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e-DesignUser manual


1. Overviewe-Design is the single point of access to ABB LP Design Software. It provides a quick andimmediate interface to use Design software and support services.As shown in Figure 1, e-Design offers a menu bar to quickly reach all the functionalitiesprovided: quick access, software, tools, upgrade, support, settings. This bar is always visibleand the active section is highlighted.Figure 1 e-Designe-Design – User manual – pag 3

2. Download and Install e-Designe-Design can be downloaded fromhttp://www.abb.com/edesign-software.Check out the minimum requirements before installing the software.Installation steps:· Download e-Design setup and save it anywhere on your computer· Double click on e-Design setup to start the installation wizard (Figure 2).Figure 2 Installation wizard·e-Design – User manual – pag 4You are required to accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA) toproceed in the installation (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Installation wizard – End-User License Agreement (EULA)·e-Design – User manual – pag 5During the wizard, you can change the destination folder (Figure 4) or keepthe proposed one.

Figure 4 Installation wizard - Destination folder··e-Design – User manual – pag 6After collecting the required data, the installation begins.Complete the installation by clicking Finish.

3. First runStart e-Design by double clicking on the Desktop icon.On the very first run, you are prompted to choose your country (Figure 5).Figure 5 Country selectionOnce the country is selected, you are redirected on the “software” section (Figure6).Figure 6 Software Sectione-Design – User manual – pag 7

This section provides all the available software for the chosen country. Choose Installto install a Design Software.4. Sign Up / Sign InIn order to download and use a design software, you have to be registered andobtain an access code to activate your account. The “sign up sign in” form appearsthe first time you try to install a software.To sign up (Figure 7) you have to provide a few personal information and agree withthe ABB Privacy Policy included in the EULA.The access code needed to activate e-Design will be sent to the provided E-mailaddress.e-Design – User manual – pag 8

Figure 7 Sign Up formIn case you already have an access code you directly sign in. It is always possible torequest your access code by using the “Forgot your access code? Click here to get itback!” button (Figure 8).The Sign In phase is a “one time” login: you won’t be asked to reenter yourcredentials.e-Design – User manual – pag 9

Figure 8 Sign in formTo install a Design Software you have to follow these simple steps:· click on “Install” button· sign in (only the first time)· the setup of the Design Software is downloaded· when the setup download is completed, the setup wizard starts automatically· complete the Design Software installation wizardAdministrator rights are required to perform the installation.e-Design – User manual – pag 10

5. Starting a Design SoftwareOnce the Design Software installation wizard is completed, you can run it simply bypressing the corresponding tile which gets colored after the installation (see Figure 9Software section - A).Figure 9 Software sectionFor each installed software, e-Design shows the current version and the release date(Figure 9 - B).Follow the installation steps above to install another Design Software (Figure 9 – C).e-Design – User manual – pag 11

6. Quick accessThe “quick access” section provides shortcuts to the installed Design Software.You can add a Design software to this section by following these steps (Figure 10):1. Right click on the tile od the desired software2. The tile gets a red mark on the top right corner3. In case right click any other desired tile4. Click on “pin” to confirm5. The selected software are now available in the “quick access” sectionFigure 10 How to pin a softwareYou can unpin a software by right-clicking on its tile and then clicking on the “Unpin”button. The selected software have a mark on the top right corner of the tile (seeFigure 11).e-Design – User manual – pag 12

Figure 11 Quick accessIn this section you can find three buttons:Link to e-Design websiteLink to ABB Youtube channelLink to e-Design release notese-Design – User manual – pag 13

7. UpgradeThe “upgrade” section shows the available software upgrades. If one or moreupgrades are available, a number is shown near the section name.Figure 12 Upgrade sectionThe availability of upgrades is checked once per day. You can force the check throughthe “Check now” button.For each available upgrade the following information is shown:· Current version: version of installed available software· Install date: installation date· Upgraded version: newer version available online· Release date: release date of the newer versionThe software can be upgraded clicking on the “Upgrade” button. If more than oneupgrade is available, the “Upgrade all” button allows upgrading all the software atonce.Administrator rights are required to perform the upgrade.e-Design – User manual – pag 14

8. SupportThe “support” section provides the available contacts to get support for all installedsoftware. Each software has its dedicated support service.Sends an e-mail to the support teamOpens the release notes of the softwareFigure 13 Upgrade sectione-Design – User manual – pag 15

9. SettingsThe “settings” section allows you to manage e-Design settings.The General settings (see Figure 14) allows changing the language of e-Design.Figure 14 Settings sectionThe “User” settings (see Figure 15) allows you to change your personal data (theprovided E-mail address can’t be changed). In order to save changes, click the“Update” button.The “Network Settings” (see Figure 16) allows you to set the networks settings thate-Design should use in order to access the net: the default option, Automatic, let eDesign try to choose the settings itself, while the Manual option let you choose yourpreferred network parameters.“About” (see Figure 17) shows the current version of e-Designe-Design – User manual – pag 16

Figure 15 User settingsFigure 16 Network settingse-Design – User manual – pag 17

Figure 17 Aboute-Design – User manual – pag 18

10. e-Design End User License AgreementThe End User License Agreement (EULA) is available online at this spx?DocumentID 9AKK106103A2575&LanguageCode en&DocumentPartId &Action Launch).11. Third Party SoftwareThese third-party software may be included or contained:·Modern UI for WPF : Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)·MVVM Light Toolkit (http://www.mvvmlight.net)License: The MIT license·SQLite (https://www.sqlite.org)License: Public domain·Zlib (http://zlib.net)License: The zlib/libpng License·e-Design – User manual – pag 19log4net (http://logging.apache.org/log4net)License: Apache License