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PARENT LINK : JANUARY 201712 January 2017Dear Parents & GuardiansHappy New Year! A new year brings new opportunities and aspirations, and I hope it will bring youand your family peace, joy and good health!On behalf of our KC Family, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to the new members of ourFamily – the parents and guardians of our new Sec 1 girls. We have been blessed with a fulfillingtwo years at our temporary home in Geylang Bahru Lane (also known fondly to us as GBL), whichwe bid farewell to in December 2016. With God's Grace, our home at GBL had allowed us tocontinue to grow and flourish as a KC family as we co-created many wonderful memories of ourtime at GBL.We look forward to writing the next chapter of our KC legacy at our new and upgraded premises atMarine Terrace, site of the school for the past 28 years and witness to the innumerable KCsuccess stories. As the school moves into the future to unleash the potential these new placesafforded us in creating a rich and vibrant KC experience for the girls, we are thankful for thesebrand-new facilities nestled in our nostalgic memories of the former premises. It is our heartfeltdesire that it is here where the KC girl will continue to bloom where she is planted, learning andgrowing under the tender ministrations of the KC staff, as one big KC family. We are confident thatthis will lay the foundation for reimagining possibilities for the KC family, bringing us into the nextlap of the school’s growth, amidst a community of care and excellence. We ask God for Hiscontinual blessings and are confident that together with your support, we will continue to nurturethe KC girl, giving us a renewed hope for the future; that the best is yet to come.At CHIJ Katong Convent, we believe in working closely with parents to give our girls a strong moralcompass as they navigate the changes and uncertainties around them, and to develop theirconfidence and courage to pursue their dreams and create their own future. Parent Link is ourmonthly newsletter where we communicate with parents our key school programmes and events,and celebrate the success of our girls. In our efforts to save more trees, we will continue to publishsubsequent issues of Parent Link on the school website and print hard copies only on request byparents. Hence, do indicate your request in the attached yellow reply slip.We hope you will find the information useful. We strongly encourage you to join our ParentTeacher Support Group and be part of our team to create even more opportunities for our girls toexplore, discover and develop their talents to enrich their school experience in KC.1

Farewell and WelcomeWe begin 2017 by extending our heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to the following teachers and admin staffwho have left Katong Convent and wish them all the best in their new endeavours:- Ms Chua YiJun who has joined Hougang Secondary School- Ms Michele Zoe Sim Yin Shan who has joined Canossa Convent Primary School- Ms Chang Nai Mei who has joined Greenridge Secondary SchoolWe would like to extend our warm welcome to Mr George Cheah, our VP (Admin). Having joinedMOE from 2005, Mr Cheah comes to us with a wealth of experience. He was VP at two primaryschools and had served in two divisions in MOE HQ for several years – Schools and HumanResource. Mr Cheah was from the Singapore Armed Forces prior to MOE. We look forward to hisleadership and working with him.We also welcome the following teachers and admin staff to Katong Convent :Ms Lai Mok Ern EL / MusicMs Lee Shu Min CL / C LitMs Patrine Chua Chee Huang FCE / ELMs Sarah Phua Yiran Music / DramaMs Tan Chew Ngee EL /SSMr Mohamad Ayub bin Daud Khan Operations ManagerWe wish them a very fruitful stay at KC.Appointment of Key PersonnelWe are happy to announce the appointment of the following :Ms YinMei Lenden as Subject Head / LiteratureMs Norazian bte Yahya as Subject Head / Malay LanguageMr Owen Tan Gan’ En as Subject Head / Student LeadershipMr Tan Swee Hong as Senior Teacher/ Social StudiesHomecoming WeekAn exciting day dawned on 3 January 2017, as CHIJ Katong Convent came home to MarineTerrace. As students entered the gates of the school, they were welcomed by student leaders andstaff alike. The air was thick with the anticipation of celebrating KC's return with memorableactivities, many of which had been suggested by students, to earmark the occasion.To mark the momentous occasion, the graduating cohort participated in a Homecoming Marcharound the school into the school gates, with the school leaders. This was an even more nostalgicmoment, as this graduating cohort had been the last batch to have studied in these very premises,which accounted for the abundant smiles of a joyous homecoming.This was followed by a Homecoming Prayer, where the priests presided over the blessings for theschool and the KC family, before moving on to bless the school premises. Some past and currentKCians reflected on what the KC heritage and experience means to them. Students then madegood use of the long recess to catch up with their friends and all were given a rare treat of a cup(or two) of Milo from the nostalgic green Milo van.2

