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GK3000 User Manual1. Product confirmationGK3000 single phase VFDs is mainly positioned as a high-end market for OEMcustomers and the specific requirements of fan and pump load applications, itsflexible design, both embedded SVC and VF control in one, can be widely usedfor speed control accuracy, torque response speed, low-frequency outputcharacteristics and other situations with higher requirements.This user manual supplies a detailed description of GK3000 single phase VFDsincludes product characterization, structural features, parameter setting,operation and commissioning, inspection maintenance and other contents. Besure to carefully read through the safety precautions before use, and use thisproduct on the premise that personnel and equipment safety is ensured.IMPORTANT NOTESTo illustrate the details of the products, pictures in this manual based onØproducts with outer casing or safety cover being removed. When using thisproduct, please be sure to well install outer casing or covering by the rules,and operating in accordance with the manual contents;The illustrations this manual for illustration only and may vary with differentØproducts you have ordered;The company is committed to continuous improvement of products,Øproduct features will continue to upgrade, and the information provided issubject to change without notice.Safety signs in this manualDANGERindicates the situation in which the failure to follow operatingrequirements may result in fire or serious personal injury oreven death.indicates the situation in which the failure to follow operatingCAUTION requirements may cause moderate or slight injury and damage to equipment.-1-

GK3000 User Manual2. Safety PrecautionsUse Stage Safety GradePrecautionsDANGER²Do not install the product if the package is with water,or component is missing or broken;²Do not install the product if the label on the package isnot identical to that on the VFD.CAUTION²Be careful of carrying or transportation. Risk of devicesdamage;²Do not use damaged product or the VFDs missingcomponent .Risk of injury;²Do not touch the parts of control system with barehands. Risk of ESD hazard.DANGER²Installation base shall be metal or other non-flammablematerial. Risk of fire;²Do not install VFD in an environment containingexplosive gases, otherwise there is danger of explosion;²Do not unscrew the fixing bolts, especially the bolts withred mark.DANGER²Do not leave cable strips or screws in the VFD. Risk ofVFD damage;²Install the product at the place with less vibration andno direct sunlight;²Consider the installation space for cooling purposewhen two or more VFDs are placed in the samecabinet.BeforeInstallationInstallation²Wiring must be performed by authorized and qualifiedpersonnel. Risk of danger;²Circuit-breaker should be installed between VFD andthe mains. Risk of fire;WiringDANGER²Make sure the input power supply has been completelydisconnected before wiring. Failure to comply mayresult in personnel injury and/or equipment damage;²Since overall leakage current of this equipment may bebigger than 3.5mA, for safety's sake, this equipmentand its associated motor must be well grounded so asto avoid risk of electric shock;-2-

GK3000 User ManualUse Stage Safety GradeDANGERPrecautions²Never connect the power cables to the output terminals(U,V,W) of the VFD. Pay attention to the marks of thewiring terminals and ensure correct wiring. Failure tocomply will result in damage to the VFD;²Install braking resistors at terminals (P )and (P- or PB)only. Failure to comply may result in equipmentdamage.²Since all adjustable frequency VFDs from Gozuk havebeen subjected to hi-pot test before delivery, users areprohibited from implementing such a test on thisequipment. Failure to comply may result in equipmentdamage.WiringCAUTION²Signal wires should to the best of the possibility beaway from main power lines. If this cannot be ensured,vertical cross-arrangement shall be implemented,otherwise interference noise to control signal mayoccur.²If motor cables are longer than 100m, it is recommended output AC reactor be used. Failure to comply mayresult in faults.DANGER²VFD shall be power-on only after the front cover isassembled. Risk of electrical hazard.CAUTION²Verify that the input voltage is identical to the ratedvoltage of product, correct wiring of input terminals R,S,T or L1, L2 and output terminals U, V, and W, wiring ofVFD and its peripheral circuits, and all wires shouldbe in good connection. Risk of VFD damage.DANGER²Do not open the cover after power. Rick of electricalhazard;²Do not touches any input/output terminals of VFD withbare hands. Rick of electrical hazard.CAUTION²If auto tuning is required, be careful of personal injurywhen motor is running. Risk of accident;²Do not change the defaults of parameters. Risk ofdevices damage.BeforePower-onAfterPower-on-3-

