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The Circuit WriterFirst Universalist Unitarian Church of WausauJanuary 2018January 10:30AM Services at UU WausauJanuary 7January 21-God or No God?-By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know ThemThe Rev. Brian MasonThe Rev. Brian Mason“So, what do you actually believe in?” is aquestion I occasionally get after telling someoneI am a Unitarian Universalist. And, if I’mhonest, it’s not the easiest question to answer.Another question I’m asked is, “So, do you allbelieve in God, or what?” which isn’t so easy toanswer either. This Sunday we will considerthese questions and, hopefully, grow our delightwith one of our Tradition’s greatest virtues:diversity.Many of you may be familiar with the saying “Yeshall know them by their fruits.” Summarily, itmeans you can tell a lot about a person by observing their conduct, allegiances, and interests.The great Unitarian theologian James LutherAdams wrote: “The quality of one’s associationsdetermines the character and meaning of one’sexistence.” In other words, “By their groupsshall ye know them.” So much can be gleaned bylearning someone’s associations. And so it goesfor churches as well. Our conversation thismorning will investigate the risks and rewardsof voluntary associations, such as a church, andthe very distinct way we UUs create and sustainthem.January 14The Rev. Brian MasonThis Sunday we will honor the life and legacy ofthe Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We willconsider his commitment to championing civilrights and efforts to expand racial and economicjustice, and how his work continues to inspirejustice movements at work in our society today.January 28-For What It’s WorthRichard OlsonMusic: Jacob and Molly RosemanOne can tell a lot about any individual or groupby examining what they value, whether thesevalues are expressed in words or actions. Oftenour values clash and the discussion of ‘what-isworth-what’ can be divisive. What drives us todraw battle lines and join in the skirmish whenwe aren’t even sure what the issues are?1

From a Window on GrantOffice SpaceI want to thank all of the parents, volunteers,and participants who made our 2017 ChristmasPageant such a marvelous event. Thanks toeveryone who helped sew or buy a costume, decorate, clean up, and gift the church with dozensof hours of rehearsal and commuting time. Yourefforts really paid off! I cannot count the numberof compliments I got about the Children’s Choir,the actors, the costumes, and set. It really wassomething special.Happy New Year! It’s the time of year to takestock of things and get organized. Did you knowthat UU Wausau can help with that? Every UUAcertified member of the church has access totheir own file folder locked safely away in thechurch office. In it, you can store copies ofimportant paperwork such as insurance papers.Many members choose to keep funereal andmemorial service plans and wishes in theirchurch files. Also, if we see you in a local newspaper or newsletter, a clipping is placed in yourfolder.As some of you may recall, our church has beensearching for a Music Director since September2017. I’m delighted to report that our search isfinally over. We will begin 2018 with a MusicDirector!Not sure what, if anything, is in yourchurch folder? Stop by the office andcheck it out. It’s a great opportunityto make sure that all of your information is up-to-date!Margaret Jerz, who many of you know, will serveas our interim Music Director, lasting until theend of June. Margaret brings decades of experience with her, not only as an accomplished pianist, but also as a gifted educator and choraldirector. In the weeks and months to come, beon the lookout for announcements calling forpeople interested in joining an adult choir. Iknow you’re out there! (And I’d love to have achoir ready by Easter.) The choir’s first practicehas already been scheduled for Wednesday,January 24, 6:30-8:00 PM.See you inchurch,AnjiBeginning in fall, our permanent Music Director,Karen Zuidema, will start with us. Like Margaret, Karen brings years of experience as a talented teacher, musician, and choir director. I lookforward to working with Margaret and Karen,and am already excited to see the new directionsour music program will take us.First Universalist Unitarian Church504 Grant Street, Wausau, WI 54403Office Hours: Tue-Thu, 9AM-2PM(715) 842-3697, www.uuwausau.orgFinally, several people have told methat our church has been getting alot of visitors on Sundays. This isgreat news! I bet some of you canremember what it’s like to visit achurch for the first time. For somelucky people, it’s no sweat. But for others, likeme, it’s a time of high anxiety. So, if you happento notice someone you don’t quite recognize, becertain to give them a warm welcome. See if theyneed a quick tour, or an introduction to me orJulie or Anji. Sure, the stained glass is beautiful;the church is an architectural gem; our coffeehour is one of Wausau’s best; but the real assethere is you.Board of Trustees:Board meetings are held at 6:30PM on the thirdTuesday of each month. All are welcome.Staff:Brian Mason, [email protected] Spialek, [email protected] Trombley, Dir. [email protected] faith,Brian2

