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COMMAND PROEnhance yourPerformance withElectronic Fuel Injection.KOHLER EFI air-cooled engines.

KOHLER EFI Engines –complete performancesolutions. KOHLER Command PRO 26 HP Horizontal and VerticalAir-Cooled EngineTHE ULTIMATE IN FUEL EFFICIENCY.KOHLER EFI engines (26 and 28 HP) save money by significantlyreducing fuel consumption. In consumer tests, EFI engines reduced fuelconsumption by 25%-30% compared to carbureted engines. With thosenumbers, each piece of equipment saves 400- 500 every year.And the engines exceed CARB/EPA and international requirements forexhaust emissions.KOHLER Command PRO28 HP Vertical and HorizontalAir-Cooled EngineMAXIMUM EQUIPMENT UPTIME.Superior fuel efficiency, peak power and instant throttle response allcontribute to jobs getting done faster, and with fewer stops for fuel.KOHLER EFI SYSTEM BEATS THE COMPETITION.Only Kohler features a “closed loop” EFI system in which all the componentswork together. By feeding data to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) so itcan adjust for changes in load, altitude and air cleaner condition, the fueleconomy and engine performance are maximized. The only competitiveEFI engine in this horsepower range has an “open loop” system so it cannotadjust to changing conditions.OPEN LOOP SYSTEMWhen first started, all EFI engines operate in an “open loop” mode. Thismeans the engine can run only as originally mapped in the ECU. However,unlike the competitor’s system which remains “open loop”, the EFI systemby Kohler converts to “closed loop” upon warm-up.CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMOnly KOHLER EFI engines include an oxygen sensor which triggersadjustments to the ECU map. The sensor measures oxygen in the exhaustflow. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture, it signalsthe ECU to adjust the amount of fuel injected into the system. The “loop”between air/fuel intake and exhaust output is then closed, providingthe critical feedback necessary to achieve optimum fuel economyand performance.The KOHLER closed loop system offers these advantages over competition: Better fuel economyBetter adaptability to altitude changesLower exhaust emissionsBetter adaptability to air cleaner conditionsEFI TECHNOLOGY OFFERS KEYADVANTAGES OVER CARBURETED ENGINES: Easy starts (no choke)Powerful accelerationFast throttle responsePeak power and torque Lower fuel consumptionExcellent cold startabilityLower exhaust emissionsEasy diagnosticsThe KOHLER EFI system is a complete engine fuel and ignitionmanagement design and includes these principal components: Fuel pressure regulatorTwin fuel injectorsElectronic control unit (ECU)External, high-energy ignition coilsEngine temperature sensorThrottle position sensor (TPS)Speed sensorOxygen sensorOn-board system diagnostics

Exceptional system-integratedcomponents from Kohler and Bosch.ELECTRONICCONTROL UNIT (ECU)An ECU is the brain of EFI. It includesprogram maps to monitor allprimary sensors, such as speed,throttle position, oil temperature andoxygen levels. When the watertightECU senses that a throttle response isneeded, a precise amount of fuel isinjected. During operation, if a system faultdoes occur, the ECU detects the fault and triggers theon-board diagnostic system which stores the code for analysis.OXYGEN SENSOROnly Kohler uses an oxygen sensorin its EFI system. This is a criticalcomponent in the “closed loop”system that separates Kohler fromthe competition. The oxygen sensor,installed in the muffler, signals the ECUwhen oxygen content changes betweenthe exhaust gas and the ambient air. If theoxygen content strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture mapped in the ECU,the ECU then adjusts the fuel injector pulse for more or less fuel.Again, this saves fuel and maximizes power.An all-weather connector locks to the ECU as part of the harness system.THROTTLE POSITIONSENSOR (TPS)ENGINE SPEED SENSOREngine speed is determined by theengine speed sensor. Located besidethe flywheel, the passing of ringgear teeth generates voltage pulses.Data is fed to the ECU to provideinstant throttle response and precisefuel flow. When power is needed, it’sthere immediately.The TPS indicates throttle plateangle to the ECU. When the enginesenses varying loads, the ECU usesthe TPS, plus other sensors, to savefuel and ensure smooth power.ENGINE TEMPERATURESENSORFUEL PRESSUREREGULATORThis sensor helps determine theamount of fuel needed uponstart-up. A cold engine requiresmore fuel than one at, or near,operating temperature. The ECUdepends upon this sensor to governfuel flow and ensure reliable starts.The fuel pressure regulatormaintains the required operatingsystem pressure – 39 psi. Anytimefuel pressure exceeds this level,excess pressure is relieved, and anyextra fuel is returned to the fuel tank.

