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Technical ManualV-Belt DrivesThis technical manual contains all important technical information and methods for the design and calculationof drives with OPTIBELT V-belts and V-grooved pulleys for industrial applications.Our Application Technology experts offeryou free support service regarding theapplication of our products and also helpsolve your drive problems. Especiallyregarding large volumne you should makeuse of this service.We offer you the optimum solution usingstate-of-the-art programmes, the CAP drivecalculation software. Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany1

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TABLE OF CONTENTSProduct DescriptionDrive Beltsoptibelt RED POWER 3 High Performance Wedge Belts . 6optibelt BLUE POWER High Performance Wedge Belts . 7optibelt SK High Performance Wedge Belts . 8-9optibelt VB Classic V-Belts . 10optibelt KB Kraftbands . 11-14optibelt SUPER X-POWER M S – Raw Edge, Moulded Cogged . 15-16optibelt SUPER E-POWER M S – Raw Edge, Moulded Cogged . 17-18optibelt SUPER TX M S V-Belts – Raw Edge, Moulded Cogged . 19optibelt VARIO POWER Variable Speed Belts –Raw Edge, Moulded Cogged/Double Cogged . 20optibelt DK Double-Sided V-Belts . 21Standard Properties . 22Special Constructions. 23Standard RangeDrive Beltsoptibelt RED POWER 3 High Performance Wedge Belts,Profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V/9N, 5V/15N, 8V/25N . 24-25optibelt BLUE POWER High Performance Wedge Belts,Profiles SPB, SPC, 8V/25N . 26optibelt SK High Performance Wedge Belts,Profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V/9N, 5V/15N, 8V/25N . 27-28optibelt VB Classic V-Belts,Profiles 5, Y/6, 8, Z/10, A/13, B/17, 20, C/22, 25, D/32, E/40 . 29-33optibelt RED POWER 3 Kraftbands,Profiles SPB, SPC, 3V/9J, 5V/15J, 8V/25J . 34-35optibelt BLUE POWER Kraftbands,Profile SPB, SPC, 5V/15J, 8V/25J . 36-37optibelt KB Kraftbands, Profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V/9J, 5V/15J, 8V/25Joptibelt SUPER KBX-POWER Kraftbands, Profiles 3VX/9JX, 5VX/15JXoptibelt KB Kraftbands, Profiles A/HA, B/HB, C/HC, D/HD . 38-41optibelt SUPER X-POWER M S,Profiles XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC, 3VX/9NX, 5VX/15NX . 42optibelt SUPER E-POWER M S V-Belts,Profiles XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC, 3VX/9NX, 5VX/15NX . 43optibelt SUPER TX M S V-Belts,Profiles ZX/X10, AX/X13, BX/X17, CX/X22 . 44optibelt VARIO POWER Variable Speed Belts . 45-46optibelt DK Double-Sided V-Belts,Profiles AA/HAA, BB/HBB, CC/HCC, DD/HDD, 22 x 22, 25 x 22 . 47Product DescriptionMetalStandard RangeMetaloptibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys, optibelt TB Taper Bushes . 48optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys, Types . 49optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys, Standards – Design Criteria – Types . 50optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys for Wedge Beltsand for Classic V-Belts . 51-52optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys USA Standard for Wedge Belts . 53optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys for Kraftbands . 54-55optibelt Deep Grooved Pulleys . 56optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys for Taper Bushes . 57-65optibelt KS V-Grooved Pulleys for Cylindrical Bores . 66-71optibelt TB Taper Bushes . 724 Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany

TABLE OF CONTENTSDRIVE CALCULATIONManual Calculation . 73-84Formulas and Calculation Example . 85-87Calculation with optibelt CAP . 88POWER RATINGSoptibelt RED POWER 3 . 89-93optibelt BLUE POWER . 94-97optibelt SK . 98-102optibelt VB . 103-113optibelt SUPER X-POWER M S . 114-117optibelt SUPER E-POWER M S . 118-121optibelt SUPER TX M S . 122-125SPECIAL DRIVESV-Flat Drives . 126-128Tension/Guide Idlers . 129-131Twist Drives . 132-134Drive Elements with Aramid Structures . 135-136DESIGN SUPPORTBelt Tension for OPTIBELT V-Belts and Kraftbands . 137-141Calculating the Axial Load/Shaft Load . 142Technical Tools . 143-147Installation, Maintenance and Storage . 149-153Properties . 154-157Problem – Causes – Remedies . 158-159Length Measurement Conditions and Conversion Factors,Length Tolerances . 160-164Conversion Factors . 165-166CONVEYOR BELTSProduct Description . 167Design Guidelines . 168optibelt KB Kraftbands with Patterned Top Surface . 168optibelt PKR Endless V-Belts andoptibelt KB Kraftbands with Patterned Top Surface . 169optimat PKR Open-Ended V-Belts DIN 2216 with Patterned Top Surface . 170optibelt RR Round Belts, optibelt KK Plastic V-Belts andoptibelt KK Plastic V-Belts with Patterned Top Surface/Pointed Roof Profile .171ANNEXOverview of Standards . 172Data Sheet for Calculation/Checking of Drives . 173-174Data Sheet for Calculation/Checking of Conveyor Systems . 175-176 Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany5

