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SIMODRIVE 611 digitalConfiguration ManualDrive ConvertersManufacturer/Service DocumentationEdition 06/2013

Preface, Table of ContentsOverview of theDrive SystemSystem ConfigurationSIMODRIVE 611 digitalMotor Selection andPosition/Speed SensingControl UnitsDrive ConvertersConfiguration ManualPower ModulesInfeed ModulesLine Supply ConnectionImportant Circuit InformationCabinet Design and EMCConnection DiagramsService and Spare PartsDimension DrawingsValid forEquipment series 6SN11–Abbreviations and TerminologyReferencesCertificates/Declarations of ConformityIndex06/2013 Edition123456789101112ABCD

3lsSIMODRIVE documentationPrinting historyBrief details of this edition and previous editions are listed below.The current configuring manual replaces the previous version.The status of each edition is shown by the code in the ”Remarks” column.Status code in the ”Remarks” column:A. New documentationB. Unrevised reprint with new Order No.C. Revised edition with new statusIf technical changes have been made on the page since the last edition, this is indicated by anew edition coding in the header on that page.EditionOrder 3CTrademarksAll products mentioned may be trademarks or product designations of Siemens AG or their suppliers,whose use by third parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of the trademark owners.We have checked that the contents of this publication agree with thehardware and software described here. Nevertheless, differences mightexist and therefore we cannot guarantee that they are completely identical.The information in this document is regularly checked and necessarycorrections are included in reprints. Suggestions for improvement are alsowelcome. Siemens AG 2012 All rights reserved.Printed in the Federal Republic of GermanySubject to change without prior notice.Siemens–Aktiengesellschaft

ForewordReader’s noteThe Configuration Manual describes a reference state, which whenobserved, ensures the required reliable operation and compliance withthe standards that have been taken into account.For deviations from the requirements laid down in the ConfigurationManual, suitable measures must be applied, for example, measurements, securing or verifying that the required reliable operation is guaranteed and that the standards to be taken into account are compliedwith from a regulatory perspective.The documentation must be completely read, understood and takeninto account before the devices are commissioned.If parts of the documentation have not been adequately understood,then please contact your local Siemens person before you continue towork with the devices.The contents of this document are neither part of an earlier or existingagreement, commitment or contractual relationship, nor do theychange this. Siemens is obliged to fulfill all requirements specified inthe applicable sales contract, which also contains all the valid terms ofwarranty.Any statements contained herein neither create new warranties normodify the existing warranty.Structure of thedocumentationThe SIMODRIVE documentation is subdivided into the following levels:Additional informationYou can find information on the following topics under the following link:S General Documentation/CatalogsS User DocumentationS Manufacturer/Service DocumentationS Ordering documentation/overview of documentsS Links to download documentsS Using documentation online (searching and scanning through ontrol/docuIf you have any questions regarding the technical documentation (e.g., suggestions, corrections), then please send an e–mail to the following [email protected] DocumentationManagerInformation is provided under the following link as to how you can individuallycompile documentation based on Siemens content, and adapt this for your ownmachine formation about SITRAIN – Siemens training courses for products, systemsand solutions in automation technology – is provided under the following link: Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Editionv

ForwordFAQs02.1206.1305.01You can find Frequently Asked Questions in the Service&Support pages underProduct Support:http//support.automation.siemens.comTarget groupThis documentation addresses machine manufacturing companies (OEMs) thatwish to configure, construct and commission a drive line–up based onSIMODRIVE components.Technical SupportLocal country telephone numbers for technical support are provided in the Internet under ficatesYou will find the certificates for the products described in this documentation inthe Internet: the Product/Order No. 15257461or contact the relevant branch office of the A&D MC group of Siemens AG.All declarations of conformity and certificates such as CE, UL, etc., are performed with the system components described in the associated ConfigurationManuals or catalogs and, thus, are only valid if the described components areused in the device or facility.NoteThe use of components not released by Siemens may require the user toprepare new certificates/declarations of Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Edition

02.1205.01ForwordRepairsNoteRepairs may be performed only by workshops authorized by Siemens whomust use genuine spare parts. Unauthorized repairs and the use of other spareparts can result in personal injuries and property damage as well as loss of ULapprovals and safety functions, such as Safety Integrated.!Proper use!WarningSIMODRIVE converters are used in high voltage installations and are operatedat voltages that when touched can cause serious injuries or death!Note the following:WarningSiemens products may only be used for the intended use in applicationsdescribed in the catalog and the associated technical documentation. Ifthird–party products and components are used, then these must either berecommended or certified by Siemens. The perfect and safe operation ofproducts assumes that they have been correctly transported, correctly stored,located, mounted, installed, commissioned, operated and maintained. Thepermissible environmental conditions must be complied with.Information and instructions in the associated documentation must beobserved.Definition:Who are qualifiedpersonnel?Setup and operation of the device/equipment/system in question must only beperformed using this documentation. Commissioning and operation of a device/system may only be performed by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel asreferred to in the safety instructions in this documentation are persons authorized to start up, ground, and label devices, systems, and circuits in accordancewith the relevant safety standards.ObjectivesThis Configuration Manual provides all of the detailed information required touse and handle SIMODRIVE components.Should you wish for additional information or should exceptional problems arisethat are not addressed in sufficient detail in this manual, you can request therequired information from your local Siemens office.The Configuration Manual describes a modular drive system. It is permissible touse the constellations and general versions described here. All other combinations must be separately and individually released by Siemens. Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Editionvii

