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TESTS FOR SKILLSASSESSMENT ANDDEVELOPMENT2021CATALOGAptitude4Basic SkillsCrafts & Skilled TradesRamsay CorporationBoyce Station Offices1050 Boyce RoadPittsburgh, PA 15241-3907PhoneFaxEmailWeb(412) 257-0732(412) [email protected] - 18Electrical AssessmentsMechanical AssessmentsDiagnostic TestingMultiCraft AssessmentsControls & InstrumentationFabricationFacilities MaintenanceMaintenance Planning68101213141617Fleet Operations & Maintenance18People Skills19

2021 CATALOGOnline TestingBenefits include: Ease of administration Immediate and accurate results No delivery cost Complimentary access to test manuals Variety of metrics, including local and national percentile rankingsand the ability to export data to Excel Simplified and improved test security, with no hard copies to secure Ability to delegate responsibilities, with a variety of permission levels available New! Optional scrambled version of testsScrambled TestsMany of our online tests are now available in a scrambled version, which means thatthe order of questions within each category is randomized. This improves test security,e.g. when retesting candidates or in testing situations where test-takers might sit nextto each other or talk about test content. Please check our online catalog to determinewhether a scrambled version is available. Add 2/test.CRUCIAL INFORMATION ABOUT TEST DATA SECURITY:At both a food plant and a metals plant, several custom-made tests havebeen compromised. Test Administrators and Managers must be extra vigilantin monitoring for cameras in cell phones, pens, and watches.ManualsManuals are available for most of our tests. The manuals include a descriptionabout the development of the test, reliability data and item analyses for differentsubsets of test takers, available content- and criterion-related validity data, normativedata and percentile rankings. Manuals do NOT contain copies of tests or answerkeys. Manuals are available to download free with the purchase of online tests.Printed manuals are 25 per manual. The SKU is the same as the related test.2(412) 257-0732 www.ramsaycorp.com [email protected]

Test ValidationWe suggest completion of a validation study for an organization that meets any ofthe following criteria: Is a highly visible national or international company Has more than 200 employees Has a labor agreement Has a federal contract Has ever had an EEO charge Needs professional assistance for setting cutting scores on testsThe Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978), developedby the EEOC, Civil Service Commission, Department of Labor, and Departmentof Justice, are intended to establish a uniform federal position in the area ofprohibiting discrimination in employment practices.A validated test is usually the product of research by a psychologist. The resultingvalidation report is the documented evidence by a professional researcher ofthe validity of the selection procedure. In the event of complaint or litigation,the report would usually be entered into evidence. In addition, the author wouldprovide testimony that the report reflects generally-accepted professional practiceand is in conformance with the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines onEmployee Selection Procedures.Information about the CatalogPrices shown are for 20 or more copies of the same title. You may purchase fewerthan 20, but the price increases. Volume discounts are available. For a completelist of tests, please see our online catalog at www.ramsaycorp.com/catalog.Please call us at (412) 257-0732 for more information, suggestions for the mostapplicable assessments for your use, or to place an order for fewer than 20 tests.Understanding the DataReliability (KR20) — This is a measure of the internal consistency of a test thathas items that are scored dichotomously (right or wrong). The range is 0 to 1,where 0 no reliability and 1 perfect reliability. The KR20 may be influencedby the difficulty of the test, the spread in scores, and the length of the test.(.85 Excellent; .75-.84 Very Good).Mean — Average of a data set, so the mean is the average score on a test.Standard Deviation — This is a measure of how dispersed, or spread out, the scoreson a test are relative to the mean score.Standard of Error of Measurement (SEM) — This number gives an idea of theprecision of the test. It is a measure of the extent to which an individual’s test scoremight differ from their “true” score (i.e. if they took the test several times and youaveraged their scores). The SEM is directly related to a test’s reliability. The larger theSEM, the lower the reliability of a test.TESTS FOR SKILLS ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT3

