You And Your Guests Are The Unfortunate Inmates And Staff .

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You and your guests are the unfortunate inmates and staff at PenderghastAsylum, a facility for the criminally insane that has been turned over to thetender care of Dr. Abraham Weiler, who is using the inmates as research subjectsin his quest to find a cure for the zombie virus that is ravaging the world.1

Zombie Cannibal Asylumby Ken BlumreichDesign, Layout, and Art by Josh Cairney, Chandler Kennedy, and Ken BlumreichEdited by Melissa BuchananLast Revision 9/29/2012 Ken Blumreich and Playing with Murder Press 2012A personal, revocable, nontransferable, and nonexclusive license to make limitedpersonal use of this material is granted to you subject to the terms and conditionsdescribed in the Playing with Murder User Agreement, the text of which can befound at 6.html.2

Table of ContentsI. Introductory Materials .5Welcome! . 6What Is My Role? . 8How Do I Get Started? . 91. An Overview of the Party . 112. Character List . 14Human Male Roles . 14Human Female Roles . 15Zombie Male Roles . 15Zombie Female Roles . 163. Preparations . 18Props . 18Menu . 18Setting the Scene . 19Audio. 19Preparing the Paperwork . 204. Before the Party. 21Invitations and Assigning Characters . 21Preparing the Scavenger Hunt . 23II. Party Guidebook . 255. Running the Party . 26Guest Arrival. 26Introduction to the Guests . 26Welcome To The Party Script . 26Act One . 28Dinner Ends Script . 28Intermission! . 28Acto Two . 29ATerrible Discovery! Script . 29The Interrogation! . 30Inmate Interrogation! Script . 30Hunting For Clues . 31Hunting For Clues Script . 31Presentation of Evidence. 32Presentation of Evidence Script . 32Votes . 33Revelation!. 33III. Printed Materials . 346. Nametags and Character Sheets . 35Nametags . 36Character Sheets . 40Dr. Abraham Weiler . 40Eliza Satchet. 423

Delilah Morrison. 44Dr. Gerald Featherton . 46Dr. Erica Orville . 48Jeremiah Marsh . 50Morgan Byers . 52Alex Johnson . 54Dr. Mordecai Fern . 56Carolyn Sinclair . 59William Worth . 61Deanna Mason . 63Mia Chekhov . 65Alfred Fitzgerald .67Jeremy Bowman . 69Dylan Manning . 71Nicholas Fuller .73Alison Townsend . 75Sabrina Ingram . 77Heather Pittman .79Quentin Montgomery . 81Curtin Buchanan . 83Gregory Bates. 85Vanessa Copeland . 87Cassandra Adkins . 89Lillian Ericson . 91Wendy Barnes . 93Martin Robertson . 95Isabel Gomez.97Kendra Chapman . 99Brady McCormick . 101Lucas Bishop .1037. Props and Printouts . 105Invitations .106The Guest List . 108RSVP Card Version 1 .109RSVP Card Version 1 . 110Clues . 111Awards . 113Voting Sheet . 121Life After the Zombie Apocalypse Handout . 122Scripts . 1234

I Introductory MaterialsSection I of this instruction manual contains all of the introductory materialsnecessary for planning and preparing your party. In this section you will find abasic overview of the plot; a description of each of the characters; tips onpreparing your playing area, choosing a menu, and organizing your printouts;and detailed instructions on how to go about inviting players and assigningcharacters.Please note: The majority of the contents of this book are intended for the eyes ofthe Host/Hostess only! The success of your party hinges on a strong element ofintrigue and mystery, so be certain not to share this book with the other players.The material that should be provided to your guests is clearly described in thisbook. Under no circumstances should you allow any of your players access to thisbook!5

WelcomeThank you for choosing Zombie Cannibal Asylum, another fine product by PWMPress; this package contains everything you need to host a spectacular MurderMystery Party that your guests will remember for many years to come. Includedare materials for hosting a party for anywhere from ten to thirty-two participants(plus yourself).Mystery Parties are essentially a combination of improvisational acting,storytelling, and creative problem solving. Your guests will each assume the roleof a particular character and will play the part of that character throughout thecourse of the game. Each character has specific personality traits, goals, secrets,and information, all of which are included in the character sheet. A big part ofthe entertainment value of Mystery Parties is getting into character and trying toachieve your character’s individual goals.At some point during the party, an Event will occur that will force the players tocome together in order to solve a problem or unravel a mystery. Traditionally,the Event in question will be the murder of one of the characters (as played by aguest), but the basic framework of a Mystery Party can accommodate numerousdifferent types of Events.The guests will need to use the information that their characters know (as well asadditional clues that are provided during the game) to solve the mystery orovercome the problem posed by the Event. Typically this culminates in theguests voting on the identity of the murderer, but again, different parties willhave different specific goals. The party may also have certain additionalsubgames built into the framework; for example, many Mystery Parties will havesome form of scavenger hunt built into the story.Once the mystery has been solved or the problem has been overcome, the partydraws to a close. Guests are provided with an opportunity to vote on the bestactor/actress, the best-dressed player, and so forth, and are then givencertificates and awards for their participation in the game.Throughout the course of the party, the Host/Hostess is responsible for ensuringthat the event continues to run smoothly. He or she sets the scene, providesdinner and drinks, and moves the plot along at key points by reading scripteddescriptions of what is happening. Frequently the Host/Hostess will also play thepart of one of the characters.This particular Mystery Party, Zombie Cannibal Asylum, is a murder mysterywherein each party guest will be playing the role of an inmate or staff member atPenderghast Asylum. Penderghast was originally a facility for the criminallyinsane, but since the rise of the undead, the asylum has been taken over by Dr.6

Abraham Weiler, who has infected the inmates with the zombie virus in order toconduct experiments on them in hopes of finding a permanent cure.Please be advised: The parties developed byPWM Press are substantially more complex anddetailed than other similar products. Even ifyou are experienced at hosting Murder MysteryParties, it is imperative that you read chaptersone through seven carefully and completelybefore beginning to plan out your party!7