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Alcatel QUICKFLIP User Guide

Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on thesoftware of the phone. Actual color may vary.Your phone is designed to make it easy for you to access a wide variety of content. Foryour protection, we want you to be aware that some applications that you enable mayinvolve the location of your phone being shared. For applications available throughCricket, we offer privacy controls that let you decide how an application may use thelocation of your phone and other phones on your account. However, the Cricket privacytools do not apply to applications available outside of Cricket. Please review the termsand conditions and the associated privacy policy for each location-based service tolearn how location information will be used and protected. In addition, your Cricketphone may be used to access the internet and to download, and/or purchase goods,applications, and services from Cricket or elsewhere from third parties. Cricket providestools for you to control access to the Internet and certain Internet content. Thesecontrols may not be available for certain devices which bypass Cricket controls. 2017 Cricket Wireless LLC. All rights reserved. Cricket and the Cricket logo areregistered trademarks under license to Cricket Wireless LLC. Other marks are theproperty of their respective owners.Alcatel is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent used under license by TCL Communication Ltd.QUICKFLIP is a trademark of TCL Communication Ltd. 2017 TCL Communication Ltd. All rights reserved.TCL Communication Ltd. reserves the right to alter material or technical specificationwithout prior notice.All "Signature" ringtones embedded in this phone have been composed, arranged andmixed by NU TROPIC (Amar Kabouche).BC* T o experience Cricket HD Voice, both callers must have a compatible HD Voice capable smartphoneand make the call over Cricket’s LTE Network or a compatible network. Cricket’s LTE coverage is notequivalent to its overall network coverage. HD Voice calls made on a compatible device and onthe LTE network may not experience an HD Voice connection at times of network congestion. Othercarriers’ networks may interoperate with Cricket’s LTE network to support an HD Voice call.

Table of contents1Your1.11.21.3mobile.5Keys and connectors. 5Getting started. 8Home screen. 132Phone.152.1 Making a call. 152.2 Answer or decline a call. 162.3 Calling your voicemail . 163Contacts.173.1 Consult your Contacts. 173.2 Adding a contact. 173.3 Editing your contacts. 183.4 Deleting a contact. 193.5 Sharing your contacts. 193.6 Additional options. 194Messages.204.1 Write message. 204.2 Send a multimedia message. 214.3 How to type a message. 224.4 Settings. 225Email.231

6 Camera.246.1 Camera. 246.2 Video. 257Gallery.268Video.289Music.2810 Browser.2811 Calendar.2911.1 Multimode view. 2911.2 To create new events. 3011.3 Event reminder. 3012 Alarm.3112.1 Alarm. 3112.2 Timer. 3212.3 Stopwatch. 3213 Calculator.3314 FM Radio.3415 Settings.3515.1 Network & connectivity. 3515.2 Personalization. 3915.3 Privacy & security. 4115.4 Storage. 4215.5 Device. 4315.6 Account manager. 462

16 Making the most out of your phone.4716.1 Upgrade. 4717 Safety information 4818 General information 6419 Warranty 6720 Troubleshooting 693

www.sar-tick.comThis product meets applicable national SAR limits of 2.0W/kg. The specific maximum SAR values can be found onRadio waves section.When carrying the product or using it while worn on yourbody, either use an approved accessory such as a holsteror otherwise maintain a distance of 15 mm from the bodyto ensure compliance with RF exposure requirements.Note that the product may be transmitting even if you arenot making a phone call.PROTECT YOUR HEARINGTo prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at highvolume levels for long periods. Exercise caution whenholding your phone near your ear while the loudspeakeris in use.4

11.1Your mobile.Keys and connectorsSpeakerStatus and notification barMain screenNavigation ring(up, down, left, right)Left menu soft keyHeadset portMessages keyCall/Answer keyOK keyRight menu soft keyCamera keyBack/clear keyEnd/Power keyVolume keysCharging port5

CameraHeadset jackCamera keySub screenVolume keysCharging portOKOK Confirm an option (press the middle of the key) Press: Access app list (Home screen)Navigation Press up, down, left or right to navigateMessages Press: Access Messages app6

