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Updated USFJ Liberty PolicyBefore any military member is granted liberty, the member musthave completed their service-specific Sexual Assault Prevention andResponse Training as well as a Japan Indoctrination Training withadded emphasis on Service Core Values within the past 12 months.For all military personnel, regardless of rank, off- installation publicconsumption of alcohol is prohibited between the hours of 12a.m. and 5 a.m. daily.Military personnel in the ranks of E-5 and below are subject to acurfew between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. daily. Membersmust either be on a U.S. military installation, off the installation ina private residence, in a place of lodging, or in the performance ofofficial duties and require a liberty buddy from 10 p.m. tomidnight if on TDY status for 150 days or less.

Force Protection ConditionMISAWA AB IS CURRENTLY IN FORCE PROTECTION CONDITION(Increased general threat)WITH ADDITIONAL MEASURES:B-4, B-5, B-11, B-11.1, B-13This condition has been directed by CDRUSPACOMPOC: 35 FW/ATO, 226-9525

Fire Safety on Misawa Air Base isEveryone’s ResponsibilityElectrical Safety Tips:Turn off all electrical appliances when not in useDo not overload electrical circuitsDo not overload surge protectorsDo not daisy chain extension cordsNever leave cooking unattendedInspect electrical cords for damageOnly use electrical appliances with an UnderwriterLaboratory (UL), Factory Mutual (FM) or Japanese standardapproved label35 CES/CEFP, Fire Prevention: 226-4055

900 MHz WIRELESS DEVICES FROM THEU.S.A. CANNOT BE USED IN JAPANCordless telephones, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, etc.WHAT CAN I USE?Look for the Japanese Technical Conformity Mark on wireless productsMisawa Spectrum Management 226-5773

PACAF Quadcopter,Drone, & RC Aircraft Policy Can’t be flown within 5 miles of Misawa airfield without priornotification to airfield control tower!! GoPro’s or other video camera’s can’t be mounted on the aircraft! Contact the Base Spectrum Manager at 226-5773 for more info.***PACAF Personal Model Aircraft (PMA) policy memorandum***

Fitness Center hoursPotter Fitness Center:Mon-Fri: 0500-2200Sat/Sun, Holidays, Family Days: 0800-2200Freedom Fitness Center:Mon-Fri: 1300-190024/7 access to facility, if enrolled (takes 5minutes to enroll)

Immunization/Allergy ClinicHoursThe Immunizations Clinic has changed its hours of operations.The clinic will now be open during the following times:Monday: 0730-1600Tuesday: 0830-1400Wednesday: 0730-1600Thursday: 1200-1500*Friday: 0730-1600The Allergy Clinic will now operate during the following times:Tuesday: 1400-1600Thursday: 0700-1200*Smallpox will only be administered at 1500 on Thursdays

Equal OpportunityThe Equal Opportunity and Sexual Assault andResponse Program coordinators have moved tothe Torii building and are open daily forconsultation.Equal Opportunity can be reached at 226-3669SARC 24 – Hour Hotline: 226-7272

Do Not Move Your Computer

35th Fighter Wing Drug DisposalDo you have medications that you don’t want?At Misawa AB, the 35th Medical Group Pharmacy and 35th Security Forces Squadron guarantee anyonewith medications or controlled substances they do not need, can dispose of them in an environmentallyfriendly way.The drug amnesty box is located in the pharmacy lobby during normal business hours.Please consolidate all your medications into a few bottles and place them into the bin. If you have anyneedles, syringes, or lancets, that need to be thrown away, then contact a pharmacy personnel.Do not return the medications to the pharmacy directly as by Federal Law, they cannot accept them back.If you have any questionsCall the Pharmacy atDSN: 226-6607

Don’t Let Drugs RuinYour CareerDrop off any excess drugs at theAmnesty BoxLocated by Medical RecordsWrongful usage of controlled drugs is a violation of Article112a of the UCMJDo Not share drugsDo Not use beyond prescribed periodDo Not use for other than intended illness(s)Do not throw medications in trashPlease call the pharmacy at 226-6607 for details

AMNESTY BOX LOCATIONDO NOT THROWAMMUNITIONOR EXPENDEDBRASS IN THETRASHLocated nearBldg 1395(Navy transportation)and “Long TermParking”POC: CES/CED (226-3956)

Amnesty BoxPersonnel may deposit prohibited or non-admissiblearticles to include:-Ammunition-Explosives-WeaponsAmmunition inthe trash cost to the base andresults inemergencyresponses.

