Edible Australian Tucker Bush TUKER USH TM ATALOGUE 2018

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Edible Australian Tucker BushTUCKER BUSHTMCATALOGUE 2018Available from.50 Bahen Rd Hacketts Gully 6076t: (08) 9293 1768f: (08) 9293 3786e: [email protected]

Acronychia acidulaLEMON ASPENLemon Aspen is an attractive tree with dense, darkgreen foliage and leaves up to 250mm long. It is atype of citrus often referred to as ‘rainforest lemon’.They have an intense lemonly flavour with slighteucalyptus and honey tones. They can be eaten rawor cooked pairing nicely with seafood or poultry.The fruit is full of antioxidants and are a great sourceof folate, zinc and iron.It grows best in a sheltered area free from strongwinds and frosts in a moist, well drained, sunnyposition.H 6-7m W 4-6m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Alpinia Atherton FormRED BACK AUSSIE GINGERRed Back Australian ginger is a shade loving plantwith attractive green foliage with red backs.It has fragrant white flowers that appear from Springto Summer followed by blue berries that can beeaten straight from the plant.The ginger scented rhizome can also be eaten. Thisrequires cooking and can be used to make savorydishes, desserts and jams.It prefers moist soils, fertilizing in Spring and beingwell mulched before Summer.A great plant for pots, borders and mass plantings.H 2m W 1m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Antidesma buniusBIGNAYBignay is a medium tree growing to 8m. It has glossy,dark green, alternate leaves making an attractive plant.It has grape-like clusters of fruits that ripen unevenlyresulting in a very colourful display. These fruit have amildly sour taste when immature and white in colour,when left to ripen to a red/black colour it has a pleasant tart taste. Fruits can be eaten raw or used in jams.Bignay will perform in a variety of soils, benefittingfrom a feed 2-3 times a year with pruning carried outin Spring.While young it will require protection from dryingwinds and frost.H 3-8m W 3-5m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Apium prostratum var. prostratumSEA PARSLEYSea Parsley is a coastal native resembling Italian parsley. It is a hardy little grower tolerant to drought,frost, salinity and sandy soils.Plant in a full sun to lightly dappled area. Ensuring itis watered well and fertilized regularly until established it can provide a year round supply of freshstems.Use similarly to parsley by adding chopped sprigs toflavour dishes and salads. It can be eaten fresh orblanch the stems and eat separately.H 0.3-0.5m W 1m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Atriplex nummulariaOLD MAN SALTBUSHOld Man Saltbush is a fast-growing shrub previouslyused mostly as a grazing plant for stock. It has greygreen irregular shaped foliage 2-3cm in size that areedible and salty in flavor but rich in protein, antioxidants and minerals.The edible leaves can be used in salads, sautéed, ordried and used as a herb.For best results, plant in full sun to part shade in rich,free draining soil and water well until established.Once established it is hardy plant tolerating longperiods of drought.Planted in ideal conditions it can reach 3m, but is alsosuited to pots and with regular pruning, makes a greatedible hedge/screening plant.H 2-3m W 1-2m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Atractocarpus fitzalaniiNATIVE GARDENIAThe Native Gardenia is a large shrub to small treewith large, glossy, green leaves. Spring time seefragrant blossoms of white star-shaped flowers.These develop into small brown fruits which turnyellow with maturity during Winter.The fruit is soft and sweet and can be eaten raw insalads or cooked in cakes and deserts.It prefers a sunny to lightly shaded position in moist,well drained soils. It requires protection from strongwinds and harsh afternoon sun until established.H 6m W 3m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Austromyrtus dulcisMIDYIM BERRIESThis versatile small shrub is one of the best tasting ofall the bush tucker plants. The new leaves are burgundy coloured, whilst the spring flowers appear as smallwhite stars in early Summer. These are followed bysmall but sweet berries in late Summer and earlyAutumn.A light trim after harvest will see you rewarded withanother crop the following season. The fruit of theMidyim Berry is the native equivalent to a blueberry.This small shrub is perfect for filling in gaps and is idealto grow in full sun or part shade. A must for any ediblelandscape, this is the new age box hedge.H 0.5-1m W 1.5m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Backhousia citriodoraLEMON MYRTLELemon Myrtle is a popular Australian herb with it’sintense