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WWW.L3COMMERCIALAVIATION.COMPAGE 02Instructor Course GuideSituated in the UK, L3 Commercial Aviation addresses all the professionaltraining requirements of the airline-training department, concentrating uponthe needs of the customer by the provision of high-quality, advancedairline training.L3 Commercial Aviations’ management and training staff are exceptionallywell-qualified airline personnel with considerable management experience in thetraining departments of major airlines and in some cases, regulatory authorities.Part 1 TRI Teachingand Learning CourseThe course covers all aspects of training skills – itextends beyond the basic syllabus to cover thoseadvanced topics that any airline training departmentwould expect future training staff to experience –including CRM debriefing techniques, analysis ofcrew behavior (utilizing the Non-Technical Skillsframework or the client airline’s own approvedbehavioral markers framework), report writing anddebriefing ‘difficult’ trainees. It also includes exposureto simulator flying instruction on our generic twin jetsimulators providing the ideal training tool for this typeof intensive course.Content5-day course at our Southampton TrainingCenter. The course covers the followingmain topic areas: uman Performance and LimitationsHTraining PhilosophiesStudent Evaluation and Testing The Learning Process and theTeaching Process Techniques of Applied Ground Instruction Practical Briefing, Training, Assessmentand Debriefing ExercisesPrice 3,365 VAT per candidateSubject to our standard Terms & Conditions for Training Services.InstructorCourse Guide

WWW.L3COMMERCIALAVIATION.COMType Rating Instructor/Synthetic FlightInstructor (TRI/SFI)CoursesL3 Commercial Aviation provides candidateswith EASA approved training for the Type SpecificTRI/SFI course on B737, B757 and A320 familyaircraft (other types may be offered subject toRegulatory Approval).For those candidates who haven’t previouslycompleted a ‘Part 1 TRI Teaching and LearningCourse’, the Type Rating Instructor/Synthetic FlightInstructor (TRI/SFI) Course includes the requiredminimum of 25 hours Teaching and Learning. Itis conducted using a mix of classroom and typespecific Full Flight Simulator (FFS) resources andtakes the candidate through the essential practicalexercises of instruction required to qualify for typerating training privileges. It is a demanding and testingexposure for the future TRI/SFI.InstructorCourse GuidePAGE 03PrerequisitesSFI(A)An applicant for multi-pilot airplane SFI(A)certificate shall: H old or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in theappropriate airplane category Have completed the proficiency check for the issueof the specific airplane type rating in a FFS representing the applicable type within the12 months preceding the application Have at least 1,500 hours flight time as a pilot onmulti-pilot airplanes Have completed as a pilot or as an observer withinthe 12 months preceding the application, at least3 route sectors on the flight deck of the applicabletype, or 2 line-orientated flight training-basedsimulator sessions conducted by qualified crewon the flight deck of the applicable type. Thesesimulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes andthe associated pre-flight planning and debriefing.

WWW.L3COMMERCIALAVIATION.COMPrerequisitesTRI(A)An applicant for multi-pilot airplane TRI(A)certificate shall: H old a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriateairplane category Have completed 1,500 hours flight time as a piloton multi-pilot airplanes Have completed within the 12 months precedingthe date of application, 30 route sectors includingtake offs and landings as PIC or Co-Pilot on theapplicable airplane type, of which 15 sectors maybe completed in an FFS representing that type.PAGE 04Content P art 1: Teaching and Learning, 2 days ofGround School (for those without a Part 1 TRITeaching and Learning Course Certificate) Part 2: Technical Training, 2 days ofGround School Part 3: Flight Instruction and Assessmentof Competence 1 x 4 hour fixed-base detail 5 x 4 hour full-flight detailsincluding checkPriceParts 1, 2 & 3: 9,870 VAT per candidateParts 2 & 3: 8,870 VAT per candidateSubject to our standard Terms & Conditions for Training Services.TRI Sim to TRI ZFT/LIFUS Upgrade CourseFor those undertaking an upgrade from TRI Simto TRI ZFT & LIFUS, this course consists of a1-day ground school and simulator module, withthe remaining modules, including ‘training in anairplane in-flight’ carried out by the client airline –which involves at least 1 sector observing a TRI(A)conducting actual line flying on a candidate afterZFTT or participating in a role-play sector. This isfollowed by the under-training TRI conducting a livesector under the supervision of a TRI(A).InstructorCourse GuidePrice 1,250 VAT per candidateSubject to our standard Terms & Conditions for Training Services.

WWW.L3COMMERCIALAVIATION.COMTRI Sim to TRI A/CUpgrade CourseFor those undertaking an upgrade from TRISimulator to TRI Aircraft Training qualification.PAGE 05Content Day 1: Ground School Day 2: 2-4 hours Full Flight Simulator Day 3: Approximately 1 hour of aircraft basetraining – provided in association with theclient airlinePrice 4,500 VAT per candidate(price is approximate due to travelexpenses on day 3)Subject to our standard Terms & Conditions for Training Services.InstructorCourse Guide

WWW.L3COMMERCIALAVIATION.COMPAGE 06Crew Resource Management Trainer(CRMT) CourseSince its introduction in the early 1990s, CRM has been viewed as a major contributor to the reduction inairline accidents and incidents. Under EASA regulation, CRM is a mandatory subject to be integrated into alltraining for aircrew.Under EU Ops, which was current legislation until October 2014, CRM instructors had to be accredited inline with the guidance in Doc 29. Following the change to EASA, accreditation is no longer a requirement.However, it is now the responsibility of the airline or ATO to ensure that their CRM instructors are now‘suitably qualified’.ContentL3 Commercial Aviation offers a 5-day course designed to meet the specific needs ofinstructors who will conduct Ground School Training in CRM.Days 1 & 2Days 3, 4 & 5 Instructional Techniques RefresherThe Learning ProcessThe Teaching ProcessTraining PhilosophiesTechniques of Applied Instruction Student Evaluation, use of NOTECHS MarkerSystem, Progress and Report Writing Practical Briefing, Training, Assessment andDebriefing Exercises Introduction to Facilitation– Theory and Practical ApplicationFacilitation Training and DevelopmentPractical ApplicationApplied TechniquesThe ‘when to’ and ‘when not to’ Behavioral Markers – NOTECHS (or preferredframework): Observation and Debriefing Human Performance and Limitations Review CRM Subject Matter Review Observation and Debriefing of CRM Exercisesand ScenariosPlease note: it is important that those attending the CRMT Course have previous classroom trainingexperience and a good working knowledge of CRM, Human Factors and HPL.Price 1,950 VAT per candidateSubject to our standard Terms & Conditions for Training Services.InstructorCourse Guide

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