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Personal Financial PlanningConfidential Client Financial ProfileClient Name:Date:“Not  everything  that  can  be  counted  counts,  and  not  everything  that  counts  can  be  counted.”–Albert Einstein [1879 – .Purpose.

Document InventoryThank you for your interest in Blue Ocean Global Wealth. Please prepare the following documents foryour investment, risk management, cash flow, and retirement analysis. We seek a comprehensive pictureof your financial situation and life goals as the first step of our financial planning process.ASSETS Investment account statements (brokerage accounts, mutual funds, and annuities) Retirement account statements (401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA, and Roth IRA) Trust investment account statements Pension  Plan,  Employee  Stock  Options,  Stock  Appreciation  Rights  (SAR’s),  Restricted  Stock  Units  (RSU’s)and other Incentive Plan compensation statements Recent savings and checking account statements Prepaid college tuition plan, 529 college saving plans, Coverdell Education Savings accounts (ESA), andcustodial accounts (UTMA/ UGMA)LIABILITIES Mortgage statements Credit Card statements Auto Loan statements Student Loan statementsINSURANCE POLICIES Life Insurance coverage Disability Insurance coverage Long Term Care Insurance coverage Auto and Home Insurance coverage Personal Umbrella Liability Policy coverageINCOME Recent pay statements Recent tax returns (Federal and State) Most recent Social Security statements (From Social Security Administration) Pension Benefit statementsESTATE Copies of estate documents (wills, living wills/health care directive, powers-of-attorney for finances andhealth care, and trusts)You may complete the remaining pages of this client profile. Alternatively, you may submit theaforementioned documents and the Blue Ocean Global Wealth team will complete the client profile onyour behalf.Confidential Note.We hold this information in strict confidence and do not share with any outside parties. All information on page 1 must be obtained as requiredby Federal Law and the USA Patriot Act. Blue Ocean Global Wealth must obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person whoopens an account2

Personal InformationClient 1Client 2Legal NameLegal NamePreferred NamePreferred NameDate of birthGender (M / F)Date of birthSocial Security NumberGender (M / F)Social Security NumberDriver’s License NumberStateDriver’s License NumberStateHome PhoneHome FaxHome PhoneHome FaxMobile PhoneMobile PhoneEmail AddressEmail AddressResidential AddressResidential ay-at-home parentBusiness ownerNot currently employedRetiredEmployedStay-at-home parentOccupation and TitleOccupation and TitleEmployerEmployerEmployer AddressEmployer AddressBusiness ownerNot currently employedStateZipStateZipBusiness PhoneBusiness FaxBusiness PhoneBusiness FaxWork Email AddressWork Email AddressPreferred Method of Contact:Preferred Method of Contact:3

Children, Grandchildren and Other DependentsNameGenderDate of birth/ageRelationshipNameGenderDate of birth/ageRelationshipNameGenderDate of birth/ageRelationshipFinancial InformationFinancial AssetsThe location and composition of your financial assets are core to the Blue Ocean Global Wealth financialplanning process.Please provide copies of your most recent statements.Do you have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?YesNOList all 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Checking, Savings and CDsNameValueAccount TypeOwneri.e. Bank of Omaha 10,000CheckingCharlieReal EstateFair Market Value Mortgage Balance Monthly Payment Interest %BeneficiaryWarrenPropriety TaxIncomeKnowing your current and future income is the foundation for determining the capacity by which youcan save, spend, invest, and protect what is important to you.Please provide a copy of your most recent pay statement(s), annual Social Security statement(s), andpension benefit statement(s). If statements are unavailable, please list below (salary, consulting,alimony/child support, or rental income):SourceAmountClient Namei.e. SalarySee Pay StubKarolina4

LiabilitiesPrioritizing debt management is an integral part of the Blue Ocean Global Wealth financial planningprocess. Effectively managing liabilities improves cash flow, directly enhancing your ability to save andinvest.Please provide copies of your most recent statements. If statements are unavailable, please list belowlist Credit Cards, Line of Credits, Student Loans and Auto LoansLiability NameBalance Due Client Interest % MonthlyIncreasing SteadyDecreasing(1 or 2)PaymentBalanceBalanceBalancei.e. Sallie Mae 23,29213.25% 242InsuranceProtection planning is a critical component of the Blue Ocean Global Wealth financial planning process.Insurance helps prepare our clients for the unexpected. To help understand your protection needs, wewill evaluate your current coverage. Please provide a copy of your auto, home owner's or renter'sinsurance declaration of coverageLife InsuranceInsuredi.e. KatherineBeneficiaryDisabilityInsuredi.e. MarcusCompanyTypeNew York LifeTermCompanyWaiting PeriodBenefit PeriodBenefit AmountPremiumPrudential90 daysAge 65 1500/ mo 58/ moWilliamLong Term CareInsuredCompany Waiting Periodi.e. Elizabeth John Hancock90 daysBenefit Period4 YearsAmountPremium500KBenefit Amount 4000/ yr 600/ yrHome Care100%Premium 2100/ yrEmployee BenefitsHelping our clients understand and utilize their employee benefits is part of the Blue Ocean GlobalWealth financial planning progress. Please provide copies of the following: Handbook or summary of employee benefits Benefits enrollment confirmation statement Summary plan description for retirement plans or other benefits5

ExpensesGaining insight into monthly cash flow provides our clients with clarity and direction. The Blue OceanGlobal Wealth financial planning process empowers our clients to take action and helps them achievetheir life goals.Please provide a summary of your monthly expenses. Listed below are some sample items you mightwant to include. Feel free to prepare your expenses in a way that is most appropriate for your situation.Current amountMonthly AnnualAlimony & Child Support PaymentsAuto: Gas / OilAuto: InsuranceAuto: RepairAuto: Parking / TollsBooks, Periodicals, & SubscriptionsCharitable GivingChild Expenses: Tuition & School FeesChild Expenses: Extracurricular ActivitiesChild Expenses: Child CareClothingDining OutEntertainment and RecreationGifts to Family & FriendsGroceriesHomeowner’s Association Fees/Condo FeesHomeowner’s Insurance/Renter’s InsuranceHome Maintenance & RepairHouse KeepingLandscaping/YardMedical Expense: Co-pays & DeductiblesMedical Expense: Insurance PremiumMedical Expense: PrescriptionsMembership dues: RecreationMembership dues: Professional AssociationsMiscellaneousPersonal Care (Hair, Nails, Dry Cleaning)Pet ExpensesRent/lease Payment (not mortgage)Utilities: Cable TV & InternetUtilities: Gas & ElectricUtilities: Telephone & Cell PhoneUtilities: Water & SewerUtilities: Trash RemovalVacation and Personal Travel(other)6

Other Professionals1. Professional Advisor: CPANamePractice NameEmail AddressBusiness Phone #Street AddressStateZip CodeLength of Relationship in years2. Professional Advisor: Insurance AgentNamePractice NameEmail AddressBusiness Phone #Street AddressStateZip CodeLength of Relationship in years3. Professional Advisor: Estate Planning AttorneyNamePractice NameEmail AddressBusiness Phone #Street AddressStateZip CodeLength of Relationship in years4. Professional Advisor: OtherNamePractice NameEmail AddressBusiness Phone #Street AddressStateLength of Relationship in years7Zip Code