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Thank you for choosing TCL. This booklet helps you get started with your new TCL LX.Important:Restart your phone by pressing and holding the power key for more than 8 seconds until thestartup screen appears.Table of contents1In case this does not start your phone, press and hold the power key and volume up key togetheruntil the startup screen appears. From the following menus, short press the power key to select thelanguage and then the “factory reset” option.Note: This operation will erase personal settings and saved data.2Your mobile 41.1Keys and connectors. 41.2Getting started. 61.3Home screen. 8Text input 172.1Using Onscreen Keyboard. 172.2Text editing. 183 Phone call, Call log and Contacts 1943.1Phone. 193.2Placing a call. 193.3Answering or rejecting a call. 203.4Call log. 243.5Contacts. 243.6Contacts importing, exporting and sharing. 28Messages 294.15Write message. 29Gmail/Email 325.1Gmail . 325.2 Email. 366 Calendar & Alarm clock & Calculator 3876.1Calendar. 386.2Clock. 40Getting connected 437.1Connecting to the Internet. 437.2Connecting to Bluetooth devices . 447.3Connecting to a computer . 467.4Sharing your phone's mobile data connection. 467.5Connecting to virtual private networks. 471

891011Camera 49Google applications 529.1Play Store. 529.2Chrome. 529.3Gmail. 539.4Maps. 549.5YouTube. 559.6Drive. 559.7Play Music. 559.8Play Movies & TV. 559.9Duo. 559.10Photos. 55Settings 5610.1Network & internet. 5610.2Connected devices. 5710.3App & notifications. 5710.4Battery. 5810.5Smart Manager. 5810.6Display. 5810.7Sound. 5810.8Storage. 5810.9Security & location. 5810.10Users & accounts. 5810.11Accessibility. 5910.12Google. 5910.13System. 59Making the most of your phone 6011.1FOTA Upgrade. 6011.1FOTA Upgrade. 60Safety and use 612This product meets applicable national SAR limits of 1.6 W/kg. The specificmaximum SAR values can be found on page 71 of this user guide.www.sar-tick.comWhen carrying the product or using it while worn on your body, eitheruse an approved accessory such as a holster or otherwise maintain adistance of 10 mm from the body to ensure compliance with RF exposurerequirements. Note that the product may be transmitting even if you arenot making a phone call.PROTECT YOUR HEARING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for longperiods. Exercise caution when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeakeris in use.3

11.1CameraYour mobile Volume keyKeys and connectorsPower keyHeadset connectorLED indicatorTouch screenBack key Touch to go back to the previous screen, or to close a dialog box, options menu, thenotification panel, etc.Home key From any application or screen, touch to return to the Home screen. Long press to open Google now.Back keyRecents keyHome keyMenu key Touch: Open a list of thumbnail images of apps you've worked with recently. Toucha thumbnail to open an app. Swipe horizontally to remove a thumbnail from the list. Long press to access split mode.Micro-USB Connector45

Charging the batteryPower key Press: Lock the screen/Light up the screen. Press and hold: Show the pop-up menu to select from Power off/Restart/Airplanemode. Press and hold the Power key for more than 8 seconds to reboot. Press the Power key and Volume down key to capture a screenshot.Volume keys call mode, adjusts the earpiece or headset volume.In Music/Video/Streaming mode, adjusts the media volume.In general mode, adjusts the ringtone volume.Mutes the ringtone of an incoming call.In camera mode, press Volume up or down key to take a photo.It is advised that you fully charge your battery ( ). Connect the battery charger to your phone andmain socket respectively, charging status is indicated by the percentage on screen while the phoneis powered off. The percentage increases as the phone is charged.Getting startedTo reduce power consumption and energy waste when the battery is fully charged,disconnect your charger from the plug; switch off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth or backgroundrunning applications when not in use; reduce the backlight time, etc.Set upInstalling or removing the SIM card and microSD card1.2.2Power on your phoneHold down the Power key until the phone powers on, unlock your phone (Swipe, PIN, Password,Pattern) if necessary and confirm. The Home screen is displayed.SIMSDIf you do not know your PIN code or if you have forgotten it, contact your service provider. Do not leaveyour PIN code with your phone. Store this information in a safe place when not in use.Set up your phone for the first timeThe first time you power on the phone, you should set the following options: language, mobile data,Google service, date & time, etc.1.2.3Power off your phoneHold down the Power key from any screen until the phone options appear, select Power off.To install microSD card, place the microSD card with the chip facing downwards into the housing,and then slide it into its slot. To remove microSD card, press and slide it out.67

1.3Home screenYou can bring all the items (applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets) you love or use mostfrequently to your Home screen for quick access. Touch the Home key to switch to the Home screen.Status bar Status/Notification indicators Touch and drag down to open the notification panel.1.3.1Using the touchscreenTouchTo access an application, touch it with your finger.Touch and HoldTo enter the available options for an item, touch and hold the item. For example, select a contact inContacts, touch and hold this contact, an options list will then appear on screen.DragPlace your finger on the screen to drag an object to another location.Touch an icon to open an application, folder, etc.Favorite tray applications Touch to enter the application. Touch and hold to move or change applications.Slide/SwipeTouch to enter application list.FlickSlide the screen to scroll up and down the applications, images, web pages at your convenience.Flicking is similar to swiping, but makes movement faster.The Home screen is provided in an extended format to allow more space for adding applications,shortcuts etc. Slide the Home screen horizontally to get a complete view.Pinch/SpreadPlace two fingers from one hand on to the screen's surface and draw them apart or together to scalean element on the screen.RotateAutomatically change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape by turning the phonesideways to have a better view.89

1.3.2Status barNotification iconsFrom the status bar, you can view both phone status and notification information.New Gmail messageScreenshot capturedNew Email messageMissed callNew text or multimedia messageAn open Wi-Fi network is availableProblem with SMS or MMS deliveryUploading dataUpcoming eventDownloading dataScreenshot errorSystem update availableStatus icons10GSM onlyVibrate modeWCDMA onlyAlarm is setLTE onlyConnected to a Wi-Fi networkSignal strengthSpeakerphone is onRoamingNo SIM card insertedNo signalBattery is chargingAirplane modeBattery is very lowBluetooth is onBattery is lowHeadset connectedBattery is partially drainedGPS is onBattery is fullTouch and drag down the Status bar to open the Quick settings panel or Notification panel. Touchand drag up to close the panels. When there are notifications, you can touch them to accessnotifications directly.11

Notification panel1.3.3When there are notifications, touch and drag down the Status bar to open the Notification panel toread the detailed information.The phone provides a Search function which can be used to locate information within applications,the phone or the web.Search barTouch to switch to the Quick settings panel. Touch to clear all event–based notifications (otherongoing notifications will remain).Quick settings panelTouch and drag down the Notification panel to open the Quick settings panel, where you can enableor disable functions or change modes by touching the icons. Search by text