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Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)Office of the Deputy Chief Financial OfficerProcure-to-PayModerator: Mark Easton, Deputy Chief Financial OfficerPanelistsDAI: Greg Little, OUSD(C) Business Integration OfficeDEAMS: Todd Baker, Air ForceSABRS: Copeland Selester, USMC


Problem Statement Congress has consistently criticized DoD forits inability to produce auditable financialstatements - the largest Federal Agency unable to produceauditable statements DAI supports two major solutions for auditreadiness:–Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) – drivesprocess standardization, creation of internal controls, and a supportframework that is system agnostic–Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – drive integratedfinancial management processes and deliver full visibility to financialdata, with key reporting and reconciliation tools to support auditsFY 2008 NDAA, 110th CongressSec. 1005. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTTRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE FOR THEDEFENSE AGENCIES(b) Purposes – The purpose of the initiative shallbe as follows.(1) To eliminate or replace financialmanagement systems of the DefenseAgencies that are duplicative, redundant, orfail to comply with the standards set forth insubsection (d).(2) To transform the budget, finance, andaccounting operations of the DefenseAgencies to enable the Defense Agencies toachieve accurate and reliable financialinformation needed to support financialaccountability and effective and efficientmanagement decisions.Mission:To transform the budget, finance, and accounting operations of the Defense Agencies toachieve accurate and reliable financial information in support of financial accountabilityand effective and efficient decision making throughout the Defense Agencies in supportof the missions of the warfighter. Common business processes are: procure to pay; orderto cash; acquire to retire; budget to report; cost accounting; time and labor. Fulldeployment capability will include budget formulation; grants financial management; andre-sale accounting.3

DAI Strategic Alignment Capability Heat MapStrategic InitiativeCapabilitiesNext StepUniverse ofTransactions 98% of DAI general ledger details are reconciled tothe Unadjusted Trial Balance Feeder recons and financial statement reconsavailable Automate the QDD as interface that canbe sent via GEXFBWT – CashAccountability Deployed 7 Agencies on direct treasury disbursing(DTD) Schedule remaining Agencies to DTD Foreign currency DTD will be availablesummer timeframeSFIS/SLOA/USSGLCompliance DAI is over 95% compliant with SFIS/USSGL SLOA complaint (P2P and O2C) Finish JITC assessment and reviewresults for any SCRsProperty Implemented DPAS at 5 Agencies Tririga implementationAudit/IT Controls DAI received a qualified SSAE-16 opinion with lowrisk findings Implemented GRC Continue audits Further roll out GRC capabilitiesJournal Vouchers 3% of journal vouchers input into DAI Tracking recommendations from JVworking groupCost Management Implemented cost management structure for all DAIagencies DCMO is creating cost managementframework. May impact DAI AgenciesPPBE Standards Implemented P2P handshakes 1, 3, 4, 7 & 8 Implemented budget formulation at 4 Agencies Further capabilities around additionalappropriations and exhibits P2P HS 2 Deploy additional AgenciesFunds Distribution Complies with USSGL funds distribution posting logic EFDAlignedModerately AlignedNot Aligned4

DAI CapabilitiesCost Management (CM) (Cost Accounting)Legend:BEA E2E Business ProcessesIncrement 2 Business ProcessesDelivered capabilitiesIncrement 2 capabilities Collection of all costs such as: Activity Based Cost, Job OrderNumber, Process costs and Standard costs Allocation of indirect costs DWCF Update general ledger Update reportsEnter funds from TreasuryAllocate funds to organizationsDWFCUpdate general ledgerUpdate reportsCostAccountingBudgettoReportBudget Formulation(additional B2R processcapabilities) Develop budget for out year andPOM Support forecasting, and “whatif” scenarios Generate required documentsBudgetFormulationProposal to Reward (P2R) (Grants Financial Management)Award a GrantApportion and allotment fundingTrack and close grantOversight and reportingRe-Sales Accounting (DeCA Unique) Set up agreementsCollect cost and calculate billDWCFBilling and collectionUpdate general ledgerUpdate reportsProcure to Pay (P2P)Budget to Report (B2R) Order to Cash (O2C)OrdertoCashInitialInitialGeneralFundGeneral FundWorkingCapabilityand CapitalofDefense WorkingRevolvingCapital anagementNon-Appropriated Fund FFMIA requirementsPerform accounting for the DECA inventory and any otherAgencies that have inventory for saleRe-saleAccountingTime&LaborProcuretoPay Create commitmentCreate obligationPerform receipt & acceptanceDWCFUpdate general ledgerUpdate reportsAdvanced Procurement SystemContract Lifecycle ManagementDirect Treasury DisbursingAcquire to Retire (A2R)AcquiretoRetire Define assetDetermine in service dateDetermine depreciationUpdate general ledgerCIP ReportingUpdate reportsRetirement of assetHire to Retire (H2R) (Time and Labor only) Automated individual or timekeeper inputinto system Time allocation for Cost Accounting purposes Automatic generation of time cards Automated Absence Management5