Superior diagnosticand service support.MAXIMUM &RECOMMENDED E EFIDIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM3223KILOWATTSIn addition to the items below, Kohler offers an in-depth EFI Troubleshooting CD (TP-2552)from your Kohler source of supply. Training trailers and portable EFI training stands are alsoavailable for Central Distributor and OEM assistance. (Contact your Kohler salesperson toarrange for the trailers and training stands.)14A complete diagnostic system(photos A, B, C) for KOHLER EFIengines has been designed by Kohlerand the Robert Bosch Corp. This systemincludes a 60-page installation guideand user manual, a CD for use on yourlaptop or desktop PC, and a 9-foot interfacecable that mates to the engine’s diagnostic plug.A.912107REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400 3600C26 MAXIMUMC745 MAXIMUMC26 RECOMMENDEDC745 RECOMMENDEDMAXIMUM &RECOMMENDED TORQUEWELCOME SCREEN4864466260445842564054523850364846B.LB. FT.NEWTON METERSAs part of the system, a welcomescreen first appears on the CD. Thesystem then begins to talk to theengine ECU. The system will Detect and show fault codes(if one arises) Identify the problem Provide flowcharts to troubleshootthe fault Assist the technician in the repair procedure344432423040REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE381800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400 3600C26 MAXIMUMC745 MAXIMUMEFI SERVICE MANUALThe CD-ROM also includes the EFIservice manual subsection (shown).The 40-page section includesexplanations about EFI, how theengine starts up, its electrical and fuelcomponents, and troubleshooting hints.RECOMMENDED FUELCONSUMPTION AT 1/2 PER MINUTEOrder the kit (KO3217)from SPX Corporation:USA & Canada: (800) 533-0492International: (507) 455-7223180024003000C26C7453600GALLONS PER HOURComplete with carrying case, fuelpressure gauge, Oetiker clamp pliers,spare clamps, circuit tester, jumperplugs and a T-valve.1.34.8Order the complete EFI diagnostic system(25 761 23-S) from your Kohler supply source.EFI SERVICE KIT1.45.2LITERS PER HOURC.28C26 RECOMMENDEDC745 RECOMMENDED

COMMAND PRO26 and 28 HP“Our customers make a living with our products,and the reliability of KOHLER EFI engines has giventhem peace of mind. The KOHLER EFI engine reducesthe consumer’s expenses. Fuel economy is the biggestbenefit. Not to mention that the engine is able to relaywhat is wrong so it takes care of diagnostic time.”Jeff Haltom, General Manager, Dixie Chopper“The EFI offers significant performance improvementsover non-EFI engines as far as power under loadconditions. It recovers quickly and just keeps going. Ofcourse, the obvious benefits we have promoted since webegan using the KOHLER 28 HP engine are fueleconomy – and all the reasons they are more fuelefficient – and lower emissions for states like Texas andCalifornia where that is a big issue.”Rick Curlett of ExmarkKOHLER EFIWhy the professionals are choosing KOHLER EFI engines. “It’s really a no-brainer: You get more power, lessdowntime and more hours. We didn’t buy EFI enginesfor their fuel efficiency or the lower emissions, but if thepower is there and we’re saving gasoline at the sametime, why not?”Mike Devore, Executive Director at Atlanta-based Ed Castro LandscapingMike Devore, Executive DirectorAtlanta-based Ed Castro Landscaping

