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SAP NetWeaverConfiguration GuideSNMP Print JobStatus FeedbackUser GuideValid for SAP NW 7.0 EhP 1 and higherDocument Version 5January 19th, 2015

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Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherPrint Job Status Feedback User Guide . 2Enable Print Job Status Feedback in SPAD . 3Print Job Status Feedback in Output Controller . 6Changes in SAP System Configuration . 10Restrictions on Document Types . 121

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherPrint Job Status Feedback User GuidePurposeThis document provides an overview of the feature “Status Feedback for Print Jobs using theSNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol)” which is supported with SAPNetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 (EhP1) and higher.Target AudienceThis document is intended for both system administrators and for application users. SectionsEnable Job Status Feedback in SPAD and Changes in the SAP Configuration outlineinformation which is only relevant for system administrators. The remaining sections areintended for both target groups.GlossaryPrint Job Status FeedbackThis feature enables SAP end users tocheck the status of their print jobs (‘outputrequests’ in SP01) submitted from the SAPsystem to the printer.Output deviceFor all actions to be done in transactionSPAD this document uses the term ‘outputdevice’ instead of ‘printer’.In general this term is a superordinate termfor any machine used to representinformation from a computer, includingdisplay screens, printers, fax machines, andarchiving devices in the SAP system.Output requestFor all actions referring to transaction SP01this document uses the term ‘output requestinstead of ‘print job’.In general this term is superordinate term forany data record created by the SAP Systemeach time a spool request is printed. Anoutput request contains information aboutthe utilized output device and the status ofthe request.PrinterIn transaction SPAD the superordinate termoutput device is used for printer.Print jobIn this documentation output request is usedas a synonym of print job.SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol.Check for details on SNMP.SPADSpool Administration transactionSP01Output Controller transaction2

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherRequirementsPrint Job Status Feedback is only possible for network printers because the status of a printjob is monitored via SNMP protocol directly from the printer.1. The physical printer must be a network printer which supports SNMP2. Access Method must be C, L, U or S3. SAP device type which is especially created for this printer model must be used. Thisdevice type must support Print Job Status Feedback via SNMP. Check the “Print JobStatus Feedback Development Guide” for more information.4. The network address (IP address or network name) must be made public to the SAPspooler (i.e. the SAP system).Refer to SAP Note 1134251 for required support package and kernel patch levels.Enable Print Job Status Feedback in SPADOnce a physical network printer which supports SNMP is available, you must create a devicedefinition for this printer model (i.e. output device) in transaction SPAD. This device definitionrequires additional information for enabling Print Job Status Feedback via SNMP. Thefollowing section describes how to enter the additional information for SNMP. For generaldescription of creating and managing output devices in SAP systems, see Help ApplicationHelp in the SAPGUI menu of transaction SPAD.Open transaction SPAD and create the new output device. When you select one of thesupported access methods an additional button SNMP becomes available (see Fig.1).Fig.13

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherSelect this button. A subscreen with additional entry fields will be opened. Enter the SNMPrelevant parameters as described below. Those values will be required later to gain access tothe output device (see Fig. 2).Fig. 2Information for SNMPIP address/HostnameTCP/IP network address under which the physical printer can be accessed.In most cases this the only information you have to provide. In this field enter the IP addressof your network printer as shown in Fig. 2 or the network alias name of your network printer.This will be the network address to which SNMP queries from the SAP spooler will be sent.Make sure that this is the actual IP address of the physical printer in the network. The IPaddress in this field must point to the physical device connected to the network even if youaccess the printer from SAP via a print server. The name of the print server is entered in theDestination host field.A print server will not reply to SNMP calls intended for a printer and thus Print JobStatus Feedback would fail. This explains why SAP cannot automatically use the name ofthe Destination host field as the target address of the printer for sending SNMP queries.You can enter an IP address not only for output devices with access method U but also foraccess method S, L and C. This is useful if the physical printer that will receive printouts fromSAP via the various connection methods is a network printer supporting SNMP and you canaccess it directly via the network.4