GK3000 User ManualUse Stage Safety GradeDANGER²Non-professionals shall not detect signals duringoperation. Risk of personal injury or device damage;²Do not touch the fan or the discharging resistor tocheck the temperature. Failure to comply will result inpersonal burnt.CAUTION²Prevent any foreign items from being left in the devicesduring operation. Risk of device damage;²Do not control start/stop of VFD by ON/OFF ofcontactor. Risk of device damage.DANGER²Maintenance and inspection can only be performed byprofessionals. Risk of personal injury;²Maintain and inspect devices after power is off. Risk ofelectric hazard;²Repair or maintain the VFD only ten minutes after theVFD is powered off. This allows for the residual voltagein the capacitor to discharge to a safe value. Failure tocomply will result in personal injury;²All pluggable components can be inserted or pulled outonly when power has been turned off;²Set and check the parameters again after the VFD -

GK3000 User Manual3. Safety Precautions3.1 Installation EnvironmentPlease mount inside a well-ventilated location. The ambient temperature isØrequired to be within the range of -10 40 . If the temperature is higher than 40 , the VFD should be de-rated, at the same time the ventilation and heatdissipation should be enhanced.Be away from the location full of dust or metal powder, and mount in theØlocation free of direct sunlight.Mount in the location free of corrosive gas or combustible gas.ØHumidity should be lower than 90% with no dew condensation.ØMount in the location where vibration is less than 5.9m/s2(0.6G).ØPlease try to keep the VFD away from EMI source and other electronic devicesØwhich are sensitive to EMI.3.2 Mounting Space and DirectionGenerally in vertical way.ØFor the requirements on mounting space and distance, refer to Fig.3-1.ØØWhen several VFDs are installed in one cabinet, they should be mounted inparallel with special incoming and out coming ventilation and special fans.When two VFDs are mounted up and down, an air flow diverting plate shouldbe fixed as shown in Fig.3-2 to ensure good heat dissipation.Fan exhaustMore than 200mm变频器More than 100mmAir flow divertingMore than 100mm变频器More than 200mmFigure 3-1 Mounting space and distanceFigure 3-2 Mounting of multiple VFDs-5-

GK3000 User Manual4. Standard Wiring4.1 Main circuit wiring diagramVFDCircuitAC powerR( L1 )US(L2)VTMWPEFigure 4-1Main circuit wiring4.2 Main Circuit Terminals DiagramTerminalnameMain circuit terminalApply toL1、L2220V1-phase0.4KW 5.5KWU、V、WL1 L2EUVWE220V1-phase7.5KW 15KWR220V1-phase18.5KW 75KWRSSTTP P- PB UP P- UVVWWFunction220V 1-phase Input terminals220V 1/3-phase OutputterminalsEarthingR、S、T220V 1-phase Input terminalsU、V、W220V 1/3-phase OutputterminalsEP 、PBBraking resistor wiring terminalsR、S、T220V 1-phase Input terminalsU、V、W220V 1/3-phase OutputterminalsEP 、P-Braking resistor wiring terminalsTable 4-1 Description of Main Circuit input/output terminals-6-

GK3000 User Manual4.2 Basic Wiring DiagramMCCBThree-phasepower supplyRSElectric motorUGK3000TMVWEEarthedX1X2P Braking resistorX3PBX4TaX5TbX6Fault relay outputTcFWDREVDC Ammeter4-20mACurrent signalAOCOMGNDHigh-speed pulse output 10V0 10V0 10V/4 20mADOOpen collector outputVIOCCI485 GND485-Figure 4-2 Basic Wiring Diagram-7-Standard RS485communication port

GK3000 User Manual4.3 Wiring With Single phase motor4.3.1 Single phase motor introductionSingle phase motor generally means asynchronous single phase motor poweredby single phase AC 220V, there’re two phase winding in motor stator and motorrotor is common squirrel cage. The distribution of two phase winding anddifferent power supply will lead to different starting characteristics and operatingcharacteristicsUsually single phase motor is with single capacitor or double capacitor, photos ofmotor are as below:Figure 4-3 Motor with single capacitor and double capacitorSingle phase motor is consisted of main winding, secondary winding, capacitorand centrifugal switch, internal wiring of single phase motor with single capacitoris as below:MU1Z1Main winding220VACU2Z2Secondary windingStarting capacitorFigure 4-4 Operation mode: Internal wiring of motor with single capacitor-8-

GK3000 User ManualMCentrifugal switchU1Z1Main winding220VACZ2U2Secondary windingStarting capacitorFigure 4-5 Starting mode: Internal wiring of motor with single capacitor Internal wiring of single phase motor with double capacitors is as below:MCentrifugal switchStarting capacitorU1220VACZ1Main windingZ2U2Secondary windingRunning capacitorFigure 4-6 Internal wiring of motor with double capacitors-9-

