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User GuideIM/SM2000Issue 13Advanced Videographic RecorderSM2000

ABBThe CompanyEN ISO 9001:2000We are an established world force in the design and manufacture of instrumentation forindustrial process control, flow measurement, gas and liquid analysis and environmentalapplications.Cert. No. Q 05907As a part of ABB, a world leader in process automation technology, we offer customersapplication expertise, service and support worldwide.EN 29001 (ISO 9001)We are committed to teamwork, high quality manufacturing, advanced technology andunrivalled service and support.The quality, accuracy and performance of the Company's products result from over 100 yearsexperience, combined with a continuous program of innovative design and development toincorporate the latest technology.Lenno, Italy – Cert. No. 9/90AThe UKAS Calibration Laboratory No. 0255 is just one of the ten flow calibration plants operatedby the Company and is indicative of our dedication to quality and accuracy.Stonehouse, U.K.0255Electrical SafetyThis equipment complies with the requirements of CEI/IEC 61010-1:2001-2 'Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment forMeasurement, Control and Laboratory Use'. If the equipment is used in a manner NOT specified by the Company, the protectionprovided by the equipment may be impaired.SymbolsOne or more of the following symbols may appear on the equipment labelling:Warning – Refer to the manual for instructionsDirect current supply onlyCaution – Risk of electric shockAlternating current supply onlyProtective earth (ground) terminalBoth direct and alternating current supplyEarth (ground) terminalThe equipment is protectedthrough double insulationInformation in this manual is intended only to assist our customers in the efficient operation of our equipment. Use of this manual forany other purpose is specifically prohibited and its contents are not to be reproduced in full or part without prior approval of theTechnical Publications Department.Health and SafetyTo ensure that our products are safe and without risk to health, the following points must be noted:1. The relevant sections of these instructions must be read carefully before proceeding.2. Warning labels on containers and packages must be observed.3. Installation, operation, maintenance and servicing must only be carried out by suitably trained personnel and in accordance with theinformation given.4. Normal safety precautions must be taken to avoid the possibility of an accident occurring when operating in conditions of high pressureand/or temperature.5. Chemicals must be stored away from heat, protected from temperature extremes and powders kept dry. Normal safe handlingprocedures must be used.6. When disposing of chemicals ensure that no two chemicals are mixed.Safety advice concerning the use of the equipment described in this manual or any relevant hazard data sheets (where applicable) may beobtained from the Company address on the back cover, together with servicing and spares information.

Advanced Videographic RecorderSM2000ContentsContents1Introduction . 32Operation . 52.1 Powering up the Instrument . 52.2 Displays and Controls . 52.3 Chart Views .72.3.1 Electronic Signatures . 142.4 Bargraph Views . 152.5 Digital Indicator View . 172.6 Process View . 202.7 Alarm Event Log .232.8 Totalizer Log .252.9 Audit Log . 272.10 Status View . 283Setup . 293.1 Introduction . 293.2 Accessing the Setup Level .293.3 Password Entry . 313.4 Setup Menu .323.5 Archiving .343.5.1 Card Compatibility . 343.5.2 SmartMedia Handling and Care . 343.5.3 Media Status . 353.5.4 Inserting and Removing Media .353.5.5 Archive File Types . 363.6 Text Format Archive Files . 373.6.1 Text Format Channel Data Files . 373.6.2 Text Format Filename Examples . 383.6.3 Text Format Log files . 383.6.4 Text Format Data File Examples . 393.6.5 Text Format Data File Digital Signatures . 393.6.6 Text Format Data Verificationand Integrity .393.7 Binary Format Archive Files .413.7.1 Binary Format Archive Filenames . 413.7.2 Binary Format Channel Data Files . 413.7.3 Binary Format Log files .413.7.4 Binary Format Data File Examples . 413.7.5 Binary Format Data Verificationand Integrity .413.8 Archiving Online/Offline .443.9 Backing-up Archived Data .443.10 Archive Wrap . 44IM/SM2000Issue 134Configuration . 454.1 Introduction . 454.1.1 Configuration Modes . 454.1.2 Configuration Level Security . 454.1.3 Configuration Level Access . 454.2 Overview of Configuration . 484.3 Making Changes to Parameters . 494.4 Common Configuration . 524.4.1 Setup . 524.4.2 Screen . 534.4.3 Time . 544.4.4 Security . 564.4.5 Users . 584.4.6 Logs . 604.4.7 Operator Messages . 604.4.8 RS485 (Modbus ) Communications . 614.4.9 Comms Analog Input . 624.4.10 Comms Digital Input . 634.5 Process Group Configuration . 644.5.1 Setting the Recording Parameters . 644.5.2 Configuring the Chart View . 674.5.3 Configuring the Bargraph View . 704.5.4 Configuring the Process View . 714.5.5 Configuring the Digital Indicator View . 724.5.6 Archiving . 734.6 Channel Configuration . 764.6.1 Recording Channel Setup . 774.6.2 Analog Input Configuration . 814.6.3 Digital Input Configuration . 844.6.4 Alarm Configuration . 854.6.5 Totalizer Configuration . 914.6.6 Scales . 944.7 I/O Module Configuration . 954.7.1 Analog Inputs . 954.7.2 Relay Modules . 964.7.3 Hybrid Modules . 974.7.4 Ethernet Modules . 984.8 Modbus TCP . 984.9 Functions . 994.9.1 Custom Linearizers . 994.9.2 Real-time Alarms . 1001

