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CURRICULUM VITAEOREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITYNAMEDamien Fair, PA-C, Ph.D.DATE08/15/2020PRESENT POSITION AND ADDRESSAcademic Rank:ProfessorDepartment/Division:Pediatrics, School of MedicineProfessionalAddress:University of MinnesotaMasonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MiDB, f.k.a. CNBD)717 Delaware St SE #333Minneapolis, MN 55414E-Mail Address:[email protected] EDUCATION2003 – 2008Ph.D. in NeuroscienceWashington University School of MedicineSt. Louis, MO1999-2001Master of Medical Science DegreeYale University School of MedicinePhysician Associate Program1994-1998Bachelor of Science DegreeAugustana College, Sioux Falls, SDMajor: BiologyMinor: Chemistry1993-1994Minnesota Academy of Math and Science graduateSt. Mary's University, Winona, MNMedical Licensure:State of Connecticut Physician Assistant License # 001149, Dec 4, 2001Certifications:2002 NIH Stroke Scale Certification2001 National Commission on Certification of Physician AssistantsCertificate #: 1052646 Issue Date: October 24, 20012000 Advanced Cardiac Life Support

III. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE7/2020presentUniversity of MinnesotaRedleaf Endowed Director, Masonic Institute for the Developing BrainProfessor, Institute of Child Development, College of Education and HumanDevelopmentProfessor, Department of Pediatrics, Medical School2018presentNous Imaging Inc.,Founder, Chief Scientific Officer9/20146/2020Oregon Health & Science UniversityAssociate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience and PsychiatryAssociate Scientist, Advanced Imaging Research Center8/20119/2014Oregon Health & Science UniversityAssistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience and PsychiatryAssistant Scientist, Advanced Imaging Research Center6/20087/2011Oregon Health & Science UniversityPostdoctoral Research Scientist (Psychiatry/Behavioral Neuroscience Dept.)2/20039/2003Yale University School of MedicineClinical Instructor of Neurology Appointment9/20019/2003Yale University School of Medicine/Yale New Haven HospitalDepartment of Neurology-Physician Associate (PA) – Research Scientist-PA – Study Coordinator/Sub-investigator-PA – Yale- New Haven Hospital Inpatient/Stroke Service-PA – Yale Neurovascular Clinic with Dr. Lawrence Brass, MD9/199512/1997Augustana College Biology Department-Biology Lab Assistant with Dr. Debra Carlson-Biology Lab Assistant with Dr. Craig SpencerIV. SCHOLARSHIPMy laboratory focuses on mechanisms and principles that underlie the developing brain. The majorityof this work uses functional MRI and resting state functional connectivity MRI to assess typical andatypical populations. We work in both human and animal models using these non-invasive tools as abridge between species. A second focus has become testing the feasibility of using various functionaland structural MRI techniques in translational studies of developmental neuropsychiatric andneurologic disorders. We are exploring ways to better characterize individual patients with variouspathologies to help guide future diagnostic, therapeutic and genetic studies.

Grants and Contracts (Current):1P50 MH100029 (Klin, PI; Shultz, Project Lead: Proj3)NIH07/01/2017-06/30/2022Cycles of Social Contingency in Autism: Pivotal Transitions that Shape Infant Brain-BehaviorDevelopment in Human & Model SystemsRole: Co-I1P50 MH100029 (Klin, PI; Sanchez, Project Lead: Proj5)NIH07/01/2017-06/30/2022Cycles of Social Contingency: Pivotal Transitions that Shape Brain-Behavior Development in MonkeysRole: Co-IP50DA048756 (Fisher)NIH (Subcontract from University of Oregon) 08/15/2019- 05/31/2024Prevention Research Center: Parenting Among Women who are Opioid UsersRole: Co-Core LeadPT160162 (PI: Heinricher)DOD/CDMRPPhotosensitivity and pain in complex traumatic brain injury.Role: Co-I09/01/2017 – 08/31/2021R01 MH096773 (MPI: Fair, Dosenbach) NIH/NIMH4/01/2020-3/31/2025Identification of outcome-based sub-populations using deep phenotyping and precision functionalmapping across ADHD and ASDRole: PIR01 MH115357 (MPI: Fair, Nigg)Brain Trajectories in ADHDRole: PINIH/NIMHR34DA050291 (Fair & Graham)NIH1/4 Investigation of opioid exposure and neurodevelopment (iOPEN)Role: 21276 (Deckard, Dosenbach, Fair)NIH/NIMH04/01/2020-03/31/2024Solving the MRI motion problem with Framewise Integrated Real-Time MRI Monitoring (FIRMM)softwareRole: Subcontract PIR44MH122066 (Deckard, Dosenbach, & Fair) NIHVisual biofeedback to reduce head motion during MRIRole: MPI09/11/2019-05/31/2023U01AA021691 (PI: Nagel)NIH07/01/2017-06/30/2022National Consortium on Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence: OHSURole: Co-IU01 DA041148 (MPI: Fair, Nagel, Feldstein-Ewing) NIH/NIDAABCD-USA Consortium: Research ProjectRole: PI10/01/2020-9/31/2027

