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A project libraryWhat’s on Eric Woodcock’s bookshelvesThis might be called a bibliography, but in fact it is the collection of project-related books, films andso on which I possess.These resources are labelled in Harvard reference style, which is how they should be cited in anyacademic or published work. The books are the editions on your author’s book shelf; they are oftenlater paperback versions rather than original hardbacks. Some of the titles, especially text books, willnot be the latest editions. Harvard purists expect to see the authors’ names in capital letters, and upto three authors to be named, but I think this can make the citation harder to read. In any case, thewhole point of a referencing system is to allow you to find the particular work quickly and that is theacid test of whether the reference is helpful.Text booksProject management theoryAndersen, E., et al. 4th ed. 2009. Goal directed project management. London: Kogan Page.Anon. 2008. Teach yourself project management. London: Hodder Education.Barker, S. & Cole, R. 2009. Brilliant project management. Harlow, UK: Pearson.Burke, R. & Barron, S. 2014. Project management leadership. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons.Coleman, S. & MacNicol, D. 3rd ed. 2015. Project leadership. Farnham, UK: Gower.Davies, A. 2017. Projects – a very short introduction. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.Davies, A. & Hobday, M. 2005. The business of projects. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.Gray, C. & Larson, E. Project management, the managerial process. 4th ed. London: McGraw Hill.Köster, K. 2010. International project management. London: Sage Publications.Lock, D. 9th ed. 2007. Project management. Aldershot, UK: Gower Publishing.Mantel, S. et al. 2008. Project management in practice. John Wiley & Sons.Mantel, S. et al. 2011. Project management in practice. John Wiley & Sons.Maylor, H. 3rd ed. 2005. Project management. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education.Maylor, H. 4th ed. 2010. Project management. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education. Eric Woodcock 201910 October 2019Page 1

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The exercise to move a long distillation column from Greenwich to Grangemouth presents manyexamples of how attitudes to risk and risk planning have evolved since the 1950s.The edge of the possible. 2009. DVD. Directed by Daryl Dellora. Australia: Film Art Doco.The story of the design and construction of Sydney Opera House with a strong emphasis towards therole of Jorn Utzon, the architect.Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room. 2005. Film. Directed by Alex Gibney. US: 2929 Entertainment.Experiment under London. 1961-1969. 5 films. Directed by Bob Privett. UK: British Film Institute.The story of how the Victoria Line underground railway was built in the 1960s.Filmed in Supermarionation. 2014. DVD. Directed by Stephen La Riviere. UK: Network.A highly creative team created some of the most popular children’s television series of the 1960s,featuring technically advanced puppetry and ingenious special effects.The fog of war. 2003. Film. Directed by Errol Morris. US: Sony Pictures Classics.Robert McNamara, US Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, reflects on dealing with starkethical dilemmas.Gerrit’s diary. 2011. DVD. Produced by G. Braun et al. Germany: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg.The team behind Europe’s largest indoor model railway creates a fully functioning model airport.Helvetica. 2007. Film. Directed by Gary Hustwit. Switzerland: Plexifilm.How one of the world’s most familiar typefaces came into being and its effect on the world around us.Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall. 2010. UK: Hadrian’s Wall Heritage.Man on wire. 2007. Film. Directed by James Marsh. UK: discovery Films.Objectified. 2009. Film. Directed by Gary Hustwit. Switzerland: Swiss Dots.The pacemakers, Basil Spence. 1973. Film. In Design for today. UK: British Film Institute.The Pruitt-Igoe myth. 2011. Film. Directed by Chad Freidrichs. US: First Run Features.A huge award-winning housing complex in St Louis came to be so dilapidated and crime-ridden that ithad to be demolished after just twenty yearsRevenge of the electric car. 2011. Film. Directed by Chris Paine. US: Dogwoof.Following ‘Who killed the electric car?’ this film is much more positive, and features the early stagesof Tesla’s car development as well as number of much smaller efforts. Eric Woodcock 201910 October 2019Page 16

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