Solar Inverters ABB Central Inverters PVS980 1818 To 2000

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Solar invertersABB central invertersPVS9801818 to 2000 kVAABB central inverters raise reliability,efficiency and ease of installation tonew levels. The inverters are aimedat system integrators and end userswho require high-performance solarinverters for large photovoltaic(PV) power plants. PVS980 centralinverters are available from 1818 kVAup to 2000 kVA, and are optimized forcost-effective, multi-megawatt powerplants.World’s leading inverter platformLike other ABB central inverters, thePVS980 has been developed on thebasis of decades of experience inthe industry and proven technologyplatform. Unrivalled expertise from theworld’s market and technology leader infrequency converters is the hallmark ofthis solar inverter series.The PVS980 inverter is one of themost efficient and cost-effective waysof converting the direct current (DC)generated by solar modules into highquality and CO2-free alternating current(AC) that can be fed into the powerdistribution network.PVS980 central inverters from ABBABB PVS980 central inverters are idealfor large PV power plants. The high DCinput voltage, high efficiency, provencomponents, compact and modulardesign and a host of life cycle servicesensure ABB PVS980 central invertersprovide a rapid return on investment.Highlights High total performance Outstanding endurance for outdooruse Compact, modular product design High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC Extensive DC and AC side protection Self-contained cooling system withhigh efficiency Versatile design for large-scale PVplants to minimize system costs Complete range of industrial datacommunication options, includingremote monitoring Life cycle service and supportthrough ABB’s extensive globalservice network

Maximum energy revenuesMaximum energy revenuesABB central inverters have a high totalefficiency. Precise, optimized systemcontrol and maximum power pointtracking (MPPT) combine with the unit’shighly efficient power converter designto deliver the maximum energy from thePV modules to the power distributionnetwork. For end users, this generatesthe highest possible revenues from theenergy sales.Self-contained, low-maintenancecooling systemPVS980 inverters feature a proven closedloop cooling system used in other ABBindustrial applications. This innovative,truly low-maintenance cooling solution isdesigned for demanding applications andharsh environments, cutting maintenancecosts and ensuring outstandingendurance.ABB solar inverters Product flyer for PVS980Compact and modular designPVS980 inverters are designed for fastand easy installation. The industrialdesign and modular platform providea wide range of options, such asremote monitoring, fieldbus connectionand modular and flexible DC inputconnections. The integrated DC savesspace and costs as the solar arrayjunction boxes can be connected directlyto the fused busbars in the DC cabinet.PVS980 inverters are customized for theneeds of end users and will be availablewith short delivery times.Versatile design for large-scale PVplants to minimize system costsABB’s PVS980 central inverter enablessystem integrators to design PV powerplants that use the optimum combinationof inverters with different power ratings.Equipped with extensive electrical andmechanical protection, the inverters areengineered to provide a long and reliableservice life of at least 25 years.Advanced grid support featuresThe PVS980 software includes all thelatest grid support and monitoringfeatures, including active power limitation,fault ride through (FRT) with currentfeed-in and reactive power control.Active and reactive power output can becontrolled by an external control systemor automatically by the inverter.All grid support functions areparameterized, allowing easy adjustingfor local utility requirements. ABB centralinverters are also able to support gridstability at night by providing reactivepower with the DC input disconnected.

ABB central invertersPVS9801818 to 2000 kVAHigh total performanceABB self-contained coolingsystem Closed loop cooling system based on phase transitionand thermosiphon technology Liquid-cooled inverter power ratings with the simplicityof air cooling No fillable liquids, pumps, valves, inhibitors or leaks Low maintenanceHigh efficiencyLow auxiliary power consumptionInnovative controlled coolingEfficient maximum power point trackingLong and reliable service life of at least 25 yearsOutstanding endurance foroutdoor useVersatile design for largescale PV plants Water- and dustproof outdoor enclosure Designed to withstand the toughest environments Long and reliable service life following the ABB life cyclemodel Integrated DC connection with variable number ofinputs Wide standard option palette for tailoring Versatile AC connection methodsModular industrial designMinimizes system costs Compact and easy-to-maintain product design Fast and easy installation Integrated and flexible DC input section Life cycle service and supportWide communication options Complete range of industrial data communicationoptions for SCADA connections Ethernet/Internet Protocol Remote monitoringABB’s extensive global service networkExtended warrantiesService contractsTechnical support throughout the service life1500 VDC system voltageWide ranged and highly efficient MPPT algorithmIntegrated protection to minimize external componentsFast and easy installation and commissioningProduct flyer for PVS980 ABB solar inverters

