Curriculum Vitae Name: Karyn Ann Esser, Ph.D.

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Curriculum VitaeName:Karyn Ann Esser, Ph.D.Address:University of FloridaDepartment of Physiology and Functional GenomicsAssociate Director for Basic Muscle Biology, Institute of Myology1600 SW Archer Road M554PO Box 100274Gainesville, FL 32610-0274Telephone: 352-273-5728email: [email protected]:1979 B.S.Math-Biology: Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, NC1981 M.Ed. Physical Education: University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV1990 Ph.D. Kinesiology: The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MIProfessional Positions:1990- 1993 Postdoctoral Fellow - Muscle Genetics Unit, Children's Medical ResearchInstitute, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia.1993- 1999 Assistant Professor - School of Kinesiology, University of Illinoisat Chicago1995- 2004 Faculty Affiliate - Department of Physiology and Biophysics,College of Medicine, UIC1999- 2004 Associate Professor with tenure- School of Kinesiology, University ofIllinois at Chicago2002- 2004 Visiting Scholar – Center for Functional Genomics,Northwestern UniversitySabbatical with Dr. Joseph Takahashi: 20022004-2009Associate Professor – Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky2007-2015Director, Core Facility, Mouse Exercise Training and PhenotypingCollege of Medicine2009Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky1Karyn Esser, CV

2010-2015Director, Center for Muscle Biology, University of KentuckyCenter membership: 40 faculty across 4 Colleges.Reported to Dean of the College of Medicine2012-Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, CytoInformatics, LLC2015-Preeminence Professor, Department of Physiology and Functional Genomics,Associate Director for Basic Muscle Biology, Institute of MyologyJoint Professor, Biology of Aging Division, Institute on AgingUniversity of FloridaProfessional Organizations:American Physiological SocietySociety for Research on Biological RhythmsAmerican College of Sports MedicineAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceAwards and Honors:Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine, 1999President’s Lecture, American College of Sports Medicine, May 2005Wethington Award, University of Kentucky 2005-presentUniversity Research Professor, University of Kentucky, 2011Preeminence Professor, University of Florida, 2015Professional ServiceExternal Advisory Board member for the Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health 2017Executive Committee for NIH Initiative, Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity in Humans 2016External Advisory Panel, Michigan Integrative Musculoskeletal Health P30 Core Center (MiMHC),University of Michigan, 10/2016External Advisory Board: Baylor University, Department of Physiology 2016NIH:NIAMS Board of Scientific Counselors: 7/2015-2019External Advisory Council, National Space Biomedical Research Institute: 10/2013-2016Review Panels:NIH:DP2 Editorial Review Panel, March 2017NIH:NIDDK: P01 review September 1, 2016NIH: SMEP study section 07/2016- 06/2020NIAMS P50 CORT reviews: April 2016NCI:P01 Review February 2016NIAMS P30 grant review: November 2015NCI:P01 Review September 2014Swiss National Science Foundation, December 2012MRC Peer Review, December 2012American Heart Association, Study section 2006 Panel member for external review of the Nordic Sports Sciences: 5/2011NIAMS AMS committee, standing member 10/2008-10/20122Karyn Esser, CV

NSF Panel March 2012NIH SEP May 2008/Dec 2013/July 2014Italian Muscular Dystrophy Association: 3/2008Wellcome Trust Grant Reviews 4/2007, 4/2008, 4/2013NIH MOSS Special Emphasis panel: grant review 10/2007Pfizer Senior Research Fellow reviewer 9/2007American Physiological Society, Awards Committee: 1/2007-12/2009NIAMS P30 grant review; 12/2005National Health and Medical Research: Australia; 5/2005NIH Skeletal Muscle Biology and Exercise Physiology (SMEP) study section11/2003-6/2006:Chair, 03/2005-06/2006NIH/Skeletal Muscle Biology study section 11/2001-6/2003NIH/RAP: member of study section 6/2000-6/2001ACSM Chair of Research Review Committee, 6/2002-5/2004NASA Life Sciences: Muscle Biology/Cell and Molecular Biology sections,1997-2002NASA NSBRI review committee: muscle biology 7/2000USDA grant review 5/2000NIAMS/NIH: Study section for K and R award applications 10/1999NIA: Site visit review committee: 3/1997NIH: Physiology Study Section: SEP 1996-1999Workshops:ASBMR Workshop on Muscle Biology, September 2017NIA Workshop on Advances and Gaps in Musculoskeletal Biology,September 2, 2016NIH Biomarker Workshop: NHLBI, NIA, and Sleep Research Society.April 27-28, 2015NHLBI Workshop; Biomarkers of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, April 2015NHLBI workshop; Circadian Clock at the Interface of Lung Health and DiseaseApril 28-29th, 2014NIH RFI: Mechanisms by which physical activity improves health.Invited contributor; 01/17/2014NIAMS Scientific Retreat: Circadian rhythms and skeletal muscle, May 2013NIAMS Roundtable Discussion: Anabolic Therapies and the Musculoskeletal System,2013NIAMS Listening Session with Muscle Research Community, 12/2012Musculoskeletal Global Therapeutic Expert Forum: Merck Pharmaceuticals, 5/8/2009.NIH/NIAMS Roundtable of opportunities and needs in muscle biology anddisease: 12/16/2008NIH/NHLBI Working Group on Circadian Timing in Peripheral Tissues 09/2007NIH/NIAMS Extramural Roundtable: Genomic and Genetic Resources, 01/2001NIH NIAMS Long-range Planning Meeting: Muscle Biology and Muscle DiseasesResearch; 7/993Karyn Esser, CV