Religious EducationYouth Choir:Director - Margaret JerzRosemary SpialekRagnar SpialekJosephine KellerJulianna ThursSylvia WrightLucy WrightLilyan CaseyEleanor MasonMaggie SchmidtTessa SchmidtMolly AndersonNya HarringtonGiana HeiserJocey HeiserZoe Briquelet MillerI would like to give one more huge “Thank you!”to the cast and crew of our successful December17th Christmas Pageant:Pageant Cast:Director - Sarah RudolphNarrator - Brian MasonMary - Emily HansonJoseph - Quinn LaFromboisAngel Gabriel - Rosemary SpialekAngel of the Lord - Lilyan CaseyHeavenly Host - Josephine Keller, DelaneyLaFrombois, Kira Pierce, Ruby Fischer,Zoe Briquelet MillerShepherds - Ragnar Spialek, JackTrombley, Brandon WhalleyStar - Lucy WrightMagi - Ben Peterson, Giana Heiser, ScottHansonAnimals - Caiden Heiser, JonathanTrombley, Annie Peterson, Jocey Heiser,Eleanor Mason, Jack Place, Olivia PlankStage Crew - Melissa Heiser, Gina Hanson,Karen Peterson, Lee Ann VenneI’d like to offer a special thank you to Theran &Ben Peterson for building our beautiful set.And of course, I’d like to thank all of the familieswho gave of their time in order to get theirchildren to rehearsals.I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be offering a6 week beginner mediation course startingJanuary 14th. We’ll meet Sunday, 4:30-5:30 pm.Anyone 10 years and up is invited to participate.Sign up by emailing [email protected] or onthe sign-up sheet in the atrium.See you in the new year!JulieSchedule RemindersDecember 24th—No RE classes or nurseryDecember 31st—No RE classes or nurseryJanuary 7th—All regular classes resumeOpen Arms, support for the joys and challenges of raisingchildren is a group which aims to support anyone doing the work ofraising children. We will meet twice a month, the 2nd and 4th Thursday, 9:30-11:00 am. The goal of this group is for each member to growas an individual and as a parent through connection and knowledge.Each meeting will include connection through coffee and time for discussion, and knowledge through a speaker, video, article or presentation. A limited amount of childcare will be available at each meeting and must be reserved. EmailJulie at [email protected] to reserve childcare. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/OpenArmsWausau/3

News for UUs Soup’s On!UU Auction 2017 Family-Friendly Soup Luncheon will be held on Sunday, February 11, 2018,11:45AM in the UU Wausau dining hall. Themenu offers a choice of soups and chilies that arechild-friendly and vegetarian. The soup will beaccompanied by assorted breads, crackers,cookies, and fellowship. Hosted by Kathi Hupyand Sharon Faville, with assistance from anarmy of chefs and bakers including (but notlimited to): Macia Anderson, CarolBronston, Orval Quamme, Sally Decker,Linda Haney, Margaret Jerz, Mary BethMaas, Suzan Miller, Laura Syring, JeannieRussell, LeeAnn Venne, and Anna Gresch.If you didn’t get a chance to sign up at the UUAuction, please do so now! Adults 10.00, children over 6, 5.00, and a maximum family cost 25.00. All proceeds go to the UU Wausau operating budget. Women’s Book PackBook Pack has decided to disband after thirtyyears of stimulating discussions. It began in the1990s when Anne Jefferson announced thatshe wanted to discuss a particular book withwomen of the congregation.So many women of the church showed up todiscuss the book, we broke up into threegroups. Over the years the groups shrunk to onegroup.Those remaining decided they will get togetheron a rare occasion simply to keep in touch. [email protected]? Social Reformer? Minimalist?Who was that tetchy 19th Century manand why does he matter more than everin this century? Learn something new,add to the discussion, leave inspired.One 90-minute session, 10am, Jan 17.Sign up in the atrium.Facilitated by Richard Olson. January Community Focus CollectionOur January 21 CFC will benefit local NGO GoodNews Project. While GNP serves Wausau withtheir Help Closet for medical equipment lendingand GNP Electronics Recycling this collectionwill be focused on Hurricane Relief for theisland of Dominica where their teams havebuilt homes for the homeless for almost 35 years.GNP will be sending a crew to Dominica in Aprilto start with the rebuilding effort. A full crew ofUSA volunteers has already signed up for thistrip. A video taken during their last trip is available here: Good News Project/Island of Dominica.Their first focus will be to “help those who havehelped so many,” replacing the lost roofs of theGNP local island volunteers. They are in need ofequipment and tools as the GNP storage shed wasa total loss and equipment was looted.Please consider making a donation any time during the month of January. Just make a note onyour envelope or check for GNP Collection. Martin Luther King Jr. BanquetCelebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. andhis legacy of social change through non-violencewith N.A.O.M.I. Tickets are 20 each andinclude a soul food dinner catered by UrbanStreet Bistro as well as an evening of entertainment. The dinner takes place on January 15,2018 at 5:30pm at the YWCA in Wausau. Tickets can be purchased at the YWCA or by contacting [email protected] While you are atit, consider purchasing a ticket for someone whocannot afford one. If you cannot afford a ticket,please contact N.A.O.M.I. for assistance.4