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherSNMP uses the UDP protocol and different network ports than printing via access method U(which uses TCP/IP port 515 by default). This is important for system administratorsconnecting network printers behind a firewall to the SAP system. If you want to enable SNMP,you must enable UDP protocol and the necessary network ports.Community NamePassword which is needed for an SNMP query. The default value is ‘public’, and it should notbe changed in the majority of the cases. However, it might occur that for a certain printer thecommunity name has been changed and the SNMP query fails. In this case, you must enterthe correct community name for the printer here.VersionThe SNMP version which is used has default value 1. Do not change this value.Device IndexValue used for addressing or distinguishing several “virtual” SNMP devices within onephysical device. For a printer it is should be set to 1.Checkbox Job StatusThis checkbox (see Fig. 3) will be displayed when the output device is saved, the device typeyou have selected for the output device supports Print Job Status Feedback, and the SAPsystem is on a release that supports Print Job Status Feedback.For new output devices the box is unchecked by default. If you want to enable Print JobStatus Feedback via SNMP for this output device, switch it on and save the changes.Fig.35

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherPrint Job Status Feedback in Output ControllerAn output request for an ABAP list, a SAPscript or a Smart Form has been sent to the printer.To check the status of the output request, open transaction SP01. Note that ‘output request’and ‘(print) job’ are synonyms.In Fig. 4 you see the message “Waiting in host spooler”. This is the initial status of an outputrequest.Fig. 4This status is displayed as long as the SAP spool database has not yet been updated with theresult of an SNMP query. If you refresh the status display, you should see a different statustext after a couple of seconds.Fig. 5 shows message “Job is currently processing”. This means that the SNMP query hasfound the job you sent to the printer to be processing (i.e. printing) in the printer.6

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherFig. 5When an output request has been processed completely, the following message will bedisplayed:Fig. 67

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherIf an output request has stopped processing due to missing paper for example, the followingmessage will be displayed (see Fig. 7):Fig. 7Overview of Print Job Status Feedback (SNMP) messages#MessageExplanation1Job completed successfully (SNMP)Job completely printedwithout errors or warnings2Job completed with warnings (SNMP)Job completely printed withwarnings (it is vendorspecific what is considereda warning)3Job completed with errors (SNMP)Job completely printed,errors occurred (it isvendor-specific what isconsidered an error)4Job was completed (SNMP)Job completely printed5Job was aborted (SNMP)Job was aborted6Job was cancelled (SNMP)Job was cancelled7Job was cancelled at device (SNMP)Job was cancelled atprinter (e.g. with cancel8

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherbutton on front panel)8Job was not found in printer (SNMP)Printer has no informationabout this job: either thejob has not (yet) arrived atthe printer or the printerhas already deleted thePrint Job Status FeedbackRead section Changes inSAP System Configurationfor details.9Job stored in printer for later printout (SNMP)Some printers can storejobs which are only printede.g. when a user types in apassword10Job possibly printed (final state unknown, SNMP)The job was found to beprocessing in the printerpreviously but during thelast SNMP query no PrintJob Status Feedback wasfound.Read section Changes inSAP System Configurationfor details.11Job processing has temporarily stopped (SNMP)The printer has put the jobon hold (no details areknown)12Job is currently printing (SNMP)The job is printing13Job is currently processing (SNMP)The job is being processed14Job is currently interpreting (SNMP)The job is being interpretedby the printer15Job is pending to be printed (SNMP)The job has arrived at theprinter but processing hasnot yet started16Job stopped, resources are not ready (SNMP)The job is put on holdbecause resources (e.g.paper, toner, ink) are notavailable17Job put on hold, device has stopped (SNMP)The job is put on holdbecause the printer hasstopped processing18Printer feedback not available: SNMP failurePrint Job Status Feedbackwas disabled for this printerbecause an error occurredduring the SNMP query.For performance reasons,future jobs for this printerwill be processed normallywithout status feedback.19Job state is unknown (Job not found, SNMP)The job was not found in9

Print Job Status Feedback User GuideSAP NW 7.01 and higherthe printer (and was alsonot found to be presentpreviously)20Job put on hold, device has stopped partly(SNMP)The job is put on holdbecause the printer haspartly stopped processing21Job put on hold while pending (SNMP)The job has been put onhold by the printer before itstarted processing22Printer feedback not available: SNMP networktimeoutThe SNMP network callfailed with TIMEOUT23Printer feedback not available: SNMP programmissingThe ABAP programrequired for job statusfeedback processing is notpresent. This indicates thatthe chosen device typerequires a SAP softwareupdate to support Print JobStatus Feedback. Pleasecheck with the supplier ofthe device type.24Printer feedback not available: internal SNMPerrorError in SNMP library25Printer feedback not available: SNMPincompatible printerThe printer responded inan unexpected manner toan SNMP query from SAP.This typically indicates thatthe connected printer is notcompatible with theselected device type inSPAD.If messages 8 “Job was not found in P