U24 DA041123 (Dale)NIH/NIDAABCD-USA Consortium: Data Analysis and Informatics CenterRole: Co-I10/01/2020-9/31/2027UG3 OD023349 (O'Connor)NIH10/01/2016-9/31/2021Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Pediatric CohortsRole: Co-IGrants and Contracts (Previous):2019-2020Principle Investigator, R25 MH120869-01, NIH/NIEH, ABCD Workshop on Brain2016-2020Principle Investigator, R01 MH105538, NIH/NIMH, Intergenerational Effects of Maternal2016-2020Co-Investigator, R01 AA017664-06A1, NIH/NIAAA, Sex Differences in Alcohol-RelatedNeurotoxicity During AdolescenceCo-Investigator, P60 AA010760, NIH/NIDA, Behavioral Genomics of AlcoholNeuroadaptationCo-Investigator, R01 MH107508, NIH/NIMH, Developmental exposure to maternalobesity-induced inflammation impacts offspring brain and negative valence behaviorsPrinciple Investigator, R01 MH105538, NIH/NIMH, Intergenerational Effects of MaternalChildhood Trauma on the Fetal BrainPrinciple Investigator, NIDA, ABCD-USA Consortium: Research ProjectCo-Investigator, NIDA, ABCD-USA Consortium: Data Analysis CenterPrincipal Investigator, DeStefano Family Foundation, Innovation Fund: CharacterizingHeterogeneity in Psychiatric PopulationsPrincipal Investigator, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Using MRI imaging in the first 2years of life to predict behavioral outcomes in the First 5 Years of LifePrincipal Investigator, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Examining the Role ofmaternal inflammation on offspring brain and behaviorCo-Investigator, R03DA045327, NIDA, Peer processes in the social neuroscience ofadolescent cannabis usePrincipal Investigator, MH096773-03S1, Longitudinal assessment of imaging markersrelated to component dimensions of ADHD and ASDCo-Investigator, R01 AG006457, NIA, Peripheral and Central Postural Disorders in thePrincipal Investigator, R01 MH096773, NIMH, Characterizing mechanistic heterogeneityacross ADHD and AutismCo-Investigator, R01 MH099064, ADHD biotypes using genetic and imaging approachesPrincipal Investigator, 2R56MH086654-06A1, NIMH, Longitudinal brain development andclinical outcomes in ADHD from 7-17 yearsCo-Investigator, 2014-07269-01-00, Impact of Natural Vitamin E and SupplementalLutein on Brain and Eye Development in Infant PrimatesMacArthur Foundation, Site Principal Investigator, Neural and Behavioral Correlates ofAge Differences in Psychological Capacities Relevant to Judgments of CriminalResponsibilityCo-Investigator, P50 DA018165, Mechanism of Impulsive Choice in MethamphetamineDependenceCo-Investigator, P50 DA018165, NIDA, Methamphetamine Abuse Research 2012-20172012-2017Development in Relation to Mental HealthChildhood Trauma on the Fetal Brain