APTITUDE TESTSAptitude TestsAptitude tests measure a person’s ability to learn and understand concepts andprinciples. They are NOT designed to measure a person’s learned knowledge orskills, but rather the potential to be successful in an apprenticeship or productiontrainee program.Mechanical AptitudeSKU 110: Developed as a quick evaluation of a person’s mechanical aptitude in theareas of: Home Settings; Work – Production & Maintenance; School – Science &Physics; and Hand & Power Tools. This test contains 36 items in a multiple-choiceformat. In a group of 16,872 applicants, reliability was .78 with a mean score of24.65, a standard deviation of 5.24, and a standard error of measurement of 2.46.In a sample of 159 technical school trainees, test scores correlated at .48 withmechanical job knowledge and .40 with GPA. Alternate and Spanish forms available. 26 per test.Electrical AptitudeSKU 111: Developed as a quick evaluation of a person’s electrical aptitude in theareas of: Mathematics; Electrical Concepts; Process Flow; Signal Flow; ElectricalSchematics; and Electrical Sequences. This test contains 36 items in a multiplechoice format. In a group of 945 applicants, reliability was .81 with a mean score of25.47, a standard deviation of 5.31, and a standard error of measurement of 2.31. Ina sample of 97 technical school trainees, test scores correlated at .41 with electricaljob knowledge and .41 with GPA. Alternate and Spanish forms available. 26 per test.MultiCraft AptitudeSKU 121: Developed as a quick evaluation of a person’s mechanicalUpdatedand electrical aptitude, this test measures the same constructs asin 2020the mechanical and electrical aptitude tests, but may be used forassessment of applicants who require aptitude in both areas. Thistest contains 40 items in a multiple-choice format. In a group of 7,415 applicants,reliability was .82 with a mean score of 27.49, a standard deviation of 6.03, and astandard error of measurement of 2.56. At a communications organization, scoresfor 121 Instrument Technicians correlated at .21 with work performance quality.Alternate and Spanish forms available. 26 per test.ExperienceLevelsAptitude: Requires no previous training; measuresa person’s ability to learn concepts and principlesEntry: Has 1-2 years of training or experience,but needs an additional 2-3 years of trainingTrainee: Has 2-3 years of training or experience,but needs another 1-2 years of trainingJourney: Has 2-5 years of training and experienceAdvanced Journey-Level: C, B, and A level tests forstarting, intermediate, and advanced candidates4(412) 257-0732 www.ramsaycorp.com [email protected]

BASIC SKILLS TESTSBasic Skills TestsSkillScreenSKU 245: For high-volume testing applications, RamsayCorporation has developed a quick, 20-item basic skills measure.Contact us for more information. 10 per test. 8 per test for over 5000 in one year.NEWin 2020Combined Basic SkillsSKU 200: This assessment was developed to enable a quickevaluation of literacy and performance skills required in manufacturingand processing. The four component parts are: Reading; Arithmetic;Inspection & Measurement; and Process Monitoring & Problem Solving.Alternate and Spanish forms available. 18 per test.Specialized Combined Basic Skills tests available:SKU 201: Chemical OperatorSKU 206: Team SkillsSKU 202: Custodial ServicesSKU 207: Water TreatmentSKU 203: ElectricalSKU 210: Customer ServiceSKU 204: Food IndustrySKU 211: ToolsSKU 205: MechanicalSKU 212: ClericalReading TestsDesigned to measure the ability to read, comprehend, and answer writtenquestions based on a printed passage. Most tests are 40 questions coveringfive passages with progressively higher levels of readability. Please see ourwebsite or contact us to help you select an appropriate reading test for yourneeds. 13 per test.Arithmetic TestsDeveloped to evaluate the ability to perform basic computations at variouslevels of difficulty. All tests include basic arithmetic using whole numbers.Test options include fractions, decimals, percentages, reading tables and charts,simple formulas, and word problems. Please see our website or contact us tohelp you select a test for your needs. 13 per test.Quality Control & Other Basic Skills TestsSKU 228: Assembly TestSKU 135: Pre-Print ReadingSKU 133: Basic Computer SkillsSKU 93:Precision MeasurementSKU 90:Process FlowSKU 158: InspectionSKU 37:Inspection & MeasurementSKU 139: Writing TestSKU 4:MeasurementSKU 91:SKU 24:Checking AccuracyReading Electrical Drawings & SchematicsTESTS FOR SKILLS ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT5