We have come a long way!6


DAI – Shared Service Provider8

DAI User Growth326Users40,000 UsersDeployed to 20 Agencies9

DAI Procure to Pay Handshakes10

DAI P2P HS OverviewCWSGEXDAIDAI HandshakesStartGEX picks upPRDS file fromDAI PRDSOutboundDirectoryReceives PRDSfile into ContractWriting SystemDAI Requisitionerenters PRGEX executesPRDS VALDrafts Contractusing PRDSrequisitionDAI Funds CertifierApproves/SignsRequisitionGEX Routes PRDSfile to ContractWriting Systembased IssuingOfficeReleases ContractDAI Workflowautomaticallygenerates PRDSfileGEX executesPDS ValDAI Receives PDSfile and recordswithin PDSSummaryPass orFail PDS Val?Sends Failure backto CWSDAI Automaticallyrecords Award orModificationGEX Dual RoutesPDS File to EDAand DAIEndGreen: Manual ProcessGray: Handshake 1Blue: Handshake 3 & 4 (Note: DAI is both Accounting andEntitlement system; thus accomplishing both HS3 and HS411

Agencies using P2P HandshakesHandshake 1 - PRDSHandshake 3/4 - PDS14 Agencies live on PDS10 Agencies live on PRDSAgencyGo-LiveAgencyGo-LiveDCMAJuly 2016DCMAJuly 2016DHRAOct 2016MDAJuly 2016DHRAOct 2016DSCAOct 2016DSCAOct 2016DODIGJan 2017DODEAFeb 2017DODEAFeb 2017DSSApril 2017DSSApril 2017DODIGMay 2017WHSOct 2017DAUJuly 2017DTRAOct 2017DARPAOct 2017DTSAJan 2018OEAJan 2018WHSOct 2017DAUJan 2018DMEANov 2017DTSAJan 2018OEAJan 201812

Handshake 1 Validation Results FY18AgencyPassFailTotal 8813

Handshake 3 & 4 Obligation RecordingResults FY18AgencyAwardsAutomaticAwards PartialAwards ManualModsAutomaticMods PartialMods ManualTotal 1Total2971833386161118414


DEAMS Program OverviewSystem Overview DEAMS is the Air Force’s target accounting and finance system supporting: Air Force General Fund and Transportation Working Capital (TWCF) Funds control, Execution & Reporting Joint Commands, with Air Force as executive agent or supporting host base DFAS services provided to Air Force customersDEAMS serves as target core financial & reporting system for all other functional systemdevelopment with financial or mixed financial transactional dataDEAMS is currently deployed to 82% of the expected 16,600 users 146 Active Duty, Reserve, and Air National Guard sites, and DFAS sites All MAJCOMS have users processing on DEAMS DEAMS currently deployed to 146 InstallationsOutside Organizations using DEAMS: HQ USCENTCOM AFCENT - AOR HQ USSOCOM HQ USSTRATCOM HQ USTRANSCOM DFAS-Limestone (LI) DFAS-Rome (RO) DFAS-Japan (JA)Integrity - Service - Excellence16

Moving Forward Deploy to USAFE - Jun 18 Software upgrade to Oracle R12 - Oct 18 Release remaining functionality and upgrades - 2019 FOT&E - late 2019 Deploy to AFMC and AFSPC with Inc 1 functionality - 2020 Requesting accelerated deployment scheduleIntegrity - Service - Excellence17

DEAMS Benefits Air Force’s only SFIS and USSGL compliant Financial System Consolidates 3 suites of AF/DFAS legacy systems Modern commercial software and hardware hosting Full disaster recovery capability Web based, CAC single sign on access Visibility of end-to-end processing, as well as supportingdocumentation, postures DEAMS as auditable financial solutionfor the Air Force Air Force IPA and audit coach identified DEAMS as critical to support audit Adapted to Air Force unique business processes, policy andmanning SAF/FM’s integration tool with partner and stakeholder ITdevelopment programsIntegrity - Service - Excellence

DEAMS P2P Handshakes HS1: Create Purchase Request PRDS-O-001 Interface to CWS HS2: Accounting Funds Check (Pre-Award) Future capability HS3/4: Electronically Record Contracts to Accounting andEntitlement Systems PDS-I-001 Interface from CWSIntegrity - Service - Excellence19