PrODucT DescriPTiOnoptibelt reD POWer 3 high PerFOrMance WeDge BelTsstructureoptibelt rED POWEr 3 wedge belts:Transverse fibrecompound made ofpolychloroprenePolyester tension cord/maintenance-freeCore with transverselyalignedfibre layerapplication areasoptibelt rED POWEr 3 wedge belts were especiallydeveloped for mechanical engineering. The applicationareas include compressors, pumps, presses, fans and otherheavy duty drives.standardisation/Dimensionsoptibelt rED POWEr 3 wedge belts in the profiles SPz, SPA,SPB, SPC, 3V/9n, 5V/15n and 8V/25n are standardisedaccording to DIn 7753 Part 1, ISO 4184 and rmA/mPTA.Abrasion resistantcover fabricThe tension cord consists of a special polyester cord. Due tothe special processing of the tension cord the optibelt rEDPOWEr 3 wedge belt is very low-stretch and maintenancefree, so that re-tensioning is not necessary.The transverse fibre mixture on top of and under the tensioncord guarantees a high dynamic load of the belt andensures great flexibility. The cover fabric is highly flexibleand abrasion-proof.PropertiesThe optibelt rED POWEr 3 is maintenance-free due to thehigh quality components and the special production method.The production processes are continuously monitored usingstate-of-the-art static and dynamic testing devices. Theoptibelt rED POWEr 3 is suitable for the application indrives with idler pulleys due to its special construction.The rED POWEr 3 has the following properties: maintenance-free Powerful Cost-effective S C plus usable in sets Environmentally friendly Electrically conductive according to ISO 1813 Oil-resistant Heat-resistant Dust-protected as standardOn request with acceptance test certificate according toEn 1020 “3.1.B“.V-Belt tensioningFor the initial installation of optibelt rED POWEr 3 V-belts,the same methods are used as for standard OPTIBELTV-belts. The tension values are to be calculated on the samebasis or to be taken from the table on page 138. Oncecorrectly tensioned optibelt rED POWEr 3 V-belts need nore-tensioning.Table 1ProfilesPZsPasPBsPcBelt top widthbo 9.712.7 16.322Datum widthbd 8.5111419Belt heighth 8101318recommended minimumdd min6390140 224datum pulley diameterWeight per meter 0.074 0.123 0.195 0.377(kg/m)Flex rate (s-1)fB max 100Belt speed (m/s)vmax 55**v 55 m/s. Please consult our Application Engineering Department.Table 2Profile3V/9n5V/15n8V/25nDatum widthbo 91525Belt heighth 81323recommended minimumoutside pulley diameterda min67151315Weight per meter (kg/m) 0.074 0.195 0.575Flex rate (s-1)fB max 100Belt speed (m/s)vmax 55**v 55 m/s. Please consult our Application Engineering Department.6 ArnTz OPTIBELT GrOuP, GErmAny

PrODucT DescriPTiOnoptibelt Blue POWer high PerFOrMance WeDge BelTsstructure/Propertiesoptibelt BLuE POWEr wedge belts:Transverse fibremixture made t BLuE POWEr wedge belts in the profiles SPz, SPA,SPB, SPC, 3V/9n, 5V/15n and 8V/25n are standardisedaccording to DIn 7753 Part 1, ISO 4184 and rmA/mPTA.Aramid tension cord/maintenance-freeCore with transverselyalignedfibre layerAbrasion-resistantcover fabricThe aramid tension cord has extremely low-stretch comparedto common materials such as polyester. The breakingstrength is almost twice as high with the same cord diameter. nevertheless, the fibre is extremely flexible. The highquality specially prepared aramid tension cord is embeddedin a rubber compound. It is supported by the top andbottom structures. These consist of a polychloroprene rubbercompound with tranverse fibres. The abrasion-proof coverfabric is coated with a special rubber compound and coversthe whole belt. The V-belt is electrically conductive according to ISO 1813optibelt BLuE POWEr belts are mainly used when highest power transmission levels are required there are limited design dimensions there is only little installation and tensioning space high temperature influences occurThis way, a much better performance is guaranteed e. g.with the same number of belts. Even the operation of oncecritical drives is now largely free of risk. Higher load limitsare now safety zones. Thus optibelt BLuE POWEr belts aremainly implemented in heavily loaded drives:Table 3ProfilesPBsPcBelt top widthbo 16.322Datum widthbd 1419Belt heighth 1318Distancehd 3.54.81802800.2060.389recommended minimumdd mindatum pulley diameterWeight per meter (kg/m) Flex rate (s-1)fB max 100Belt speed (m/s)vmax 50**v 50 m/s. Please consult our Application Engineering Department.Table 4Profile5V/15n8V/25n in critical drives in mechanical engineering in special machinesDatum widthbo 1525 in agricultural machineryBelt heighth 1323applicationrecommended minimumda minoutside pulley diameter1913150.2040.603Attention: When retro-fitting existing drives please letOPTIBELT check the tension. As part of this description notall criteria can be dealt with. Please consult our ApplicationEngineering Department.Weight per meter (kg/m) Flex rate (s-1)fB max 100Belt speed (m/s)vmax 50**v 50 m/s. Please consult our Application Engineering Department. ArnTz OPTIBELT GrOuP, GErmAny7

PrODucT DescriPTiOnoptibelt sK high PerFOrMance WeDge BelTsDin 7753 ParT 1 / isO 4184applicationsoptibelt SK wedge belts in th