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UNITED STATES AIR FORCEContinuous Improvement Professional DevelopmentRegistration InstructionsBefore you begin the registration process:During the registration process, you will need some key pieces of information. These include: Your Supervisor’s email address Your PM’s (Process Manager) email address Your DoD ID numberTo find your PM’s email address using the CPI portal, please follow the steps outlined below:1. Go to the CPI Portal at ome.aspx2. Click on the MPO/PM link on the left.3. Filter the MPO/PM by clicking on the organization menu. The tag is to the right of organizationtext box on the left side. This will bring up the Select Organization menu. Expand the groupingto locate your organization. Once you have your organization found and highlighted, Select yourorganization by clicking the Select button. Once you have the correct organization in the selectbox click OK.4. Apply the filter by clicking the “Apply” button above organization.5. The list of POC appears, find the one that most closely aligns to your unit and document theemail address.6. With these necessary pieces of information in hand, please proceed to the next page and followthe Registration Instructions. Your Supervisor’s email address Your PM’s (Process Manager) email address Your DoD ID number

Continuous Improvement Professional Development Registration Instructions1. To access the Self Registration System go toHTTPS://USAF.OPUSWORKS.COM/USAF2. Enter you .mil email address, accept the license terms and select,“CLICK TO REGISTER.”3. You will receive the verification email at the supplied email address.4. The verification email will contain a link to continue the registration process.

5. Following the link, first select the INSTALLATION you are assigned.6. Next, follow the choices presented to identify your command.

7. With your command selected, please enter the email addresses of your Supervisor and yourWing Process Manager. Then select, “CLICK TO PROCEED.”

8. Enter your DOD ID number, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone Number. Then select yourWireless Carrier, your preferred method of contact, and contact frequency from the drop downlist. Select, “CLICK TO PROCEED.”

9. Next, you will select a Training Class from those available on the menu. If you have beentrained prior and would simply like access to all the Training Modules, select the, “Register forindependent module completion” option.

10 Review allyour selection. Ifnecessary, youmay start yourselections over atthis time. If youare satisfied withyour selection,click the,“REGISTERNOW” button.

11. Confirm your decision to register.12 Your registrationwill be confirmedand an email sentto your providedemail address.13.You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Training Portal, your User Name,and your temporary Password. Once you have logged into the USAF Portal, please click on Menuand then “My Account” to change your password.

14.As you proceed with the training, look for ways your workplace might be improved usingthe tools, techniques, and methodologies presented in the curriculum.