COMMAND PRO26 and 28 HPMODEL SPECIFICATIONSFour-cycle, V-twin cylinder, air-cooled, horizontal and vertical shaft, electronic fuel injection (EFI), gasoline,full-pressure lubrication with oil filter, aluminum head and crankcase with cast iron cylinder liners.ENGINE TYPE:MODEL:POWER* @ 3600 RPMhp (kW)CH26CV26CH745CV74526 (19.4)22.1 (16.5)AirHorizontal44 (725)3.3 (83)2.6 (67)40 (54.2)28009:194 (43)2.1 (2)3.5 (89)7.3 (184.2)26 (19.4)22.1 (16.5)AirVertical44 (725)3.3 (83)2.6 (67)40 (54.2)28009:194 (43)2.1 (2)10 (254) DBC10 (254) DBC28 (20.9)23.8 (17.2)AirHorizontal44 (725)3.3 (83)2.6 (67)42.3 (57.4)30009:194 (43)2.1 (2)3.5 (89)7.3 (184.2)28 (20.9)23.8 (17.2)AirVertical44 (725)3.3 (83)2.6 (67)42.3 (57.4)30009:194 (43)2.1 (2)10 (254) DBC10 (254) DBC(See a below)(See b below)(See a below)(See b below)flat air cleaner:heavy-duty air cleaner:commercial air cleaner:heavy-duty air cleaner:Length 13.8 (351)Length 13.8 (351)Length 21.2 (538)Length 19 (483)Width 17.7 (451)Width 17.7 (451)Width 17.7 (451)Width 17.7 (451)Height 19 (483)Height 26.5 (672)Height 14.3 (363)Height 22.5 (572)MaximumRecommendedCOOLINGCRANKSHAFT ORIENTATIONDISPLACEMENTBORESTROKEPEAK TORQUE @ (cc)in. (mm)in. (mm)lbs. ft. (Nm)@rpmCOMPRESSION RATIODRY WEIGHTlbs. (kg)OIL CAPACITY WITH FILTERU.S. qts. (L)MOUNTING DIMENSIONS in. (mm) Front to BackSide to SideOVERALL DIMENSIONS in. (mm)LengthWidth(With air cleaner)Heighta CH†b CV††* Horsepower ratings are in accordance with SAE J1940. Actual engine horsepower is lower and affected by, but not limited to, accessories (air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, etc.), application, engine speed and ambientoperating conditions (temperature, humidity and altitude). For more information, contact Kohler Co. Engines Engineering Department. Kohler reserves the right to change product specifications, designs and equipment withoutnotice and without incurring obligation.†CH: Length is grass screen to PTO mounting face. Width is oil filter side to starter side. Height is mounting feet to top of air cleaner.††CV: Lengthis blower housing to air cleaner cover. Width is oil filter side to starter side. Height is mounting feet to top of air cleaner.FeaturesOptions Overhead valve design Large air filter Variety of crankshafts Metal, chopper-type grass screen Hydraulic valve lifters Oil SentryTM Flywheel PTOs (CH) High oil temperature cutout switch Full-pressure lubrication with filter Hardened crankshaft journals 15- or 25-amp charging, regulated Electronic ignition PTO thrust bearing (CH) Muffler guard 20-amp charging, regulated PTO side load bearing (CV) Exhaust deflectors/spark arrestors 12-volt solenoid-shift electric starterCertification #US97/0977FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR KOHLER SOURCE OF SUPPLYOR CALL TOLL FREE IN THE U.S. AND CANADA 1-800-544-2444.KOHLER CO., KOHLER, WISCONSIN 53044 TEL 920-457-4441 FAX 2003 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.Printed in USA E-2103 9/03