News for UUs Poetry Reading The 12 Days of ValentinesA tisket, a tasket, what’s inside the Valentine’sbasket?Share love on 12 days leading up to Valentine’sDay by putting a useful or thoughtful item (oneper day, suggested list available) in a basketwhich we provide. We will find a good recipientfor your basket through local social service agencies and deliver them in time for Valentine’s Day.Share some cheer in the “dead of winter” to warmthe heart of another as well as your own.Sign out a basket with a list of suggested items atchurch in late January. Return your filled basketon Sunday, February 11.Sponsored by the Ari Schmidt Fund for Bus,Bail, and PizzaThe Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, Mid-CentralRegion, is hosting its quarterly poetry reading inYawkey Hall on Sunday, January 21, at 2pm.Kurth Luchs, Stevens Point, will be the featured poet, followed by an open mic. You are allcordially invited to join us!. Crude Beyond BeliefJoin us in Yawkey Hall on Thursday, January25th, at 6:30pm for Movies with Meaning.This month’s film is titled Crude Beyond BeliefA farmer, Tom Franz takes us on a tour ofKern County’s oil fields. You will see how oildrilling and fracking have nearly destroyed theland and air quality in central California. Theorganizations of Women’s International Leaguefor Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and Fresans vsFracking have joined together to protect theenvironment.This is a timely video because of the new statelaws rescinding the mining moratorium and therelaxation of air quality control in Wisconsin.Free and open to the public. Caring Ministry Pizza PartyThe Caring Ministry delivers meals to membersin need, provides members with transportationto and from church when needed, and assistswith memorials.If you would like to become involved, we inviteyou to an informational pizza dinner onJanuary 16, at 5:30 pmin the dining room. Pleaseconsider offering your timeto help others through theUU Caring Ministry.Please RSVP to KarenPeterson [email protected] Note from the Endowment CommitteeAs we mourn the recent passing of NancyFrawley and reflect upon her energetic spiritalong with her many decades of involvement andservice to First UU, we also want to express our appreciation for her generous bequest. In 2016, Nancy wrote the following reason for being a memberof the Red Granite Legacy Society (i.e., for including UU Wausau in her will):"As part of the Legacy Society, I hope theUU Church will always be open to andrespectful of people with differing beliefs —religious, political, social."Those few words just about say it all. ThanksNancy! Rest in the knowledge that your bequestwill help ensure that your religious values continueto thrive in this community. You will be missed.Endowment Committee(Tom Eberlein, Dan Schaut, Jerry Phelan,Carol Bronston, Tim Peterson)5

The Board TableSo begins another new year to add to our “NewBeginnings”. At our December 19, 2017 Board ofTrustee meeting we said goodbye to Nan Cedarwho so capably served on the board for 6 years.Her enthusiasm, hard work and sense of humorwill be missed. We also are going to miss KathiHupy who always spoke her mind and made usask tough question and justify our answers. Herinsight will be missed. Best part is that both ofthese women will do other great work for ourcommunity. We look forward to those who arejoining us in January: Sheryl Hemp, HeatherBusig and Karen Monarski. All of us on theboard welcome them and look forward to a