ABB Solutions For Control Panels Capabilities Guide

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ABB solutions for control panelsCapabilities guide

Top reasons to choose ABBas your preferred supplier oflow voltage control products1. The most extensive product range, enabling you to sourceyour critical components from one supplier Disconnects Arc Guard System Miniature circuit breakers Molded case circuit Power distributionbreakersbus systems Power circuit breakers Panelboards Contactors and overloads Surge protection devices Manual motor protectors Wire duct and wire wrap Pilot devices Enclosures Limit switches DIN rail components Starters Safety switches Softstarters Drives Connection devices Fittings Sensors Grounding systems Relays Wire termination systems Signal converters Lugs Timers and monitors Pin-and-sleeve connectors Universal motor controllers PLCs Safety relays and PLCs Safety locks2. Ease of product selection and installation Comprehensive selection tools and extensive technicaldocumentation for easy specification and use Wide variety of product options — from economicalto highly sophisticated — offering maximum value Products designed for easy installation, set-up,commissioning and maintenance Common style across product line helpsyou create a cleaner panel design3. Global support ABB products are available in more than 100 countries,giving you the confidence of worldwide sourcing —no matter where you build and operate your equipment Global certifications to support your business worldwide One single partner to handle your support requirements4. Ease of doing business Source for widest range of best-in-class products Pricing available 24x7x365 for qualified controlpanel partners Product selection tools, including configurators,cross references, product training and a dedicatedweb portal ( Business efficiency resources Regulatory compliance assistance Priority supportProducts1Disconnect switchesABB has a wide portfolio of low voltageswitches that includes fusible, nonfusible, change-over, enclosed andcam switches with ratings between16 and 3150 amps. These disconnectsare suitable for machinery, powerdistribution, switchboards, motorcontrol centers and photovoltaicapplications. UL508 and UL98 ListedCompact sizeHigh performanceSafe to use and easy to install2Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)ABB scalable PLC ranges provide solutionsfor small, middle and high-end applications.The platform offers performance levels forhigh availability, extreme environments orsafety solutions, along with interoperabilityand compatibility in hardware and software. AC500 — Flagship PLC with performance,communications and I/O capabilities for industrial use AC500-eCo — Compact, flexible and economical PLC AC500-S — Safety PLC for factory/machinery automation AC500-XC — Extreme-condition PLC for extendedtemperature range, vibration, hazardous gases, highaltitudes and humid conditions

Arc Guard System The ABB Arc Guard System protectspeople, equipment and productivityby quickly detecting an arc fault andtripping the incoming circuit breaker.Using light as the main condition, theunit trips instantaneously, overridingall other protections and delays,which is crucial when reaction times need to be measuredin milliseconds. Up to 30 sensors can be connected withfiber optic cable to each monitoring unit. Fiber optic detectionPre-calibrated sensorsIP54 protection30 optical detector inputsOptional current sensing unitLimit switchesWith the broadest range of solutions on the market,ABB offers all components from position sensorsvia automation systems to complete control panels. IP65 (plastic) and IP66 (metal) protection30mm to 60mm widthComplete safety lineThree cable conduitsMiniature pre-wired lineActuators: safety key, plunger, roller, adjustable lever,flexible rod and pull actionPower circuit breakers (PCBs)Emax PCBs provide the latest protectiontechnology with ease of installation and use.They function as circuit breakers for generalprotection of plants, user complexes andelectric lines and as protection circuit breakersfor generators, motors, transformers andcapacitors, making them the ideal solutionfor designers, installers, OEMs and end users. 600 VAC1000 VDCAvailable in fixed and drawout stylesUp to 6300AUp to 150kA of short circuit protectionAccessories include: motor operators, auxiliary and signalcontacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release, bell alarmsand moreSMISSLINE TP flexible powerdistribution bus systemModular assembly allowsfor simple reconfigurationand maintenance, andreduces installation time andspace. Design changes and future expansion are easilyaccomplished by connecting additional devices. Certified for UL508 and UL489 applications200A center-fed bus0.5 to 63ACombination motor startersHuman machine interface (HMI)Versatile visualization forproductivity with design— the CP600 range isdedicated for machinesand systems requiringvisualization performanceor representative design. Each range provides seven TFT 65,536 colortouch screens from 4.3" to 15"; 16:9 wide screenand 4:3 panels; 16:9 offers large area for HMI pagesin compact space Dimming, including black screen, to maintaindark operator position Aluminum case with IP66 front plate, very robust,appealing design High performance 32-bit controllerAutomation Builder softwareABB Automation Builder is the integrated software suitefor machine builders and system integrators wanting toautomate their machines and systems in a productiveway. Combining all of the tools required for configuring,programming, debugging and maintaining automationprojects from a common intuitive interface, AutomationBuilder addresses the largest single cost element of mostof today’s industrial automation projects: software. Premium version supports advanced engineeringproductivity and collaboration Standard version enables integrated engineeringfor PLCs, drives, motion, panels and robots Basic version is a free download for engineeringsimple PLC solutions