citrus flavour and fragrance.It is an attractive ornamental tree with glossy oval,green foliage and creamy/white flowers.The leaves can be plucked as needed and used inteas, cakes, biscuits and dips.It prefers a sunny to partly shaded, moist, welldrained position with protection from cold winds andfrosts.Great for hedging and screening.H 3-8m W 3-5m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Citrus australasicaFINGER LIMEFinger limes are prized for their unique caviar like pulp.White flowers are followed by finger like fruit inWinter/Spring that is usually green/yellow in colour.The fruit is used in refreshing drinks and desserts.Also useful in chutneys, jams and marmalades.It goes well as an accompaniment to seafood.Finger Limes are slow growing and make a thornyshrub or small tree. They make excellent pot specimens for a courtyard or balcony. They require welldraining soil and protection from frost and dryingwinds.H 2-6m W 2-3m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Cymbopogon ambiguusNATIVE LEMONGRASSNative Lemongrass is an aromatic grass with narrowgreen stalks and leaves. It flowers during Spring producing wispy seed heads.It is a very useful herb in the garden adding deliciousflavour to soups, curries and sauces. It’s essentialoils are found in skin care and shampoo, plus it hasmedicinal properties helping relieve chest congestiondue to colds.To harvest, cut leaves as needed when about 30cmand use fresh or freeze for later use.It is drought and frost tolerant once established.H 0.5-1m W 0.5-1m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Davidsonia jerseyanaDAVIDSON’S PLUMDavidson's plum has large, purple fruit that are plumlike and form in clusters on the trunk betweenNovember and February. Each tree has the potentialto produce a few kilos of fruit.The red fleshed plums are pleasantly sour and veryhigh in antioxidants and vitamins. They are deliciousand are perfect for both sweet and savoury jams andmeat sauces. Davidson Plum is a tall and slender treeand can be planted in the narrowest of placespreferring moist soils and good soil nutrition. The newgrowth is attractive and tinged red.H 4-8m W 3-4m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Davidsonia pruriensQLD DAVIDSON’S PLUMQueensland Davidson’s Plum is also known as Ooray.Ooray is a multitrunked tree producing attractivependulous sprays of reddish flowers with yellowstamens appear along branches or the trunk.The flowers are followed by large purple fruitsresembling a plum which ripen between Novemberand February. The red fleshed plums are pleasantlysour and very high in antioxidants and vitamins.It prefers moist soils and good soil nutrition. Provideprotection from the full sun and wind when young.The new growth is attractive and tinged pink.H 4-6m W 2-4m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Diospyros australisNATIVE BLACK PLUMIs an attractive small/medium tree with glossy greenleaves,. It has yellow/green underneath and aprominent yellow mid vein.Black Plum is a rainforest tree enjoying moist soil,but can tolerate heavy shade. It performs best withprotection from both wind and afternoon sun.October sees small cream/yellow flowers borne onmasse right through to December. These arefollowed by black shiny fruits which are most ediblewhen soft and perfect for making Jams.The fruit is 10-15mm and ripens in Autumn.H 4-10m W 4-7m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Diploglottis australisLARGE LEAF TAMARINDThe large leaf Tamarind is a tall tree. In idealconditions it can reach between 8-12m.It is a slender palm-like tree which has creamy brownflowers in Spring. Throughout Summer these matureinto fleshy yellow-orange rounded fruits that drop tothe ground when ripe. They have a sour taste andcan be eaten raw or cooked into jams and sauces.It requires shelter from strong winds and frosts,preferring a moist position in full sun-part shadewhen young.H 8-12m W 5-8m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Diploglottis campbelliiSMALL LEAVED TAMARINDThe small leaved Tamarind is a beautiful, dense,ornamental tree.It has small creamy coloured flowers in Summerdeveloping into large yellow-brown bulbs in Autumn.Once ripe the bulbs split open revealing the brightred flesh underneath. These fruits can be eaten rawor cooked to make condiments.Each tree has the potential to produce many kilos offruit.It prefers a moist, well drained, slightly shadedposition when young.H 7-10m W 6-8m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Enchylaena tomentosaRUBY SALTBUSHRuby Saltbush is a succulent type plant with fleshygreen leaves that are covered in fine white hairs.It has small berries that range in colour from