ABB central invertersPVS9801818 to 2000 kVATechnical data and typesType 1818 kVA1909 kVA2000 kVAInput (DC)Maximum input power (PPV,max) 1)2910 kWp3055 kWp3200 kWpDC voltage range, mpp (UDC, mpp) at 50 C850 to 1100 V893 to 1100 V935 to 1100 VDC voltage range, mpp (UDC, mpp) at 35 C850 to 1500 V893 to 1500 V935 to 1500 V1500 V1500 V1500 V11Maximum DC voltage (Umax (DC))Number of MPPT trackersNumber of protected DC inputs82)to 24 ( /-)82)to 24 ( /-)182)to 24 ( /-)Output (AC)Nominal power (SN(AC)) 3)1818 kVA1909 kVA2000 kVAMaximum output power (Smax (AC)) 4)2000 kVA2100 kVA2200 kVA1750 A1750 A1750 A600 V630 V660 V50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 HzNominal AC current (I N(AC))Nominal output voltage (UN(AC))5)Output frequency 3% 3% 3%TN and ITTN and ITTN and IT98.8%98.8 %98.8%98.6%98.6 %98.6%Own consumption in operation2500 W2500 W2500 WStandby operation consumption225 W225 W225 WAuxiliary voltage 6/15223180/2366/15223850 kg3850 kg3850 kgHarmonic distortion, currentDistribution network type6)7)EfficiencyMaximumEuro-eta8)8)Power consumptionDimensions and weightWidth/Height/Depth, mm (W/H/D)Weight appr.DC/AC ratio over 1.6 might decrease timebetween maintenance intervals2)As standard3)At 50 C4)At 35 C1)5)6)7)8) 10%At nominal powerInverter side must be IT typeWithout auxiliary power consumption at min UDCProduct flyer for PVS980 ABB solar inverters

ABB PVS980 central inverter design and power network 0-58-2000kVA-K3ControlandmonitorTechnical data and typesType designationPVS980-58Environmental limitsDegree of protectionAmbient temp. range (nom. ratings) 10)Maximum ambient temperature 11)Relative humidityMaximum altitude (above sea level)Maximum noise levelProtectionGround fault monitoringGrid monitoringAnti-islandingDC reverse polarityAC and DC short circuit and overcurrentAC and DC overvoltage and temperatureUser interface and communicationsLocal user interfaceAnalog inputs/outputsDigital inputs/relay outputsFieldbus connectivityProduct complianceSafety and EMC 15)Certifications and approvals 15)Grid support and grid functions9)10)11)12)Excluding underpressure testing-40 C as optionPower derating after 50 CDerating above 1000 m-1818kVA-I1818 kVA-1909kVA-J1909 kVA-2000kVA-K2000 kVAIP65 9)/Type 3R-20 C to 50 C 60 C5% to 100%4000 m 12)88 dBA 13)YesYesYesYesYesYesABB local control panelExtendable as optionExtendable as optionModbus, Profinet, Ethernet14)CE conformity according to LV and EMC directivesIEC, UL, CEI, RD, EDF, P.O. 12.3, BDEW, GOST, ASReactive power compensation 16), Power reduction, LVRT, Anti-islanding13)14)15)16)At partial power typically 75 dBAMore communication options as engineered optionApprovals pending, contact ABB for more informationAlso at nightProduct flyer for PVS980 ABB solar inverters

Data communication principle for ABB PVS980 central invertersPVString monitoringstringsboxPVS980central oteWebmonitoringFieldbusLocal serviceDatabasePCI/OPVS980-MVPMV gridconnectionElectricityDataOptions Integrated and flexible DC inputextension AC breaker AC busbar interface DC grounding (negative and positive) Fieldbus and Ethernet connections Current measurement to each DCinput High altitude version Warranty extensions Solar inverter care contractsABB transformerABB SafeRingswitchgearRelated products Medium voltage station (transformerand switchgear) as outdoor orcontainerised solution String monitoring junction boxes Remote monitoring solutionsSupport and serviceABB supports its customers with adedicated service network in morethan 60 countries and provides acomplete range of life cycle servicesfrom installation and commissioning topreventative maintenance, spare parts,repairs and recycling.For more information please contactyour local ABB representative or Copyright 2015 ABB. All rights reserved.Specifications subject to change without notice.3AXD50000027473 REV F EN 23.12.2016Modbus