WOMEN, INFANTS AND CHILDREN OVERSEASWIC Overseas is a nutrition education and supplemental food program thathelps mothers and young children eat well and stay healthy.Program services are available to any eligible persons and theirdependents (Active Duty Military, DoD Civilian Employees, and DoDContractors,) *Eligibility is based on family size and income*Who is eligible?Pregnant Women (until 6 weeks after delivery), PostpartumWomen (until 6 months after pregnancy), BreastfeedingWomen (until the Infants 1st birthday), Infants (until age 1),Children (1 to 5 years of age)Call us today to verify your eligibility!226-5592Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm

Direct In Dial (DID) ChangesDue to cutbacks in funding, commercial lines will no longer be able to directly call allDSN extensions on baseTo call on-base via commercial phones, (cell phone, commercial business, home phone,stateside commercial numbers) customers will be required to call the Auto Attendant orBase Operator. After providing the DSN extension to the operators, they will connectyou.Auto Attendant/Base Operator numbers remain the same: International Base Operator Commercial 011-81-176-77-1110 Dialing from Local area to base operator 0176-77-1110 Dialing from Local area to auto attendant; 0176-53-5181 A short message will play, followthe instructions. Dialing from DSN to ATCC number 95 1 XXX-XXX-XXXX Dialing from ATCC to DSN Just Dial 226-XXXXInform stateside contacts they will no longer be able to call directly.Questions can be directed to the Misawa Base Telephone Control OfficeThis has nothing to do with the transfer of numbers from Verizon to Allied Telesis.

Misawa Chaplain Corps TeamSPIRITUAL CAREADVISING LEADERSHIP 100% Confidentiality Spiritual, Religious,Ethical and Moral Issues Pastoral Counseling Religious Accommodation Crisis and Trauma Ministry Worship and Religious Education Rites and CeremoniesContact us at 226-4673Emergencies - 226-9899(Command Post)

MISAWA AIR BASETRAVEL REQUIREMENTSSTEPS PRIOR TO SUBMITTING LEAVEREQUIRED TRAININGREFERENCE FCG TO ENSURE NO OTHER TRAINING IS REQUIREDSTEP 1 - Identify and locate your Unit ATR/ATOSTEP 2 - Review the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG) with your Unit ATR/ATOhttps://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg.cfmSTEP 3 - Navigate to TT/IATP websitehttps://iatp.pacom.milSTEP 4 - Navigate to "Pre-Travel Instructions" located on the TT/IATP websiteSTEP 5 - Review the links for your AOR location brief(Contact AFOSI, 226-3116, to determine if a briefing is required)STEP 6 - Complete all training listed(Force Protection CBT on ADLS is Level 1 ATFP Awareness Training)STEP 7 - Navigate to "Submit Travel" and submit your TT/IATPSTEP 8 - Navigate to APACS and submit your request for clearancehttps://apacs.dtic.milSTEP 9 - Complete all other requirements listed in the FCGLevel 1 ATFP Awareness Training Must be completed within 12 months of travel Non-CAC access: https://jkodirect.jten.mil Force Protection CBT located on ADLSUSFK Required Training Must be completed within 12 months of travel Required for ALL travel FCG states need for leave travelhttp://www.usfk.mil/Newcomers/ Training.aspxISOPREP Must be completed within 12 months of ile/survey/survey.aspxSERE 100.1 Must be completed within 36 months of travelhttps://jkodirect.jten.milHuman Rights Training Must be completed when traveling to SOUTHCOM AOR or directed by FCGhttps://jkodirect.jten.mil

Passport/Visa Process Applicants must submit passport and visa requestsat least 60 days prior to expected travel dates The DoD Passport and Visa Office has a severemanpower shortage; this shortage is resulting inextended processing times for passports and visas. Please do not contact U.S. embassies directly toinquire about the status of a passport or visa The DoD is committed to ensuring DoD travelersreceive travel documents on time

New Passenger Travel ProcessEffective immediately, IAW DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulationpublished July 2013, the use of the Government Travel Card for LICWO(Leave in Conjunction w/Official Travel) and Circuitous Travel (CT) is prohibited. Official Travel (OT) ticket(s) for TDYs, PCS, and/or deployments must beissued prior to arranging LICWO/CT reservations.– Reservations for Official Travel may be made at any time, however,Approved Orders are required to receive an OT ticket and makeLICWO/CT reservations. Member(s) will be responsible for any costs/fees beyond the authorized OTticket value (i.e. non-refundable ticket, changes, and/or cancellation fees). If TDY/PCS/Deployment is cancelled after the OT ticket is exchanged forLICWO or CT arrangements, member will reimburse the Government for theOT ticket value. For any questions, please contact Passenger Travel at 226-3117/2947,Bldg 653 Room 220. Office hours: M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; exceptWednesdays, 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

