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CoverCustomer Portal User GuideNovember, 2015

Copyright InformationThe software product described in this publication is contracted through ABB and is licensed to authorized users under a writtenlicense agreement with ABB. The information in this publication is confidential and proprietary to ABB. No part of this softwareproduct or associated documentation may be copied, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed by any third party in any form, withoutthe prior written consent of ABB. This publication is subject to change without notice. ABB assumes no responsibility for any errorsthat may appear in this document.This publication is intended to provide information regarding the software product. It is provided with the understanding that ABB isnot engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services through the production of this publication. Further, ABBmakes no claims that use of this software in accordance with this publication will ensure compliance with any federal or state laws,rules or regulations. ABB recommends that the customer seek professional advice in order to determine that its policies andpractices are in compliance with applicable laws, rules, or regulations.Because of the nature of this publication, numerous hardware and software products are mentioned by name. In most, if not all,cases these product names are claimed as trademarks by the companies that manufacture the products. It is not our intent to claimthese names or trademarks as our own.Copyright 2010ABBAll Rights ReservedManualCustomer Portal User GuideProduct and VersionCustomer Portal 05Publication DateNovember 2014

Table of ContentsChapter 1: Overview . 1Overview . 1Logging In/Out of Customer Portal . 1Home Page Overview . 3Chapter 2: Cases . 7Creating a Case . 7Additional Case information . 8Support Survey . 9Viewing an Existing Case . 11Closing a Case . 12Chapter 3: Change Requests . 13Viewing a Change Request . 13Chapter 4: Knowledge . 15Searching and Viewing Knowledge . 15Searching TSB Articles . 16Chapter 5: Reports and Dashboards . 17Viewing and Running Reports . 17Viewing Dashboards . 18Chapter 6: Workspace, Content and Subscriptions . 20Workspaces . 20Viewing a Workspace. 20Subscribing to a Workspace . 21Content . 22Subscriptions . 23ABB Confidential and Proprietary

Chapter 1: OverviewChapter 1: OverviewOverviewWelcome to the Customer Portal User Guide. This document is a functional reference on how touse the Customer Portal. Features available on the Customer Portal include Access 24 x 7 to electronic support Create initial Cases including emergency service issues Attach supporting documentation or files to Cases View real-time progress made on the case Update and close Cases View details on Cases reported by your organization Resolve issues or find workarounds through the use of Knowledge Submit customer satisfaction Surveys Review support and satisfaction metrics Review defect corrections (Change Requests) Download available product media Update personal information View dashboardsLogging In/Out of Customer Portal Open the Customer Portal in an internet browser by going tal/login Enter the username and password as provided via email.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 1

Chapter 1: Overview If a password is not available, click Forgot your password? Enter the user name andclick Submit. A new e-mail will be sent with a temporary password. Press Login. Logging into the Customer portal for the first time or with a newly generated password willrequire Customers to create a secured password. The following Change Password promptwill display. Create a password that is at least 12 alphanumeric characters. Passwords that are considered acceptable will prompt the password strength progress tochange to Acceptable. Verify the password. Press Save. The Customer Portal Home Page is displayed. To log out of the Customer portal, simply click your name and then Logout at the top of thepage.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 2

Chapter 1: OverviewHome Page OverviewAlerts, Set-up and SearchesThe main section and left side of the page are used for Alerts, Set-up and Searches.Main Page Section:Displays important information regarding Company Announcements and upcomingevents such as scheduled maintenance and much more.Personal Set-up:Personal Set-up is used to update personal settings such as phone and password.Search:Search section is used to search for Cases and Change Requests. An AdvancedSearch is also available to allow customers to limit the search to particular areas of theCases and/or Change Requests.Recent Items:Displays the last 10 items viewed on the Customer Portal.Customer Portal Links:Provides links to other ABB Company websites.Available Tabs OverviewCases:Allows the Customer to View, Create and Close Cases for their Company based onsecurity levels defined within SalesForce. A Customer Portal user can be limited to see only their cases or all the cases for thecompany. A Customer Portal user may be granted the ability to close cases. A Customer Portal user may be granted the ability to download software andcorrections. Customers given this security will see a workspace and content tab ontheir view.Change Requests:A Change Request allows the customer to view all published Change Requests for theproducts under maintenance.Published Change Requests include: Any Case which has been sent to development for a correction by a customer.Customers are able to see each other’s issues but the name of the customer whoreported this is not published. Change Requests which have been found internally and have Emergency Patchimplications. For example, if a financial impact issue was found internally with thesystem, customers would be able to review the Change Request.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 3

