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SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser ManualIssue01Date2017-04-01HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.

Copyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2017. All rights reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without priorwritten consent of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Trademarks and Permissionsand other Huawei trademarks are trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.All other trademarks and trade names mentioned in this document are the property of their respectiveholders.NoticeThe purchased products, services and features are stipulated by the contract made between Huawei andthe customer. All or part of the products, services and features described in this document may not bewithin the purchase scope or the usage scope. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, all statements,information, and recommendations in this document are provided "AS IS" without warranties, guarantees orrepresentations of any kind, either express or implied.The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made in thepreparation of this document to ensure accuracy of the contents, but all statements, information, andrecommendations in this document do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied.Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Address:Huawei Industrial BaseBantian, LonggangShenzhen 518129People's Republic of awei.comIssue 01 (2017-04-01)Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.i

SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser ManualAbout This DocumentAbout This DocumentPurposeThis document describes the SUN2000-33KTL-US/36KTL-US/40KTL-US (SUN2000 forshort) in terms of its installation, electrical connections, commissioning, maintenance, andtroubleshooting. Understand the safety information and get familiar with the SUN2000functions and features before installing and operating the SUN2000.Intended AudienceThis document is intended for photovoltaic (PV) power plant personnel and qualifiedelectrical technicians.Symbol ConventionsThe symbols that may be found in this document are defined as follows.SymbolDescriptionIndicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if notavoided, will result in serious injury or death.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if notavoided, could result in serious injury or death.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if notavoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if notavoided, could result in equipment damage, data loss,performance deterioration, or unanticipated results.NOTICE is used to address practices not related to personalinjury.Calls attention to important information, best practices andtips.NOTE is used to address information not related to personalinjury, equipment damage, and environment deterioration.Issue 01 (2017-04-01)Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.ii

SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser ManualAbout This DocumentChange HistoryChanges between document issues are cumulative. The latest document issue contains allupdates made in previous issues.Issue 01 (2017-04-01)This issue is the first official release.Issue 01 (2017-04-01)Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.iii

SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser ManualContentsContentsAbout This Document . ii1 Safety Precautions . 12 Overview. 42.1 Product Overview . 42.2 Appearance . 62.3 Label Description. 102.4 Working Principle . 143 SUN2000 Storage . 164 System Installation . 174.1 Checking Before Installation . 174.2 Tools . 184.3 Determining the Installation Position . 224.4 Moving the Inverter . 274.5 Installing the Mounting Plate . 274.5.1 Wall-mounted Installation . 284.5.2 Common Support-mounted Installation . 314.5.3 Tilted Support-mounted Installation . 334.6 Installing the SUN2000 . 345 Connecting Cables . 385.1 Preparing OT Terminals . 385.2 Connecting the Ground Cable. 395.2.1 Grounding the SUN2000 over a PE Point . 405.2.2 PV Side Grounding . 415.3 Opening the Maintenance Compartment Door . 425.4 Connecting AC Output Power Cables . 445.4.1 Connection Through a Pipe . 455.4.2 Common Connection . 515.5 (Optional) Installing the DC Protection Shroud . 575.6 Connecting DC Input Power Cables . 595.7 Connecting Communications Cables . 665.7.1 Communication Mode Description . 66Issue 01 (2017-04-01)Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.iv

SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser ManualContents5.7.2 Selecting a Mode for Connecting RS485 Communications Cables . 675.7.3 Connecting RS485 Communications Cables Through a Pipe . 705.7.4 Connecting the RS485 Communications Cable in a Common Way . 755.8 Closing the Maintenance Compartment Door . 796 System Commissioning . 826.1 Checking Before Power-On . 826.2 Powering On the SUN2000 . 826.3 Powering Off the SUN2000 . 887 Man-Machine Interactions . 907.1 Operations with a USB Flash Drive. 907.1.1 Exporting Configurations . 907.1.2 Importing Configurations . 927.1.3 Exporting Data . 937.1.4 Upgrading . 947.2 Operations with a SmartLogger . 967.3 Operations with the NMS . 967.4 Operations with the SUN2000 APP . 968 Maintenance . 978.1 Routine Maintenance . 978.2 Troubleshooting . 989 Handling the SUN2000 . 1059.1 Removing the SUN2000 . 1059.2 Packing the SUN2000. 1059.3 Disposing of the SUN2000 . 10510 Technical Specifications . 106A Grid Codes. 110B Acronyms and Abbreviations . 111Issue 01 (2017-04-01)Huawei Proprietary and ConfidentialCopyright Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.v

SUN2000-(33KTL, 36KTL, 40KTL)-USUser Manual1 Safety Precautions1Safety PrecautionsBefore performing operations, read through this manual and follow all the precautions toprevent accidents. The safety precautions provided in this document do not cover all thesafety precautions. Huawei shall not be liable for any consequence caused by the violation ofthe safety operation regulations and design, production, and usage standards.DeclareHuawei shall not be liable for any consequence caused by any of the following events. Transportation The storage conditions do not meet the requirements specified in this document. Violate the operation instructions and safety precautions in this document for installation,cable connecting, and maintenance. Operation in extreme environments which are not covered in this document Unauthorized modifications to the product or software code Installation or use in environments which are not specified in related internationa