AFI 31-218 35FWSUP ChangesThis instruction implements policy, assigns responsibility, and establishes procedures for Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision on Misawa AirBase (MAB). DUI - Driving Under the Influence/GOJ equivalent equating to Intoxicated Driving (BAC 0.03% or greater) or driving while theinfluence of any narcotic or any other drug to the degree where the driver is rendered (Violators will receive 6 points and1-YearRevocation) Designated Training Area for New Drivers with a Learners Permit– A student driving permit allows minors to practice driving only on Falcon Loop and Security Hill Area, under parent orguardian supervision on base, while they complete a formal driver education class. Implement Harsher Penalties for Failure to Maintain Current JCI/Liability Insurance.– Owner will receive:– 91 days and greater: 6 Points and 1-Year revocation– 45 to 90 days: 3 Points and 180-Day Suspension– 6 to 44 days: 3 Points and 30-Day Suspension– 5 days or less: 3 Points Implement Harsher Penalties for Speeding– Speeding 25-32 KPH over posted speed limit (Violators will receive 5 points and 30-Days Suspension)– Reckless Driving; Speeding 33 KPH or more over posted speed limit (6 point and 1-Year Revocation) Power of Attorney PCS Process– A POA for the sale or disposal of a vehicle showing the member is in the process of selling and deregistering a vehicle, willsuffice for out-processing purposes provided it is presented no later than 10 calendar days prior to final out-processing andremoved from DBIDS. Installation Parking Monitor Program– Unit commanders are responsible for enforcing parking within areas under their control.– Parking monitors are the commander's representative to issue citations for parking violations in areas under the control oftheir commander. Monitors will issue parking tickets via DD Form 1408. Tickets for Violations Committed Off-Base will Receive Corresponding On-Base PenaltiesPOC: 35 SFS Plans and Program Office, 226-9508

CRIME STOPReport a crime in progress to Security Forcesusing 9-1-1!To dial on base 9-1-1 from a Japanesecell phone/off-base phone dial:0176-53-1911.Callers can remain anonymous.Reminder to keep home/car doors locked and items secured whenunattended.For all other non-emergency responses contactSecurity Forces at DSN: 226-3600.

Eagle Eyes ProgramINDICATORS OF SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIORS: Surveillance of on or off-base activities orareas Elicitation or gathering of info in person,phone, fax, or e-mail Tests of security to identify securityweaknesses Acquiring supplies such as weapons, IDcards, uniforms, decals Suspicious persons seemingly out of place atwork or home Dry run practicing a possible criminal/terrorist operation Deploying assets getting people/supplies inattack positionREPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS INCIDENTS TO:Security Forces BDOC:226-3600Commercial (24 hrs a day):0176-77-3600AFOSI Det 623:226-3126

Vehicle operators involved in any accident or any SOFAstatus personnel witnessing a vehicle accident willimmediately notify the Misawa Base Defense OperationCenter (BDOC) at 226-3600.The BDOC Controller will determine if 35 SFS response isrequired. If Security Forces response is not required, theparties involved WILL report to the Security Forces Bldg.646 to complete an accident report.Failure to report an accident will result in a citation alongwith a 30 Day Suspension

Open Container Policy Use of Alcohol on Misawa Air Base:– Personnel will not carry open containers ofalcoholic beverages outside drinkingestablishments.– Violators will be apprehended or detainedand released only to their sponsor orsponsor's organization for action.– This applies to: military, government civilians,and family member civilians.– Reference 35 FWI 36-2901 para. 2

Cell Phone Use While Driving Using a cell phone while operating a motorvehicle is prohibited both on and off base IAWMABI 31-116 and AFI 31-218.– Exception: Hands-free devices are authorized Utilizing a cell phone or portable electronicdevice will result in the following drivingsuspension:– 1st Offense – 30 days– Additional Violations – 180 days

Energy Action Month: “Protect the Power”TURN OFF YOUR MONITORIf we all turn off our computermonitors at the end of thework day Misawa AB will:Reduce electric consumption by1.5 million kWh per yearSave over 150,000 annuallyCut CO2 emissions by 800 Tonsper yearPOC: 35 CES/CENP: 226-5002

Energy Action Month: “Protect the Power”Driving Green: Fuel ConservationTake a load offEvery extra 100 pounds reducesfuel economy 1%Take a few moments to unloadyour cargo areaPOC: 35 CES/CENP: 226-5002

Energy Action Mont