - Whisper to player/reply [/r] message - Replies to last received whisper/mute playerName - Mutes incoming chat messages from specified player/unmute playerName - Unmutes a player you have muted/sethome – Sets your current location as your home/home – Teleports you to your sethome/kill – Kill yourself/list players – Lists all players online/list admins – Lists all admins online/list mute – Lists all players you have muted/list kits – Lists the kits available to you ( 1.5.0)/return – Returns you to the position before you teleported/teleport playerName - Teleports you to the specified player

/summon playerName - Summons specified player to your location/server message - Broadcasts a message as the server/silence playerName - Silences a player from using chat/unsilenced playerName - Unsilence a player from using chat/warp warpName - Teleports you to specified warp/warp create name - Creates a basic warp/warp delete name - Deletes specified warp/wallet – Displays the amount currently in your wallet/pay playerName amount type - Pays the specified player theprovided amount and type providing you have the amount in your wallet/payday playerName amount type - Creates currency and gives it to aplayer. Mostly an admin command/kit kitName - Gives you the contents of the specified kit ( 1.5.0)/tprequest [/tpr] playerName - Request to teleport to the specified player/tpaccept [/tpa] – Accepts a teleport request

Configuring PippiTo access the Pippi Admin Panel you use the already existing key comboCTRL-SHIFT-C to display it on the screen. (The images used here are from thesoon to be released 1.5.0 but the same configuration is the same).Once the Pippi Admin Panel is open you should see a screen similar to thisPlayers Tab (Pictured Above).This displays a wide range of information about the players currently onyour server, it also allows you to modify their stats and Pippi Player Config.To modify a Players stats or player config, select the player within thePlayers Online list which will loaded up their information and allow you tomodify their information.Temp Ban TabFor the time being this tab is used to access the original player ban settings.

Admin Map TabThe Admin Map Tab is currently a WIP and will more than likely be removedin future, but currently it can be used by an admin to see the location of allplayers on the server.Warps TabThe Warps Tab is used to Create/Modify more in-depth warps rather thanthe /warp create command.On the left you will see the warps list. This displays all of the current warpsexisting on your server.The warps shown in the picture above are the default warps generated fromthe teleport locations on the Funcom Admin panel.Selecting a warp from this list will display it’s configuration in the WarpDetails section.The first section of the Warp Details will show you the Warp Name, WarpDescription, Warp ID and the Player that created the warp.

The second section of the Warp Details shows the configuration of the warpEnabled – Enable or Disable the warp.Hidden – Sets whether the warp is hidden or not (If you have a hidden warpthe Map System will not display it to any players. But can still be teleportedto.)Delay (secs) – Time a player must wait before they warp. (NOT ENABLED)Cooldown (secs) – Time a player must wait before they can use this warpagain. (NOT ENABLED)Position – This is the position of the warp in world coordinates.Use Count – This is the amount of times the warp has been used by players.The Counter can be reset by pressing the Reset button.Requires Currency – Sets whether the warp requires currency to use or not.(NOT ENABLED)Currency Cost – The amount of currency required to use the warp. (NOTENABLED)Requires Rank – Sets whether the warp requires a certain rank to be used.Rank – This is the rank required to be able to use this warp.Inheritable – Sets whether the rank requirements are inheritable, meaningis the specified required rank solely allowed to use this warp or are higherranks allowed to use this as well. An example of this would be a VIP Rankrequired warp with the inheritance disabled would only permit VIP playersto use the warp. If it inheritance was enabled then Moderators, Adminswould also be able to use this warp since they are of high rank.

You are also able to create warps and delete warps on this tab. To create awarp press the Create Warp button located on the right side of the screenwhich will display the following window.From here you can provide a Name and Description of the warp you arecreating (NOTE: Warp Names should not contain spaces and are casesensitive)Once you have filled out the configuration of the warp pressing Create willcreate the warp at your current location. Pressing Cancel on this windowwill negate any information you have entered and cancel the warp creation.

Commands Tab ( 1.5.0) But still applies to 1.4.7In this guide we won’t go in-depth into the commands as the above picturerelates to 1.5.0. In saying that the Command Settings Section exists withinPippi 1.4.7 but is located on the Pippi Settings Tab so I will explain thatsection.In the commands settings there is an Enabled Commands CheckBox and aList of Commands.The Enable Commands Checkbox when checked enables commands on yourserver. When this checkbox is uncheck all commands are disabled.The List of commands displays all commands on your server, the commandname, rank required to use the command, and if that individual command isenabled.

Command – This is the command used to execute the command throughthe Chat Window.Rank – This is the rank required to use the commandInheritable - Sets whether the rank requirements are inheritable, meaning isthe specified required rank solely allowed to use this command or are higherranks allowed to use this as well. An example of this would be a VIP Rankrequired command with the inheritance disabled would only permit VIPplayers to use the command. If it inheritance was enabled then Moderators,Admins would also be able to use this command since they are of high rank.Enabled - Enable or Disable the command.Event System Tab ( 1.5.x) Does not apply to 1.4.7Under constructionKits Tab ( 1.5.0) Does not apply to 1.4.7 REMOVED

Pippi Settings TabThe Pippi Settings is made up of multiple System Settings. These includeChat Settings, Rules Settings, Announcement Settings, Map Settings, MOTDSettings and Pippi Info.NOTE: If you are using 1.4.7 then this tab will also contain the CommandsSettings as pictured in the Commands Tab section of this guide.Chat SettingsHere you enable or disabled the profanity filter. The profanity filter filtersout and words that are within the Filtered Word list. The way Pippi filtersthe words is by replacing the characters with *You can add or remove words in the filtered words list but using the buttonslocated below the Filtered Word list.

Pressing the Add button will prompt you with a window allowing you toenter the new word you wish to add (Pictured below)On clicking ok the word will be added to the Filtered Word list.To remove a word from the Filtered Word list, select the word in the list byclicking on it then click the remove button. Changes to this list take effectimmediately.

Map SettingsThe Map Settings allow you to configure the Map Markers that aregenerated and displayed to servers on a global basis. Any settingsconfigured here override the clients Map Settings.Map Grid – Enabled or Disables the Map Grid (I actually think this is brokencurrently :/ Sorry)Warps – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see warps on the mapregardless of the warps settingsHome – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see their home position if/sethome is enabled on a serverSpawnpoints – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see the Spawnpoints on the mapSandstorms – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see Sandstorms onthe map

Guild Members – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see GuildMembers on the MapBeds – Enables or Disables the player’s ability to see th