PRDS/PDS InterfacesDEAMS OUTBOUND CHANNELSIntegrity - Service - Excellence20

PRDS/PDS InterfacesDEAMS INBOUND CHANNELSIntegrity - Service - Excellence21


SV1 USMC Standard Accounting and Budgeting System

Current USMC P2P Handshake 1SFIS/SLOA/SLOACentralized Service (SCS)Contract WritingSystem2SABRSPRDS XMLBase/Amendment6PRBuilderApplication5KO Accepts Purchase RequestAcknowledgement (SuccessLOA/SLOA/Failure ERR Code)14PR Builder UI(ETL/RoutingWEB Methods)Acknowledgement(Success LOA/SLOA/Failure ERR CODE)3Approved Purchase Request4After a Need is Identified/Bone fide, Requirement Defined, Reconciled against the Federal Supply System, CostEstimated, Funds Certification (Purpose/Time/Amount-PTA) against a Requisition/Financial Plan, An ApprovedPurchase Request is Forwarded for and Accounting System Funds Check and LOA/SLOA Validation Via the PRB UI.The PR Builder Universal Interface (PRB UI) Routes PR UDF to USMC Standard Accounting and BudgetingSystem (SABRS) for Funds Check or Edit Failures returns an Error Code.The SABRS Performs the Funds Check, Validates/Create LOA/SLOA and Records a Commitment (GLAC4710)and Returns the LOA/SLOA to the PRB UI.The PR Builder Universal Interface (PRB UI) Routes LOA/SLOA back to PRBuilder for Acceptance/Approval bythe Contract Manager.5The Contract Manager Accepts the Purchase Request which is then routed to SPS via the PRB UI.6The PRB UI routes the Purchase Request to the Standard Procurement System (SPS) Further contractingprocessing.123

Future USMC P2P Handshake 2USMC SPS ContractWriting SystemsSFIS/SLOA/SLOACentralized Service (SCS)ExternalContractWriting SystemsSABRSSCS ResponseSCS Request1a1Entitlement SystemsCAPS-W/One-PayMOCASContract Award/Modifications2PRB and PRB UI(WEB Methods)Contract Award/ModificationAcknowledgementContract Award/Modification11a22a342a34Contract PRE-Award/PRE-Modification xProcurement Data to SABRS via the Universal Interface (includes PIID,CLIN, PSC, LOA/SLOA/SLOA/SLOA).DOD Contract Writing System send Contract PRE-Award/PRE-Modification Data to PRB UI via the Global Exchange(includes PIID, CLIN, PSC, LOA/SLOA/SLOA/SLOA).PRBuilder Universal Interface will accept PDS/PDS xPROC XML from GEX. The PRE-AWARD Data with becompared to the Original PR Data Validated by the Accounting System. The Update the PR Data to Match thePRE-Award Data. The Updated PR Data is Sent to the Accounting system for FUNDS Check and CommitmentAdjustments.The Updated PR Data is Sent to the Accounting system SABRS Performs the Funds Check, Validates/CreateLOA/SLOA and Records a Commitment adjustments (GLAC4710) and Returns the LOA/SLOA to the PRB UI.SABRS Acknowledgement back to PRB UI. Awaiting Handshake 3 (HS3).Currently, SABRS forwards Contract Award/Mods (HS4) Data to CAPS-W/OnePay) for further action.Interface Sunset FY 2019

Interim USMC P2P Handshake 3Handshake 3 (HS-3) Contract Award/ModificationUSMC SPS ContractWriting SystemsSFIS/SLOA/SLOACentralized Service (SCS)ExternalContractWriting SystemsSABRSSCS ResponseSCS Request1a1Contract Award/ModificationsEntitlement SystemsCAPS-W/One-PayMOCAS2PRB and PRB UI(WEB Methods)Contract Award/ModificationAcknowledgementContract Award/Modification11a22a342a34USMC/Navy SPS Servers Send Contract FULL Award/Modification Data to SABRS via the Universal Interface(includes PIID, CLIN, PSC, LOA/SLOA/SLOA/SLOA).DOD Contract Writing System send Contract FULL Award/Modification Data to PRB UI via the Global Exchange(includes PIID, CLIN, PSC, LOA/SLOA/SLOA/SLOA).PRBuilder Universal Interface will accept xPROC XML from GEX Update the PRB info and Update SABRS (OBL).SABRS ACK (Later).SABRS the FULL Accepts the FULL the Contract Data file. SABRS extracts the current required Contract dataelements required post a updated Commitment and a new Obligation(USSGL 4801).SABRS Acknowledgement back to PRB UI (This ACK will be added to SABRS Later From SABRS to GEX via PRB UI).Currently, SABRS forwards Contract Award/Mods Handshake 4 (HS4) Data to CAPS-W/OnePay) for furtheraction. Interface Sunset FY 2019