Advanced Videographic RecorderSM20005Installation .1015.1 Siting .1015.2 Mounting .1025.3 Electrical Connections .1035.4 Analog Inputs .1055.4.1 Current and Voltage .1055.4.2 Thermocouple .1055.4.3 Resistance Thermometer (RTD) .1055.4.4 Transmitter Power Supply .1055.5 RS422/485 Serial Communications .1065.6 Mains Power Connections .1075.7 Relay Output Board Connections .1075.8 Hybrid I/O Module Connections .1085.8.1 Digital Output Connections .1085.8.2 Digital Input Connections .1085.8.3 Analog Output Connections .108Appendix A – Signal Sources .109Appendix B – Modbus Guide .111B.1 Introduction .111B.2 Setting Up .111B.3 Modbus Commands Supported .111B.4 Modbus Exception Responses .111B.5 Operating Mode Modbus Coils .111B.6 Operating Mode Modbus Registers .117B.7 Comms. Analog and Digital Inputs .119ContentsAppendix C – Storage Capacity . 121C.1 Internal Storage Capacity . 121C.2 Archive Storage Capacity . 122Appendix D – Default Settings . 124D.1 Company Standard . 124D.1.1 Common Configuration . 124D.1.2 Process Groups 1 to 6 . 124D.1.3 Recording Channels . 125D.1.4 I/O Modules . 125D.1.5 Functions . 126D.2 QuickStart Templates . 126D.2.1 QSMilliAmp . 126D.2.2 QSFlow . 126D.2.3 QSTHC C . 126D.2.4 QSTHC F . 126D.2.5 QSRTD C . 126D.2.6 QSRTD F . 126D.2.7 QSDEMO . 127D.2.8 QSDAIRY . 128Appendix E – Spare Parts and Accessories . 129Appendix F – Error & Diagnostics Information . 131Appendix G – Symbols and Icons . 132Index . 133Notes2. 136IM/SM2000Issue 13

Advanced Videographic RecorderSM20001 Introduction1 IntroductionFunctional Overview – Fig. 1.1 12 Recording Channels as standard, divided into 2 Process Groups, each with 6 Recording Channels. Two Alarms and one Totalizer are assigned to each Recording Channel. Signal sources derived from universal analog inputs, the Modbus serial link, optional digital inputs or internal analog and digitalsignals. Any source can be assigned to any recording channel. Data from assigned sources can be displayed in:–Vertical or Horizontal Chart view format–Vertical or Horizontal Bargraph view format–Digital Indicator view format–Process view format Three instrument logs record alarm events, totalizer values and system/configuration changes. Screen Capture facility – saves an image of any of the operator views to external archive media provided external archive mediawith sufficient free space is inserted in the instrument. It is not necessary for archiving to be 'online'.Mounting ClampsKeysShunt Resistors(1 per analog input)Compact Flash Card(If fitted with a compact flash drive)Standard AccessoriesNote. For optional accessories, refer to Appendix E onpage 129.IM/SM2000Issue 133

Advanced Videographic RecorderSM2000Signal SourcesNote. Signal sourcescan be assigned to anyrecording channel ineither process group.Analog InputsA1A2B1B2A3B3A4B4A5B51 IntroductionProcess Group 1Recording1.1Channels1.1 to View (Section 2.3)Bargraph View (Section 2.4)Digital Indicator View (Section 2.5)Process View (Section 2.6)A6B6 Two process groups asstandard provide 12 recordingchannels, irrespective of thenumber of external inputs.Internal sources see Appendix AProcess Group 2Comms.Analog Inputs12324Comms.Digital Inputs1232. to 2.6C1C2C3C4C5C6D1D2Bargraph ViewDigital Indicator ViewProcess ViewInstrument LogsAlarm/Event LogRecords all alarmtransitions and