0102005-20072003-2007Principal Investigator, R01 MH086654 (Bridge), NIMH Longitudinal Imaging Study ofADHD Brain Development ElderlyPrincipal Investigator, Gates Foundation, Early markers to predict cognition and braindevelopmentCo-investigator, Merit Award: VA11023492, Frontal Cortex and Gait Freezing inParkinson’s Disease: Rehabilitation ImpactCo-Investigator, U01 AA021691, NIAAA, The TEEN Study: The Impact of AdolescentDrinking on Connectivity in the BrainCo-Investigator, R21MH099618, NIMH, Sex-specific trajectories of neurobiologicalmaturation during adolescenceCo-Investigator, R01 MH091351, NIMH, Fetal Programming of Functional Connectivity inneonates and infants (administrative supplement)Co-Investigator, R01 MH086654, NIMH, Longitudinal Imaging Study of ADHD BrainDevelopmentPrincipal Investigator, K99/R00MH091238, NIMH, “Functional Circuits as anendophenotype for ADHD in children”Site PI (multisite multiple PI award), McDonnell Foundation, “Communities and Criticalityin Brain Networks Across Development and in ADHD”Principal Investigator, Oregon Clinical and Translational Institute“Advancing the translational potential of resting-state functional MRI in non-humanprimates”Co-Investigator, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative “Functional BrainNetworks and Autism subtypes”Principal Investigator, Oregon Clinical and Translational Institute (Autism) “Common andDistinct atypical brain function in autism and ADHD”Principal Investigator, Oregon Clinical and Translational Institute (ADHD) “Using restingstate functional connectivity MRI in young children and adolescents with ADHD”Principal Investigator, Medical Research Foundation of Oregon “Identifying aneurobiological correlate of ADHD using resting state functional connectivity MRI”Recipient, Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research,(Nigg PI), NIH R01 3R01MH059105, “Heterogeneity of Mechanism and Pathway in ChildADHD”National Academy of Sciences and Ford Foundation fellowshipUNCF/Merck post-doctoral science research fellowshipUNCF/Merck pre-doctoral science research fellowshipWashington University Chancellor’s FellowshipClinical Trial Experience2002 Siblings with Ischemic Stroke Study (SWISS), ASPHS NIH NINDS NS-39987.Publications/Creative Work:Peer-reviewed1. Morin EL, Howell BR, Feczko E, Earl E, Pincus M, Reding K, Kovacs-Balint ZA, Meyer JS, StynerM, Fair DA, Sanchez MM. (2020). Developmental Outcomes of Early Adverse Care on AmygdalaFunctional Connectivity in Nonhuman Primates. Dev and Psychopathology. [Epub ahead of print].

2. Gustafsson HC, Sullivan EL, Battison EAJ, Holton KF, Graham AM, Karalunas SL, Fair DA, Loftis JM,Nigg JT. (2020). Evaluation of maternal inflammation as a marker of future offspring ADHD symptoms: Aprospective investigation. Brain Behav Immun. [Epub ahead of print].3. Satterthwaite TD, Feczko E, Kaczkurkin AN, Fair DA. (2020). Parsing Psychiatric HeterogeneityThrough Common and Unique Circuit-Level Deficits. Biol Psychiatry. 88(1):4-5.4. Boedhoe PSW, van Rooij D Fair DA van den Heuvel OA. (2020). Subcortical Brain Volume,Regional Cortical Thickness, and Cortical Surface Area Across Disorders: Findings From the ENIGMAADHD, ASD, and OCD Working Groups. Am J Psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print].5. Rosenberg MD, Martinez SA, Rapuano KM, Conley MI, Cohen AO, Cornejo MD, Hagler DJ Jr, MeredithWJ, Anderson KM, Wager TD, Feczko E, Earl E, Fair DA, Barch DM, Watts R, Casey BJ. (2020).Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Working Memory in Childhood. J Neuroscience. 40(26):5090-5104.6. Hoogman M, van Rooij D Fair D Franke B. (2020). Consortium neuroscience of attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder: The ENIGMA adventure. Hum Brain Mapp.[Epub ahead of print].7. Gratton C, Dworetsky A, Coalson RS, Adeyemo B, Laumann TO, Wig GS, Kong TS, Gratton G, FabianiM, Barch DM, Tranel D, Miranda-Dominguez O, Fair DA, Dosenbach NUF, Snyder AZ, Perlmutter JS,Petersen SE, Campbell MC. (2020). Removal of high frequency contamination from motion estimates insingle-band fMRI saves data without biasing functional connectivity. Neuroimage. 217:116866.8. Godfrey JR, Pincus M, Kovacs-Balint Z, Feczko E, Earl E, Miranda-Dominguez O, Fair DA, Jones SR,Locke J, Sanchez MM, Wilson ME, Michopoulos V. (2020). Obesogenic diet-associated C-reactive proteinpredicts reduced central dopamine and corticostriatal functional connectivity in female rhesus monkeys.Brain Behav Immun. 88:166-173.9. Cordova M, Shada K, Demeter DV, Doyle O, Miranda-Dominguez O, Perrone A, Schifsky E,Graham A, Fombonne E, Langhorst B, Nigg J, Fair DA, Feczko E. (2020). Heterogeneity ofexecutive function revealed by a functional random forest approach across ADHD and ASD.Neuroimage Clin. 26:102245.10. Ramirez JSB, Graham AM, Fair DA. (2020). Maternal interleukin-6 is associated with macaqueoffspring amygdala development and behavior. Cereb Cortex. 30(3): 1573-1585.

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