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Florida State Sports NutritionDon’t let the summer months beat you. It doesn’t take long toruin all of your hard work from the school year. Make nutritiona priority this summer so you return to campus prepared fornext season.This packet highlights and explains each of the 5 nutrition goalspromoted at Florida State. Follow these guidelines to stay energized during exercise, enhance recovery between workouts, andmaintain a healthy body composition.5 Nutrition Habits of Champions1). Hydrate2). Refuel3). Eat at Regular Intervals4). Choose a Varied and Balanced Diet5). Meet Your Energy NeedsFSU Sports DietitianLaurel Tomko, MS, RD, LD/NMoore Athletic Center Training [email protected]

Daily ChecklistComplete this checklist daily to ensure you are achieving optimal nutritionI ate breakfastI ate 3 balanced mealsI ate 2-3 nutritious snacksI ate 2-3 pieces of fruitI ate 3-5 servings of vegetablesI ate 3-4 servings of low-fat dairy productsI ate a lean source of protein in each mealI ate a source of carbohydrates in meals and snacksI selected foods moderate or low in fatI drank water regularly throughout the dayI drank Powerade during intense conditioningI refueled within 60 minutes following workoutsI took a multivitamin

5 Nutrition Habits of Champions1). HYDRATEDehydration Raises your body temperature Makes you work harder at lower exercise intensities Causes headache, dizziness, and fatigue Leads to muscle crampingStay Hydrated Drink at least 1 cup of water every hourTIP: Carry a water bottle around with you for a reminder Drink 1-2 cups of Powerade about 15 minutes before exercise Drink 1-2 cups of fluid every half hour during exerciseTIP: Select Powerade over water if you are a salty sweater or exercising for longerthan an hour Drink 3 cups of Powerade after exerciseTIP: Add 2 more cups of water or Powerade for each pound lost during exerciseMonitor HydrationUrine color - Clear to pale yellow color and frequent need to urinate signal adequate hydration. Infrequent, dark urine reflects your body begging you to drink.Weight loss - Weighing yourself before and after practice allows you to estimatefluids lost in sweat. Replace each pound with 2 cups of fluid.

5 Nutrition Habits of Champions2). REFUELPurpose1). To replace carbohydrates used for energy and build stores for the next workout2). To provide protein for aid in muscle repair and to prevent muscle breakdown3). To take the first step in recovery for your next workoutTimingThe critical time to refuel is within the first 30 minutes after exercise, when your bodyis able to maximize absorption of carbohydrates and protein.NutrientsWater: at least 3 cups of fluid plus an additional 2 cups for each pound of weight lossCarbohydrates: 50-100 gramsProtein: 15-25 gramsRecommended Food Combinations Muscle Milk and 2 cups of Powerade2 cups of low-fat chocolate milk and a bananaPeanut butter and jelly sandwich and 2 cups of PoweradeBagel and part-skim mozzarella string cheese8 oz. of low-fat yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup granola cereal2 cups of cereal with skim or 1% milk

5 Nutrition Habits of Champions3). EAT AT REGULAR INTERVALSPurpose1). To maintain blood sugar levels for constant energy throughout the day2). To minimize overwhelming hunger that leads to overeating late at night3). To encourage protein synthesis instead of fat storageRecommendationsAim for 3-4 balanced meals daily Begin your day with a meal, even if it is not a traditional breakfast Regardless of your work or class schedule, make sure to include a lunchThis may require packing food ahead of time Prepare or purchase a dinner that is about the same size as breakfast and lunch For weight gain, eating a fourth meal will help you to consume more calories Starving all day and binging at night will sabotage both weight loss and weightgain effortsAim for 2-4 snacks daily Including a small snack in between meals will control your hungerAdding large snacks will help increase calories needed for weight gainEating a high-carbohydrate snack pre-workout will provide quick energyRefueling after exercise is an essential snack for all athletes

5 Nutrition Habits of Champions4). CHOOSE A VARIED AND BALANCED DIETFollow these three steps to ensure you reach nutrient recommendations.Step 1: Eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetablesGoals1). Aim for 2-3 pieces of fruit per day2). Aim for 3-5 servings of vegetables per day1 serving is 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked veggiesExamples fresh fruit, frozen fruit, canned fruit in water or juice, 100% fruit juice, dried fruit fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, 100% vegetable juiceStep 2: Eat energy-supplying carbohydratesGoals1). At least half of your calories should come from carbohydrates2). Include a source of carbohydrates in every meal and snackExamples whole grain bread, cereal, pasta, rice, oats starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, corn limit empty calories such as soda, sweet tea, candy, and sugary dessertsStep 3: Eat muscle-building, lean protein sourcesGoals1). Up to 1/4 of your calories may come from protein2). Include a source of lean protein in every mealExamples chicken breast, sirloin steak, lean ground beef, fish, egg whites, beans low-fat dairy products such as skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and 2% cheese