There was a general buzz in the air, as everyone explored nooks and crannies of our new home,and before school ended on Day 1, our school leaders and student leaders literally lay the roots ofa symbol of our heritage, the Katong tree, as part of a tree-planting ceremony. The KC family borewitness to this historic moment, as evidenced by the cheers and intent gazes from all levels of theschool building overlooking the site of the sapling. This is a symbolic reminder for our KC girls tobloom where they are planted.Homecoming took on another level of meaning when, on Friday, Secondary One students wereofficially welcomed into the KC family. School leaders and KC staff officially presented the newestmembers of the KC family with their school badges. This truly marked the end of a wonderfulweek celebrating that KC was, indeed, home.Beginning-of-year Eucharistic CelebrationAs the school commemorates new beginnings back home in Marine Terrace, we ended the firstweek of school with a Eucharistic celebration. In conjunction with the final week of the Christmasseason in the Catholic liturgical calendar, Rev Fr Eugene Vaz reminded us to recall ourcommitment to make good decisions to give our lives by loving and serving each other as oneunited KC Family. Starting afresh in this 2017, may we continue to live out our true calling: to befaithful and compassionate to our neighbour each day.Co-Curricular Activities Fair and Meet-the-Parents SessionThe Secondary One Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Fair and Meet-the-Parents Session (MTPS)took place on Saturday 7 January 2017. The morning programme started with a showcase by oneof our newest Performing Arts CCAs, the Concert Band. We shared with the Secondary Onestudents’ parents the school’s academic programme and provision of a holistic education for theirdaughters. The Head of Department for CCA and PE, Ms Priscilla Humphries, also briefed theparents about the CCAs in KC, and went in-depth about LEAPS 2.0, the MOE grading system forCCAs.This was followed by a brief but useful Meet-the-Parents Session with the Form Teachers of theSecondary One classes. Parents’ queries on a number of school matters such as academicexpectations were addressed, and many parents also expressed their appreciation of theinformation that was shared during the morning programme.After that, parents and Secondary One students were invited to tour the CCA booths which ourstudents had prepared, to allow them to find out more about the various CCAs on offer. CCAleaders from all the CCAs were on hand to assist parents with their queries, and teachers andstudents at the booths were also ready with more information about their CCAs.Our students were very excited about showing the Secondary One students and their parents thenew facilities that the school had built for CCAs as part of the recent rebuilding project. Some ofthese CCA facilities include a specially outfitted Dance Studio, a Black Box for drama, and a roomwith acoustics catered for the Chinese Orchestra. The spacious Indoor Sports Hall building alsoprovided our Sports and Games CCAs with ample training grounds and special equipment forfloorball, badminton and netball.Many parents gave positive feedback that the sharings by school leader and key personnel wereinformative and useful. They also enjoyed the interaction with the form teachers and the tour ofthe CCA booths, with many complementing our students on their enthusiasm for and knowledge of3