NIA workshop: Biology of Aging: Skeletal Muscle 12/1996Associate Editor:Editorial Board:Associate EditorAssociate EditorEditorial BoardManuscript review:Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews: 1999-2004Journal of Applied Physiology: 1999-2005Journal of Applied Physiology: 2006-2011American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology 2011-2014Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases: 02/2014SciencePNASNature Cell BiologyScience SignalingCell MetabolismJournal of Cell BiologyJournal of Physiology, LondonFASEB JournaleLifeCell MetabolismNucleic Acids ResearchNature Cell BiologyPhysiological GenomicsMolecular and Cellular BiologyJournal of Biological ChemistryAmerican Journal of Physiology: CellAmerican Journal of Physiology: RegulatoryJournal of Applied PhysiologyEndocrinologyJournal of Gerontology: Biological SciencesTeaching ExperienceUniversity of Illinois, Chicago: School of Kinesiology: 1993-2004Anatomy and Physiology: 2nd year undergraduatesPhysiology of Exercise: 3rd year undergraduatesVentilatory and Cardiovascular Limits to Maximum Exercise: Graduate SeminarExercise Genomics: Ph.D. courseGraduate Student Journal ClubUniversity of Illinois, Chicago: College of Medicine, College of NursingBiochemical and Physiological Regulation of Muscle ContractionDrs. M. and K. Barany organizersCellular PhysiologyDr. B. Russell, organizerExercise Biology and Application to Healthcare: lecture first 1st medical students4Karyn Esser, CV

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Cardiovascular and Muscle ResearchDr. D. Schwertz organizerUniversity of Kentucky: 2004-2015DSP 130: Discovery Seminar Series: Class for first semester freshman: fall 2005: Physiology ofHealthy Living: taught with Dr. D. Richardson.Physiology 412G: fall 2005-present: 4 lectures/semesterIBS 604: Cellular signaling, spring 2006,2007 2-3 lectures:PGY 630 Muscle Physiology spring 2006: spring 2009: Fall 2012 Advanced muscle physiologyABT 201 Scientific Method Biotechnology: fall 2007, fall 2008: fall 2009; 1 lectureBCH/BIO/MI 615 (Molecular Biology): spring 2013-2015, Molecular clock transcriptionalmechanismsUniversity Committees:University of FloridaFaculty Search Committee, APKFaculty Search Committee, PhysiologyMcKnight Brain Institute Research and Education Committee201720172017-University of KentuckyFaculty representative, UK Research Foundation BoardOne of two faculty representativesPrimary faculty advisor for COM Exercise &Medicine Interest GroupIntellectual Property Review CommitteeUKRF Board of Directors: faculty memberMD Ph.D. candidate interviewsPI Council, reports to VP Research, Dr. J. TraceyPromotion and Tenure Committee: College of MedicineGraduate Advisory Committee, Department of PhysiologyPhysiology Research CommitteeAdmissions Committee, MD-PhD programKentucky Young Scientist Summer Research Program,Director for Physiology2013-201512/2014- 09- 201007/2006- 02/2007-2008University of IllinoisMember of IACUC Small Animal Care Committee: 7/1995-6/1999Co-chair 1996-1999Member of the Teaching Documentation Group in College of Associate HealthProfessions: 1996-97Teaching Evaluation Committee School of Kinesiology, 1996Kinesiology Graduate Committee: 9/1993 - 2004Kinesiology member of Graduate Education Committee in Physiology and5Karyn Esser, CV