Chapter 1: OverviewKnowledge:A knowledge article is a published detailed description of a customer(s) issue and theresolution of that issue. Customers are encouraged to search the knowledge base foranswers prior to generating a case.Reports:Several standard reports have been developed for the Customers which can begenerated and exported to get real-time information.Dashboards:Standard dashboards have been developed for the Customers which can be used totrack case status.Workspaces:Provides a list of all product download workspaces to which a Customer is associated. AWorkspace product download folder houses Content related to product workspace.Content:Lists all the available media (e.g. Emergency Patches and Patch Releases) a Customercan download based on workspace security and contractual entitlement.Subscriptions:Provides a list of Workspaces and Contents to which a Customer has subscribed. When a Customer subscribes to a Workspace, they will get automatic notificationsfrom the customer portal when new Content is added to the workspace. When a Customer subscribes to content, they will get automatic notification from thecustomer portal if that content is altered.Personal Set-upTo update personal settings, select the My Profile link provided on the Home Page.Edit Personal InformationTo edit personal information such as address, phone number and time zone, press the Edit buttonat the top of page.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 4

Chapter 1: OverviewUpdate any applicable information. When finished, press Save.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 5

Chapter 1: OverviewChange PasswordTo change a password, press the Change My Password button at the top of the page.Enter the old and new password. When finished, press Save.Note: Users will automatically be prompted by the portal to reset the password once a yearABB Confidential and Proprietary 6

Chapter 2: CasesChapter 2: CasesCreating a CaseSelect the Cases Tab.Press the Create New Case button.The Case Edit page is displayed.Fill in the details of the case. Required fields are noted with a red bar. Fields that are read-only willbe used by the support team to further manage and process the case.Select the appropriate Asset by utilizing the Search list.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 7

Chapter 2: CasesSelect the appropriate Purchased Product Level 1 by utilizing the Search list.Select the appropriate Priority and Customer Ranking by utilizing the Drop Down list.Select the appropriate Type by utilizing the drop down list.Select the appropriate Type of Environment by utilizing the drop down list.Enter the appropriate Subject, Description and Steps to Recreate.Click Save when finished. The case will be automatically submitted and routed to the appropriatequeue for assignment.Note: Once a Case is submitted, the header information can no longer be changed. Commentsand Attachments may be added after submitting.Additional Case informationCase CommentsPress Add Comment to add a comment related to the case. Comments added to the casewill send an e-mail message to the support personnel.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 8

Chapter 2: CasesAttachmentsPress Add Attachment to add an attachment to the case. Attachments added to the casewill send an e-mail to the support personnel.Change Request LinksAny Change Requests created for the case will be visible in the Change Requests relatedlist. To view the details of the Change Request, click on the Change Request ID. This list will only be visible on the Case if there is a Change Request associated. Customers can link directly from the case to the Change Request by clicking the ChangeRequest CR- number.ArticlesUse the article list at the bottom of the page to search for Knowledge related to resolving theCase. Press the Find Articles button to have the application look for matching articles.Support SurveyUse the Support Surveys to generate a survey at any time during the lifecycle of the case tocapture how satisfied you are with the progression of your case. Surveys are divided into 2 separate areas: Satisfaction with this Case; GCC OverallSatisfaction.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 9

Chapter 2: Cases A score of 0 to 6 is unhappy, 7 to 8 is neutral and 9 to 10 is delighted with the service. Additional comments can also be added to further explain your score. Every Survey which is submitted is e-mailed to middle and upper management forreview.ABB Confidential and Proprietary 10

Chapter 2: CasesViewing an Existing CaseSelect the Cases tab.The Recent Cases that have submitted are displayed.There are multiple views available from the View Selector drop-down. Select a view by utilizing thedrop down list.The following Views are available to choose from: My Open Cases: All Cases the user has created that are currently in an Open status. All Open Cases: All Cases the Customer (regardless of user) has created that are currentlyin Open status My Cases: All Cases the user created that are in both Open and Closed statuses. All Cases: All Cases the Customer (regardless of user) has created that are in