3 Surge protection devices (SPDs)SPDs are designed for long service life,protecting equipment from surges due tolightning strikes, upstream equipment andutility load switching. They are suitable foruse in hospitals, data centers, renewableenergy, water/wastewater treatment andother critical-power applications. 7 Manual motor protectorsManual motor protectors can reduce panelspace, installation time and cost. Applicationsinclude manual motor control, local motordisconnect, group installation and selfprotected combination motor controllers. Up to 100A, 20 to 75 HP, and up to 50kAshort circuit protection Self-protected type E and F Accessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contact blocksand shunt trips, power-feed blocks, under-voltage releaseand short circuit signaling contactsUL1449 3rd editionOVR DIN rail SPD for equipment protection; 15 and 40kAReplaceable MOV cartridges and modulesJoslyn line offers a complete range of SPDs forall applications that can help protect your sensitiveequipment from both overcurrent and overvoltage events84Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)ABB, the inventor of miniature circuitbreaker technology, offers the largestselection of current-limiting, compact,DIN-rail mounted MCBs, includingsolutions for the wind and solar PVmarkets, for AC and DC applications.Thermal and magnetic trips are providedto cover both overcurrent and shortcircuit faults. UL489, UL1077 and IEC 0.2 to 125A with 3 to 50kA short circuit protection Accessories: bus bars, auxiliary and signal contacts,shunt trip, under-voltage release and lock out/tag out5 Electronic products and relaysABB’s assortment includesa wide range of products forswitchgear and control gearfor electrical equipment andautomation of machinery andplants. These versatile productsoffer maximum security, economic efficiency and capacity.Ongoing development of the product range makes newapplications possible. 6Measuring and monitoring relaysInterface relays and time relaysGrid-feeding monitorsSensor interface relays and signal convertersUniversal motor controlFuse blocksABB’s modular fuse holders provide a wide fusecontact surface with electrolytic silver-platedcopper contacts for minimal resistance andreliable operation. Insulation material is UL94-V0flammability rated. Class CC fuse blocks arerejection style with high breaking capacity (200kA). Safe operation with fast, simple multiple poleassembly and quick fuse installation and replacement Blown fuse indicator for quick identification of fuse failures Class CC rated for 30A, 600V; 10x38 mm for 32A, 690VSoftstartersThe ABB softstarter portfolio consists of threedifferent ranges to cover almost all possiblemotor applications from 3 to 1810 amps andmain voltages of 208 to 600 VAC. PSR — compact, 3 to 105A PSE — efficient, 18 to 370A PST(B) — advanced, 30 to 1050A9 Low voltage drives and micro drivesABB machinery drives are designed to meetthe production and performance needs ofmachine builders, system integrators, panelbuilders and end users in a broad rangeof applications. The drives can be flexiblyprogrammed to meet the demands of differentmachine solutions. A wide range of featuresand options provides optimal solutions.10 ConnectionsABB offers one of the mostcomprehensive ranges of terminalblocks on the market to meet a varietyof customer requirements: from smallpanel builders to large OEMs, fromstandard distribution and control panelsto the most specialized applications in key industries suchas energy, maritime, explosive atmospheres and traction. Distribution, pluggable, railway and IDC blocks Screw or spring clamp11 Pilot devicesABB offers two ranges of pilotdevices for 22mm diameter holes.The modular range includesoperators, holders and contact,lamp and LED blocks that can be combined. The compactrange offers all functions built into a single unit. Adapter ringsenable use of 22mm pilot devices in 30mm diameter holes. IP66, IP67, IP69 and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12,13 Wiping contacts and integrated LEDs Standard and custom legend plate shrouds