Biophysics: 2/1994-9/1998Member of search committee for Assistant Professor 1995:Dr. K. McCormick hiredMember of search committee for Director of Kinesiology 1995:Dr. L. Oscai appointedMember of search committee for Assistant Professor 1998: Dr. M. Sapru hiredFaculty Advisory Committee, Kinesiology: 1994-2004Exercise Physiology Program Undergraduate Director: 1995-2004Post Doctoral FellowsEric Blough, Ph.D. 1997-1998. Currently Professor in Pharmacology at Marshall UniversityJori Leszczynski, D.V.M., 2000-2002. Currently Director for the Office of Laboratory AnimalResources, University Veterinarian and Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, DenverThomas McLoughlin, Ph.D. 2001-2003 Currently Associate Professor in Kinesiology at University ofToledoShann Kim, Ph.D. 1999-2003, Currently Regional Scientific Associate Director, Dermatology andRheumatology, West Region at Novartis PharmaceuticalsMark Fedele, Ph.D. 2000-2003 Currently Global Medical Affairs Medical Communications Leader atNovartis PharmaceuticalsJames Higginson, Ph.D, 4/2004-10/2005; Currently Director, Global Clinical Safety &Pharmacovigilance at GlaxoSmithKline, United KingdomMitsunori Miyazaki, Ph.D. 4/2006-4/2011; Awarded American Heart Association postdoctoralfellowship 5/2008-5/2010: Awarded Japan Society for Promotion of Science postdoctoralfellowship, 04/2010-03/31/2011: Currently Associate Professor, Health Sciences University ofHokkaido, JapanBradley Baumgarner, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow 8/2010-07/2011, Currently an Assistant Professor inBiology at University South Carolina, Upstate.Ratchakrit Srikuea, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow 08/2010-7/2012, Currently an Assistant Professor inPhysiology at Mahidol University, 08/01/2012Thomas Chaillou, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow 04/2012-04/2014, Currently in postdoctoral position atKarolinska InstituteDenise Kemler, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow: She received her Ph.D. from Karlsruhe Institute ofTechnology, Institute of Toxicology and Genetics in Germany. Started at UF 03/2017 Ph.D. studentsKeith Baar, Ph.D. defended 3/2000: Currently Professor, University of California, DavisAwarded University Fellowship 8/1995 and 8/1996Awarded National Graduate Research Award, ACSMGustavo Nader, Ph.D. defended 3/2003: Currently an Associate Professor at Penn State University.Awarded National Graduate Research Award, ACSMTroy Hornberger, Ph.D defended 11/2003: currently an Associate Professor with tenure at theUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison: Awarded NASA graduate student fellowshipAwarded APS graduate student award: Awarded American Federation for Aging (AFAR) awardDustin Armstrong, Ph.D student defended dissertation, 7/2005. Postdoctoral fellowshipat Norvatis, Boston MA. Founder of Valerion Therapeutics (started as 4s3 Biosciences),currently Vice President of Research.6Karyn Esser, CV

Jessica Andrews, Ph.D student at UIC defended 8/2006:Currently working with Cadence Health in Chicago, Illinois, 11/2012Gretchen Wolff , 2006-2012 University of Kentucky, defended her dissertation 03.2012; Postdoctoralresearch at the University of Miami. Currently a visiting scientist at the German CancerResearch Center (DKFZ--Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum) in Heidelberg, Germany.Mellani Lefta, 2008-2012University of Kentucky, defended dissertation 06.2012; Awarded AHApredoctoral fellowship, Currently doing her Residency in Pediatrics at VirginiaBrian Hodge, Ph.D. University of Kentucky student started 06/2012, passed qualification exam 09/2013:Defended dissertation 10/2015. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Buck Institute inCaliforniaBrianna Harfmann, Ph.D. University of Kentucky student started 06/2012, passed qualification exam08/2013. Defended dissertation 10/2015. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University ofKentucky. Starts Assistant Professor position at Alma College 9/2017.Lance Riley - Currently a University of Florida pre-doctoral student, started at UK in 05/2014 andtransferred to UF program in 8/2015. Funded NIH: F31 05/2017Ph.D. Student CommitteesMengchen Li, Ph.D. student, UF, Advisor Dr. Keller-WoodLance Denes, Ph.D. student UF, Advisor Dr. Eric WangRachel Nosacka, Ph.D. student UF, Advisor Dr. Andrew JudgeHunter Futch, M.D./Ph.D. student UF, Advisor Dr. Todd GoldeParvathy Thampi, Ph.D. student UK - Veterinary Sciences, advisor Dr. J MacLeod. Graduated 12/2016Tianfei Hou, Ph.D. student UK in Nutritional Sciences, advisor is Dr. Guo ZhengCassie Binkley Friday, UK Ph.D. student in Physiology, advisor Dr. Brandon Fornwalt, finished MSdegree 2014Erin Wolf Horrell, MD PhD student UK in Physiology, advisor Dr. John D’Orazio, graduated 2016Jenny Lutshumba, Ph.D. student UK in Physiology, advisor Dr. Ming GongPremi Shekar Haynes, Ph.D. student UK in Physiology, advisor Dr. Kenneth Campbell, graduated 2014Maggie Murphy, Ph.D. UK student in GCNS, advisor Dr. Bernie Henig, graduated 2014Daniel Bartos, Ph.D. student in UK Physiology, advisor Dr. Brian Delisle, graduated 2013Lindsay Carter, Ph.D. student in UK GCNS, advisor Dr. Kevin Pearson, graduated 2013Chris Waters, Ph.D. student in UK Rehab Sciences, advisor Dr. Tim Butterfield, graduated 2013Cetewayo Rashid, Ph.D. student in UK GCNS, advisor Dr. Kevin Pearson, graduated 2013Heather Buechel, Ph.D. student UK Pharmaco