GK3000 User ManualResistor starting mode single phase motor, and internal wiring is as below:MRU1Z1Main winding220VACZ2U2Secondary windingCentrifugal switchFigure 4-7 Resistor starting mode: Internal wiring of motorAfter removing the capacitors from above motors, remain 4 main and secondarywinding terminals as below:U2Z1Main windingU1Z2Secondary windingMFigure 4-8 Main and secondary winding of motor (After removing the capacitors)-10-

GK3000 User Manual4.3.2 Wiring between VFD and motor (Capacitor removable)Connect main and secondary winding of motor to VFD UVW, then VFD can work.But due to the motor winding difference, motor forward wiring must be as below,if not cause motor too heat.(-)( )M(PB)UL2V220VACU1WU2Z1Z2GK3000Secondary windingL1Main windingKM1Figure 4-9 Forward wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75Kw) and motorMotor reverse can’t be completed through parameter setting of VFD or changeany two phase wirings, motor reverse wiring must be as below:(-)( )M(PB)UL2V220VACU1WU2GK3000Z1Z2Secondary windingL1Main windingKM1Figure 4-10 Reverse wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75Kw) and motor-11-

GK3000 User Manual(-)( )M(PB)UL2V220VACU1WU2Z1Z2GK3000Secondary windingL1Main windingKM1Figure 4-11 Forward wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75kW) and motor(-)( )M(PB)UL2VU1WU2GK3000Z1Z2Secondary windingL1220VACMain windingKM1Figure 4-12 Reverse wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75kW) and motorNote: After wiring completed, need to set P9.13 1(Thousand's digit).4.3.3 Wiring between VFD and motor (Non-removable capacitor)If the capacitor in motor is Non-removable, the wiring is as below. The forwardand reverse is determined by VW wiring sequence.-12-

GK3000 User Manual(-)( )(PB)KM1L1UL2VM220VACWGK3000Figure 4-13 Wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75Kw) and motorThe forward and reverse is determined by UV wiring sequence.(-)( )(PB)KM1L1UL2V220VACWMGK3000Figure 4-14 Wiring between GK3000 ( 0.75Kw) and motorNote: After wiring completed, need to set P9.13 2(Thousand's digit)-13-

GK3000 User Manual5. KeyboardReserve indicatorAlarm fault indicatorForward indicatorFrequency(Hz)Digital displayVoltage(V)Electric current(A)Function/Data keyAnalog potentiometerMENU/ESC keyReserve/Jog keyShift/monitorForward keyStop/reset keyDOWN keyUP keyFigure 5-1 Control panel diagram5.1 Keyboard indicatorItemFunction descriptionDigital displayA、Hz、VDisplay VFD’s running state parameters and setting parametersThe physical units correspond to presently digital display parameters(current is ampere A, voltage is volt V, frequency is Hertz Hz) .State indicatorDisplay functionMODIn the non-monitoring state, the indicator is on. If there is no pressfor one minute, the indicator is off and returns to the monitoringstate.ALMThe alarm indicator, indicates that the VFD is currently in anovercurrent or overvoltage state or a fault alarm state.FWDIf the FWD andForward indicator, indicates that the VFDREV indicators areoutputs positive phase sequence. When themotor is connected, the motor rotates forward. on at the sameREVReverse indicator, indicates that the VFDoutput reverse phase sequence, when themotor is connected, the motor is reversed.-14-time, it indicatesthat the VFD isworking in DCbraking state.

GK3000 User Manual5.2 Keyboard functionKeyItemFunction descriptionMENU/ESC key Enter or exit programming stateShift/monitorIn the editing state, the modification bit of the setting data can beselected; in other states, the display state monitoring parametercan be switchedShift/monitorEnter the submenu or data confirmationReserve/JogkeyIn the operation keyboard mode, press this key to reverse or jogaccording to the one-bit setting of parameter P3.46.Forward keyIn the operation keyboard mode, press this key to run the VFD inforwardWhen the VFD is in normal running state, if the runningcommand channel of the VFD is set to the keypad stop effectiveStop/reset key mode, press this button, the VFD will stop according to the setmode. When the VFD is in the fault state, press this button toreset the VFD and return to the normal shutdown stateAnalogpotentiometerUP keyDOWN keyFor frequency given; when P0.01 0, the analog potentiometer isset to frequency givenIncrement of data or function code (increasing the incrementalspeed when pressed continuously)Decrement of data or function code (increasing decrementspeed when pressed continuously)-15-

GK3000 User Manual6. Function Code Table“ ”: means tha