ELECTRICAL ASSESSMENTSElectrical AssessmentsTest technicians for proficiency in the following categories: Digital & Analog Electronics Schematics & Electrical Print Reading Power Supplies Motors Controls Basic AC/DC Theory Construction, Installation, & Distribution Test Instruments Computers & PLCs Mechanical, Equipment Operation,& Hand and Power Tools Electrical MaintenanceElectrical Learner SeriesThese tests were designed to be less difficult than our Electrical Entry test,but more demanding than a basic skills battery. 13 per test.SKU 171: ReadingSKU 172: ArithmeticSKU 173: Electrical Print ReadingSKU 174: Troubleshooting & Problem SolvingSKU 175: Basic ElectricityElectrical EntrySKU 195: A 60-item, entry-level test of knowledge and skills. Does NOT includeComputers & PLCs. In a group of 734 candidates, reliability was .88 with amean score of 39.94, a standard deviation of 9.37, and a standard error ofmeasurement of 3.25. 26 per test.Electrical Maintenance TraineeSKU 17: For use in selecting electrical trainees. The test contains60 items. In a group of 2,314 candidates, reliability was .82 with amean score of 26.16, a standard deviation of 8.39, and a standarderror of measurement of 3.56. Alternate and Spanish forms available. 26 per test.Updatedin 2020ElecTestSKU 47: A 60-question test used for selection of journey-level electrical repair andmaintenance candidates. In a group of 1,197 candidates, reliability was .83 witha mean score of 29.95, a standard deviation of 8.59, and a standard error ofmeasurement of 3.54. Alternate and Spanish forms available. 26 per test.Industrial ElectricianSKU 231: This 60-item test focuses more heavily on diagnostics and troubleshootingin the industrial setting than our ElecTest. It omits component and sub-componentlevel electronics such as transistors, logic gates, and single-function chips,and focuses on troubleshooting of user-serviceable components and properinstallation and maintenance. In a group of 1,042 candidates, reliability was .87with a mean score of 33.97, a standard deviation of 9.73, and a standard error ofmeasurement of 3.51. 26 per test.6(412) 257-0732 www.ramsaycorp.com [email protected]

SKU 241: A 36-item, journey-level troubleshooting test. Provides ahiger-level test than the one in our Electrical Learner Series. 26 per test.Categories include: AC/DC Circuits Motors Construction, Installation & DistributionELECTRICAL ASSESSMENTSElectrical TroubleshootingNEWin 2019 Schematics & Print Reading Computers & PLCsMaintenance Electrician B & ASKU 179: Maintenance Electrician BSKU 178: Maintenance Electrician AFor use in selecting manufacturing or processing electrical maintenance candidates.Each test contains 60 items. Maintenance Electrician B is a journey-level test withmore focus on motors and power supplies than ElecTest. Maintenance Electrician Ais more difficult than Maintenance Electrician B. Data for both tests indicate verygood to excellent reliability. 26 per test.Maint. Elec. BMaint. Elec. Standard Errorof 4Additional Electrical TestsSKU 105: Electrician (Chemical)SKU 152: Electrical Safety KnowledgeSKU 168: Commercial/Residential ElectricianIMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT TEST PROCTORINGAll of Ramsay Corporation’s tests must be given in a proctoredenvironment. This includes both paper AND online assessments.What does this mean?In order for you to get the best results possible from your testing, a proctorshould verify the identity of the test taker, collect and secure cell phonesor other electronic devices, including Apple watches, and monitor thattest takers are not receiving assistance from others or looking up answers.The proctor should also make sure that test takers are not taking picturesof the test or otherwise copying test questions in order to look up answersfor retesting or to share with other test takers. Once a test is compromised,it has little value to you.Please contact us if you have questions about proctoring or need assistancewith remote proctoring options.TESTS FOR SKILLS ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT7

MECHANICAL ASSESSMENTSMechanical AssessmentsThese tests are designed for selecting mechanical technicians and includethe following categories: Hydraulics & Pneumatics Print Reading Welding & Rigging Power Transmission Lubrication Pumps & Piping Mechanical Maintenance Shop Machines Tools, Materials, & EquipmentMechanical Learner SeriesThese tests are more demanding of job knowledge than a basic skills battery,but less demanding than our Mechanical Entry Test. 13 per test.SKU 181: Readin