Forword12.0611.0502.0705.01Information forusing this ManualThe following should be observed when using this manual:1. Help: The following help is available for the reader:S Complete table of contentsS Header line (as orientation):the main chapter is in the upper header linethe sub–chapter is in the lower header lineS Appendix with–Abbreviations and List of References–IndexIf you require information regarding a specific term, then look for this inthe Appendix under the Chapter ”Index”.The Chapter number as well as the page number is specified where information on this term can be found.2. Edition of the documentation:The history of the document editions is summarized in the printing history.The header of the document indicates the current edition (12/2006).Reader’s noteOnly the digital components for a SIMODRIVE group with High Performance/High Standard and 611 universal modules are described in Edition A10.04 andhigher. Please refer to the overview in Chapter 4.1 regarding from whichsoftware releases, use is possible.The descriptions for the relevant controls in the Configuration Manual, Edition02.03, still remain valid for the analog components that have been discontinued(not for new configurations)!Safety information!!viiiThis documentation contains information that must be observed to ensure yourpersonal safety and to prevent material damage. The instructions for your personal safety are marked by a warning triangle. Instructions relating solely tomaterial damage are not marked by a warning triangle. The warnings appear indecreasing order of risk as given below.Dangerindicates that death or serious injury will result if proper precautions are nottaken.Warningindicates that death or serious injury may result if proper precautions are nottaken. Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Edition

05.0805.01Forword!Cautionwith a safety alert signal indicates that minor personal injury can result if properprecautions are not taken.Cautionwithout a safety alert symbol, indicates that property damage can result ifproper precautions are not taken.Noticeindicates that an undesirable result or state may arise if the relevant note is notobserved.AdditionalinformationNoteThis symbol indicates important information about the product or part of thedocument, where the reader should take special note.Reader’s noteThis symbol is shown, if it relates to important information which the readermust observe.Technical information!Warning: High leakage currentAs a result of the high switching frequencies, capacitances (parasitic andintegrated) with respect to ground may cause high leakage currents. This is thereason that a permanent PE connection is required at the control cabinet andat the line filter!Measures according to EN 50178/94 Part must be implemented, e.g.1. Copper protective conductor with a minimum cross–section of 10 mm2should be connected, or2. A second conductor should be connected in parallel with the protectiveconductor through separate terminals.This conductor must also fully meet the requirements for PE conductorsaccording to IEC 364–5–543. Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Editionix

Forword02.1205.01NoteThe SIMODRIVE 611 drive converter system can be directly connected to TNline supplies with rated voltages 3–ph. 380 V AC (with derating), 3–ph. 400 VAC, 3–ph. 415 V AC and 3–ph. 480 V AC. Matching transformers, which aretailored to the system, are available to connect the system to other line supplytypes, for example, to IT or TT line supplies.Upstream devices providing protection against hazardous leakage currents orfor fire protection (such as residual–current protective devices) must beAC/DC–sensitive in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 50178. In thecase of other residual current protective devices, a transformer with separatewindings must be connected upstream of the converter for purposes ofdecoupling. See Chapter 7.!WarningWhen electrical equipment is operated, certain parts of this equipment areinevitably under dangerous voltage.Incorrect handling of these units, i.e. not observing the warning information, cantherefore lead to death, severe bodily injury or significant material damage.Only appropriately qualified personnel may commission/start up thisequipment.These personnel must be thoroughly familiar with all warnings andmaintenance procedures described in these operating instructions.Perfect, safe and reliable operation of the equipment assumes that it has beenappropriately transported and repaired and professionally stored, mounted andinstalled as well as carefully operated and serviced. Failure to observe theserequirements can endanger the user (electrical shock, fire hazard) or damagethe device.Hazardous axis motion can occur when working with the equipment.Further, all of the relevant national, local land plant/system–specific regulationsand specifications must be taken into account.!CautionThe DC link discharge voltage hazard warning in the local language must beclearly attached to the appropriate modules.NoteWhen handling cables, please observe the following:S are not damagedS they may not be stressed,S they may not come into contact with rotating components.x Siemens AG 2013 All Rights ReservedSIMODRIVE 611 Configuration Manual (PJU) – 06/2013 Edition

05.0805.01ForwordNoticeM600 and M500 are not PE voltages. Hazardous voltages of between300 . 400 V with respect to PE are present at the terminals. These potentials(voltages) may not be connected to PE.NoteThe machine builder must ensure that the voltage drop between the start of theconsumer’s installation and the power drive system (PDS) does not exceed 4%when operating with rated values.!WarningThe ”protective separation” can only be guaranteed when using thecomponents permitted/certified by Siemens for the system.”Protective separation” can only be guaranteed when it is absolutely certainthat the system components have the appropriate degree of protect