Emergency Closing Learning Plan - First Grade

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Emergency Closing Learning Plan - First GradeDirections: Select at least one activity per column to complete each day. Color or check thebox when you have completed a given activity. Read at least 20 minutes a day.MondayTuesdayYou’ve got mail!Write or dictate a letterto someone you know.Don’t forget to add apicture!WednesdayThursdayFridayRecording StudioRecord yourselfreading or retelling astory. Listen to therecording. Is thereanything you want tochange? Set a goal.Record yourselfreading again. Listento see if you met yourgoal.Reading ResponseReading ResponseRead and retell a story Read a fiction book orto a family member,have someone read itpet, or a favorite toy.to you or listen to astory online.Complete one of thesegraphic organizers: Story Map Five FingerRetellGoing on a wordhunt!Look through a bookyou are reading. Findfive words that youknow and write themdown. Color thevowels in one color.Color the consonantsin another.Journal ItKeep a journal toshow what you doeach day. Draw apicture and label orwrite about the thingsyou do.Family LiteracyActivitiesFind any recipe. Readit with a familymember, follow thedirections and make it.Explain to someonewhat you did. Writeand draw about it.Reading ResponseRead a nonfictionbook or havesomeone read it toyou or listen to a storyonline. Complete theKWL graphicorganizer.Family LiteracyActivitiesPlay I Spy- Oneperson thinks of anobject that can beseen in that area.Everyone else asksquestions to try toidentify the object.Good CitizenWhat are some waysyou are a good citizenat home or school?Write a sentence anddraw a pictureshowing at least oneway you are a goodcitizen.Word WorkCan you build a word?Use the Letter Cardsfor Making Wordssheet to create words.Write the words. Usethese words to writesentences.Give Me Five!Write the followingwords: taste, touch,smell, hear, and see.Draw an ear, eye,nose, tongue, or handthat goes with eachsense. Draw andwrite something foreach sense.Examples: I can taste. It tastes. I see a. It looks.Word WorkCan you find a wordfor each letter of thealphabet? Write thewords on the WordCollector graphicorganizer to keeptrack of the words youfind. You can findwords in books and onany printed material inor around your home.Writing ActivityRead a book. Draw apicture that showsyour favorite part ofthe story. Then write asentence telling why itwas your favorite part.Writing ActivityDraw a picture of aninteresting animal intheir habitat. Write totell why that animal isinteresting.Community HelpersA community is aplace where peoplelive, work, and play.Community helpersare citizens that workin a community. Drawa community helperand describe her/hisjob. (Example: ateacher helps studentslearn).Make a MapDraw a map of a room inyour home or school. Besure to add a maplegend that tells us whateach shape and symbolstands for on your map.Take a WalkTake a walk aroundyour neighborhood.Then draw and writeabout what you saw.Look Out YourWindowLook out your window.Draw a picture of whatyou see and writeabout your picture.Going on a PicnicEveryone playing willtake turns saying, “I amgoing on a picnic and Iwill bring .” The firstperson thinks ofsomething that beginswith the letter a (such asapple). The next personthinks of something tobring that begins with theletter b (such asbanana). Repeat usingall 26 letters of thealphabet.

Reading Assignment 2: Reading Extension ActivitiesDaily Reading ChallengeComplete one activity each day and have an adult initial.Complete at least 10.Read to astuffedanimal.Read with aflashlight.Read under atree.Read to afamilymember.Read in thecar.Read anonfictionbook.Read a cerealbox.Read arecipe.Read a set ofdirections.Read on ablanket.Read in yourpajamas.Read like arobot.Read a poem.Read a fairytale.Read about afamousperson.Read a bookof yourchoice.Read on adevice.(computer,iPad, etc)Read a joke.Read threefood labels.Read amagazine.

Word CollectorDirections: Find words in your home or in WwXxYyZz

Fry Sight WordsSecond 100 Words world

Letter Cards for Making s: Cut the letters on the dotted line.

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Story MapName:Date:Story Title:CharactersBeginningSettingMiddleEnd

Directions: Use your fingers to help retell a story.Reading Assignment 3: Online Digital Resources (Optional)

Directions: The following links can be used to provide additional instructional experiencesif digital access is /FREE WEBSITES: Some companies are offering free services for teachers because of the coronavirus outbreak.Fluency Fitness This a great website to get kids moving and work on literacy. Free for parents during theclosures.PBS Learning Media This offers elementary resources and lessons. Inspire your students with videos, games,and activities aligned to state and national standards.PebbleGo is offering free access to schools. A great site for helping with reading comprehension and fluency.TVOkids.com This website is loaded with learning games and videos on all subjects.Seussville.com This website has a lot of books, videos, and games to play.Storylineonline.com This website is loaded with stories read by the authors and celebrities.ABCYa is a great site that has a ton of different literacy and math games for the students to play.SightWords.com is a great website where you can make games, flashcards, and more!FREE APPS: Here are some possible apps to use on your phone.Khan Academy Kids is available on App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for free.SeeSaw is available on App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for free. Choose from thousands ofengaging activities to use seamlessly within Seesaw. Search by grade level, subject, and keyword to findactivities made by teachers.SplashLearn offers many games to play. After it is downloaded it can be played offline with no need for theinternet.MooseMath app teaches counting, addition, subtraction, sorting and more. It’s free and available onAppStore Google Play and Amazon Appstore.Math Slide is great to practice tens and ones and understanding numbers up to 100. It’s free and available onAppStore Google Play and Amazon Appstore.Word Wagon is a great way to practice building sight words. It’s free and available on AppStore, Google Play,and Amazon Appstore.Duck Duck Moose Reading has 9 different word and letter activities. It’s free and available on AppStore,Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.For additional digital resources specific to your child’s school, please consult the school’swebpage.For additional digital resources specific to your child’s school, pleaseconsult the school’s webpage.