12 Wire managementTy-Duct premium duct is idealfor electrical enclosures, machinebuilding and datacom closets.Two-point flush covers install withless force and greater capacity. Upper and lower score lines permit tool-less fingerbreakout and easy sidewall section removal Universal mounting clip serves as a cable tie mountingbase or as a snap connector for duct dividers Easily removable protective film prevents scratchesand allows for temporary labeling13 Tmax/XT molded casecircuit breakers (MCCBs)Tmax MCCBs provide an extremely highlevel of performance with limited overalldimensions and installation simplicity.The Tmax line is available in nine sizes, acomplete range of trip unit options and witha wide variety of electrical and mechanicalaccessories. Thermal magnetic and electronic versionsUp to 3200A with up to 100kA of short circuit protection600 VAC or 1000 VDCFixed, plug-in or drawoutAccessories include: motor operators, auxiliary and signalcontacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release and bell alarms14 TransformersABB X series industrial control transformersprovide stepped-down voltages for machinetool control devices and industrial controlpanels. They are made with high-quality siliconsteel laminations to minimize core loss andoptimize performance. 45 to 5000 VAMultiple primary AC voltages24, 115, 24/115 AC secondary voltagesEpoxy-encapsulated coils and molded-in terminals15 Power suppliesABB’s CP range of innovative primaryswitch mode power supplies providescompact construction, easy DIN railmounting and high efficiency, reliabilityand safety. Accessories include bufferunits, redundancy modules and more. 5, 12, 24 or 48 VDC output voltage with wide rangeof AC or DC supply voltages Approximately 90% efficient Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments Open-circuit, overload and short-circuit proof input fuse16 Safety productsABB Jokab Safety provides an extensiverange of innovative products andsolutions for machine safety systems.These products save labor andcomponents, simplify maintenance andtroubleshooting and provide the highestlevel of safety. Safety relays, safety controllers and programmablesafety controllers Light barriers, sensors, locks and control devices Machine fencing systems and roller doors17 Contactors and overloadsABB contactors incorporate the latestin electrical design and component layoutalong with the most recent developmentsin safety, materials and electronics. Thisrange offers a total system concept. TheA-line, together with ABB’s short circuitand overload protective devices, providesthe basis for a new generation designedto an ABB-line system community. UL general purpose and motor switching9 to 2100A3 to 900 HPUp to 600VAccessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contactblocks, surge suppressors, interlocking units, timersand electronic and thermal overload relays18 PCB/ice cube relays/universal octal/optocouplersABB’s interface relays andoptocouplers ensure reliablevoltage conversion betweenprocess peripherals and higherlevel control systems. Suitablefor use in extreme environments,our relays ensure reliable signalswitching and electrical isolation for sensitive electronicssuch as PLCs. A wide variety of pluggable interface relayswith standard or logic sockets can be used for switchingAC or DC loads. Coil voltages from 5 VDC to 230 VACUp to 16A contact ratings and up to four output contactsPluggable function modules such as RC elements availableIntegrated test button for manual operationGold-plated contacts available for lowest contact resistance19 StartersABB’s starters can be used in most motorcontrol applications using mechanicalstarting means as well as solid state. IEC and NE