Back/Clear Lets you return to the previous screen, close a dialog box, or exitoptions menu Delete character (In Edit mode)Call/Answer Press to dial call or to answer incoming call. Press: Enter call log (From Idle screen)End/Power Press: End a callReturn to the Idle screen Press and hold: Power on/offCamera key Press: Access Camera appIn camera screen, press to capture picture or shoot video Press and hold the Camera key and Volume down key tocapture a screenshotVolume In call mode, adjusts the earpiece or headset volume In Music/Video/Streaming mode, adjusts the media volume In general mode, adjusts the ringtone volume Mutes the ringtone of an incoming call7 startedSet-upRemoving or attaching back cover8

Removing or installing batteryInserting or removing the Nano SIM card and microSD cardYou must insert your Nano SIM card to make phone calls using your network.9

SIM cardTo insert Nano SIM or microSD card, push the Nano SIM or microSD cardinto the corresponding card slot with the gold-connectors facing down.To remove the SIM or microSD card, push down on the plastic clip locatedunder card and push the SIM or pull microSD card out.Your phone only supports Nano SIM card. Do not attempt to insert Minior Micro SIM card sizes or you may damage your phone.10

Charging batteryInsert the smaller end of the charger into the device charging port, and plugthe charger into an electrical outlet.1.2.2Power on your phonePress and hold the End/Power key until the phone powers on, Home screenwill be displayed. If screen lock is set up, enter passcode to access Homescreen.If you don't know your passcode or if you have forgotten it, contact yourservice provider. Do not store passcode within your phone, instead storepasscode in a location that is accessible without using phone.11

Set up your phone for the first time Use the Navigation ringto select a language and pressOK. Welcome page will be displayed, press the Right Menu select Keypad Introduction, Softkeys and Change Text Input Method tip pages willbe displayed, press the Right Menu keyto select Next and continue tonext screen. Use the Navigation ringto select Wi-Fi, if applicable. You can skipselecting a Wi-Fi by pressing the Right Menu keyto select Next. PressOKto select a network and enter a password, if needed. Setup KaiOS Account to remotely lock the device or wipe all personalinformation in event of loss or theft. Select Create Account and OK tocontinue, follow prompts to finish account set up. Press the Right Menu keyto Skip. Press the Right Menu keyto Accept KaiOS License Terms. You will next be taken to the Home screen, your phone is ready for use.Note: If SIM card is not installed, your phone will still power on and you will beable to connect to a Wi-Fi network and use some of the phone's features.1.2.3Power off your phonePress and hold the End/Power key.12

1.3Home screenStatus/Notifications Bar Displays Status andNotification indicators.TimeDateNotices Displays allNotices,press theLeft Menukey toaccess.Speed Dial 1-button dial assignedcontacts, press theRight Menu key to access.Apps (Applications) List Displays all apps, press theOK key to access.OK Key Press to access Apps List or anyoption displayed.13

1.3.1Status barFrom the status bar, you can view both the phone status (to the right side)and the notification information (to the left side).IconLTE14StatusIconStatusBluetooth activeAirplane modeWi-Fi activeAlarm setVibrateBattery (charging)SilentBattery (full charge)Network (full signal)Missed callNetwork (roaming)New email4G LTE data serviceNew message3G data serviceVoicemail

1.3.2Change home screen wallpaper From the Home screen, press OK , select Settings iconand then press theNavigation ringto the right to select Personalization. Press the Navigation ringdown and select Display Wallpaper. SelectWallpaper, Gallery or Camera and press OK to enter option. When browsing Wallpaper or Gallery options, select image and pressthe Right Menu keyto Save.OKor When using Camera option, press OK to take photo, then press the RightMenu keyto Save. To Retake pictures press the Left Menu key. Press the Back/Clear keyHome screen.22.1to exit out, new image will be displayed onPhone Making a callDial the desired number, press the Call/Answer keyto place call, or selectPhone app, press the Right Menu keyto access Contacts. Press up ordown on the Navigation ringto select the desired contact and press theCall/Answer keyto place call. If you make a mistake, you can delete theincorrect digits by pressing the Back/Clear key "in