yellowto ruby red. These berries are edible and can beeaten raw or soaked to make a tea. The leaves arealso edible but should be cooked and consumedsparingly.It is a hardy, low growing shrub that prefers full sunand well drained soils.Ruby Saltbush is a woody plant but trimmedregularly makes an ideal hedging and screeningplant.H 1m W 1m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Eupomatia laurinaNATIVE GUAVANative Guava has pale, perfumed flowers withoutpetals in Summer followed by urn shaped fruit.The fruit ripens in winter and are ready to eatstraight from the plant when they turn from green tobrown and are soft to squeeze. The pulp is a creamycolour with many small seeds, similar to otherguavas.The Native Guava grows into a large shrub or smalltree. The foliage turns attractive coppery tones inthe cooler weather. It benefits from mulching andadditional watering in dry periods.Protect from hot dry winds.H 3-5m W 2-3m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Haemodorum spicatumBLOODROOTBloodroot is a drought tolerant plant able to survivein even the poorest of soils. It is summer dormantand quite slow growing, so patience is required toachieve a bulb of decent size.It is a small clumping plant of tough green strappyfoliage, with leaves turning darker with age.The flavoursome bulb is the prize with this plant, itsflavours are similar to that of radish and chilli.The bulbs are best baked and roasted.H 0.3-1m W 0.3m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Hibiscus sabdariffaROSELLARosella is a hardy plant with deeply lobed greenfoliage and red stems. Flowering in Autumn seespale yellow flowers followed by bright red edibleseed pods. The seeds can be roasted and groundinto flour, while the young leaves can be stir-fried orsteamed. The calyx as pictured above are high inVitamin C and have a pleasant tart flavour ideal forsalads, syrups and wine.It prefers fertile, well drained soil and requiresregular watering until established. Once establishedit can survive the occasional dry spell.H 2m W 1m 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Kunzea pomiferaMUNTRIESKunzea pomifera is a dense, low growinggroundcover. It has petite, bright green foliage andwhite flowers similar to gum blossom in Spring.Following the flowers are clusters of green berriesthat turn purple/red with maturity. They are crunchyin texture and can be eaten raw or cooked. They arerich in antioxidants containing 4 times the amount ofblueberries.It prefers full sun to dappled shade in well drainedsandy soils. Great for pots, garden beds, gaps andworks well as a living weed suppressor.H 30cm W 2m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Melastoma affineBLUE TONGUEBlue Tongue is an attractive evergreen shrub withdark green, leathery foliage and contrasting redstems. Spring time sees beautiful showy mauvepurple flowers that last a few days.Following the flowers are small black berries. Theberries are best eaten fresh and have a novelty effectleaving the consumer with a blue tongue.It prefers moist, well drained soil in part shade.Some protection from strong winds and hotafternoon sun is required in Summer.H 1-3m W 1.2m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Mentha australisNATIVE RIVER MINTRiver Mint is a native relative to peppermint andspearmint. It is a fast grower with fragrant, brightgreen oval leaves with various uses.The leaves can be harvested as needed and used incooking, as insect repellant and has medicinalproperties.It performs best in a shaded, moist to boggy position.If planted into garden beds and left to run, it willspread to a size up to 1m, but it is best contained andmost easily grown in pots.H 30cm W 100cm 140mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Myoporum insulare ‘Prostrate’BOOBIALLABoobialla is a fast growing ground cover. It hasbushy, bright green, leaves with toothed edging.It is perfect for rockeries, verge planting and fillinggaps.It has small white flowers throughout summer whichdevelop into round purple fruits. These fruits can beare best used in jams and preserves.Boobialla performs best in well drained soils in a fullsun position. It requires protection from frost,.H 0.3-0.5m W 1-2m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au

Pipturus argenteusNATIVE MULBERRYThe Native Mulberry is a fast growing small tree withnarrow green foliage that produces white to almostcrystal like fruits along the stem during May –July.The fruits are round with seeds on the outsidesimilar to strawberries.The leaves and roots were used in traditionalmedicine.Pruning and maintenance is required to encourage afuller shaped plant.H 3-8m W 3-5m 175mm(08) 9293 1768www.domusnursery.com.au