their CCAs. Both the Secondary One students and their parents especially enjoyed the hands-onsessions and mini performances conducted by the Sports and Games and the Performing ArtsCCAs. We would like to thank all parents of the Secondary One students for joining us on thatday.2016 End-of-Year Work Attachment ProgrammeIn November 2016, 42 Secondary 3 students participated in a one-week work attachmentprogramme across 11 organisations namely, the Bone Marrow Donner Programme, CiscoSystems (USA), Eden Children’s Centre, Global Tots Preschool, Graphic World Pte Ltd,gsmprjct création, Ren Ci Hospital, Swarovski Singapore Trading, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia,Wesley Seniors Activity Centre and Wong Partnership.The Work Attachment Programme sought to enhance students' awareness of themselves and theworld of work, instil appropriate work attitudes and values, and create students' awareness of therelationship between their career interests and their strengths. From shadowing physiotherapiststo understanding more about how to run an art gallery, the students truly gained invaluableexperiences. Here are some reflections by the students:“After the work attachment, I have learnt there are numerous jobs in this field of technology,varying from coding to talent acquisition. This has helped me realise that I should explore moreoptions instead of being fixated on just one possible career path.”Juhi Sabhnani, Sec 3/4, attached to Cisco Systems (USA)“Helping the elderly to stretch was never easy. However, it felt good to be able to relieve a pain intheir body. I never thought that seeing a smile on each of their faces would make me so happy.Going for this work attachment has helped me to understand the medical field much better,especially because I want to work there. I had always thought that I wouldn’t want to work with theelderly, however I am now more open to the possibilities of working with them. I greatly enjoyedthe whole experience and am deeply thankful for it.”Bethelyn Koh, Sec 3/2, attached to Ren Ci Hospital (Nursing Home)“Before the work attachment, I used to think that the working life in a hotel must be pretty goodbecause you get to eat the food there but now I think the work is tough I had found it difficult toput myself in the shoes of my working parents before, but now I can empathise with them becausethe soles of my feet ached throughout the fifth day.”See Kai Ning, Sec 3/5, attached to the Ritz-Carlton Millenia“I would share with other KC girls that it doesn't matter how hard the job is, what matters is that youare committed to doing the task and believe that you can do it.”Nur Deanna Binte Sha'ari, Sec 3/7, attached to Global Tots PreschoolFeedback from the organisations was very positive and encouraging. Many shared that ourstudents were willing to learn and performed their given tasks very well. Our girls were respectful,cheerful and some took the initiative to offer help to working on new tasks during the attachment.The organisations look forward to partnering the school in a similar work attachment programme in2017.Some Key Programmes in 2017EL Reading ProgrammeNumerous research studies have demonstrated that extensive reading, especially reading forpleasure, in the advent of the technological age has gone on a dramatic decline. At KC, the4

English department firmly believes in developing articulate communicators with a passion for theEnglish Language and Literature in English and we hope to provide a conducive languageenvironment for nurturing the receptive skills of reading, listening, and viewing and the productiveskills of writing, speaking and representing to groom passionate and proficient learners whoappreciate the language and use it effectively. This is in line with the school’s identified focus ondeveloping students’ edge in communicative, performing and visual arts, as an effectivecommunicator who is well-versed in the arts and current affairs.With our department’s vision and mission in mind, we wish to address and arrest the decline inreading through active promotion of extensive reading, especially reading for pleasure through themore extensive use of the school library resources in crafting and implementing a sustainablereading programme.We hope to build on our strategic opportunity of harnessing the possibilities of our new schoollibrary to nurture a school environment that encourages reading for pleasure through initiativessuch as a Lower Secondary Reading Campaign involving reading books from the newlyrefurbished school library, working closely to bring in exciting talks by writers and more, as well asthrough regular sharing of teachers' favourite books as part of the department’s existing platform,English Today, where teachers share good use of the English language with the school populationduring the morning assembly.Active publicity will be an ongoing feature to remind students of the value of reading and borrowingbooks, as well as to let them know about upcoming events, to ensure maximum benefit andimpact.Teachers will serve as facilitators to recommend appropriate books and activities for the studentsbased on their interests as well as perceived ability level through interactions in the EL classroom.It is our hope that through cultivating the students’ interest in reading extensively and developingtheir knowledge of the world and diff