5 Nutrition Habits of Champions5). MEET YOUR ENERGY NEEDSMatch your food intake to your body composition goals. Increase total calories to gain lean muscle mass Decrease total calories to shed excess body fat Maintain total calories to avoid weight gain or lossSix sample meal plans have been provided at varying energy levels to guide yourfood choices. If no beverage is listed with food items, select water, crystal light, orunsweetened iced tea. Diet soda may be consumed in moderation because it hasbeen shown to cause sugar cravings in some individuals.Your specific needs and food preferences may differ from those provided, so please schedule anutrition consultation to receive individualized recommendations.If you fail to reach all of your vitamin and mineral requirements on a daily basis, it is also recommended that you take a general multivitamin.2000 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for some female athletes who have a low body weight or are trying to lose weight, likely fromsports such as golf, diving, and softball.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring Practice2 cups of Cheerios with 1 cup of skim milk1 medium banana12 baby carrots3 slices of turkey breast on 2 slices of whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, 1slice of Swiss cheese and 1 Tbsp of mayonnaise1 medium applePeanut butter granola barSalad containing 1 cup spinach, 3 oz. grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup chickpeas,1/2 cup canned mandarin oranges, mushroom, and onion topped with 1/2 oz. driedwalnuts and 1 Tbsp red wine vinaigrette1 cup skim milk6 oz. low-fat yogurtApproximately 3 cups of Powerade

Sample Meal Plans2500 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for female athletes who are involved in cross-country, softball, diving, and golf as well as somelow body weight female athletes in tennis, volleyball, and swimming.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring Practice2 packets instant oatmeal mixed with 1/2 cup skim milk and 1 cup strawberries1/4 cup of dry roasted almondsTuna salad sandwich on 2 slices rye bread made with 3 oz. tuna, 2 tsp mayonnaise,celery, lettuce, and topped with tomato slices1 medium pear16 wheat thin crackers dipped in 1 Tbsp hummus1/4 cup of granola cereal mixed in 6 oz. low-fat yogurt3 oz. grilled or roasted chicken breast1 large baked sweet potato topped with 2 tsp brown sugar and 1 Tbsp margarine1 whole wheat dinner roll2 cups salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds, and 1 Tbspred wine vinaigrette dressing3 cups of reduced-fat popcorn2 pieces part-skim mozzarella string cheeseApproximately 4 cups of Powerade3000 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for female athletes who are involved in basketball, track, soccer as well as some female athletesfrom volleyball, tennis, and swimming. Male athletes who maintain a low body weight or want to loseweight may also follow this plan.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring Practice4 frozen multigrain waffles topped with 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1 Tbsp of margarine, and 2 Tbsp of maple syrup1 medium banana covered with 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter6” steak sub on wheat bread with 3 oz. grilled sirloin, 1 slice part-skim mozzarellacheese, onion, and green pepper1 cup skim milk8 triscuit crackers dipped in 3 Tbsp of hummus1-1/2 cups whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce containing grilled chickenbreast, tomatoes, and broccoli1 whole wheat dinner roll with 1 tsp margarine spread1 cup skim milk1 Oats ‘N Honey granola barApproximately 4 cups of Powerade

Sample Meal Plans3500 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for some male athletes from tennis, cross-country, swimming, baseball, golf, and diving. Somevery active female athletes may require this calorie level to maintain their weight.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring PracticeEgg sandwich with 1 scrambled egg and 1 slice of 2% cheddar cheese on a wholewheat English muffin1 cup of 1% milk1 grapefruit with 1 Tbsp sugar1 cup of grapes6 oz. of low-fat yogurt with 1/4 cup granola cerealChicken Caesar pita with 1/2 grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 2 Tbsp Caesar salad dressing, and 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese1 medium orange1/2 cup goldfish crackers1 cup applesauce1/4 cup dry roasted almondsStir-fry with 5 oz. sirloin steak, 1 cup brown rice, and sauteed green pepper, onion,sugar snap peas, and broccoli1 large baked tortilla dipped in 1 cup thick-and-chunky salsa1 cup of 1% milkApproximately 5 cups of Powerade4000 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for most male athletes involved in sports such as football, basketball, track as well as somefrom baseball, tennis, cross-country, and swimming.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring Practice1 cup of granola cereal mixed with 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of 2% milk1 cup of 100% orange juicePeanut butter and jelly sandwich on 2 slices of whole wheat bread1 baked chicken breast with 2 cups of rice1/2 cup of peas and 1/2 cup of corn1 cup of 2% milk12 baby carrots dipped in low-fat ranch dressing1 small bowl of pretzels3 beef soft tacos topped with shredded cheese, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and thickand-chunky salsa1 medium apple dipped in 6 oz. of low-fat yogurtApproximately 6 cups of Powerade

Sample Meal Plans5000 CALORIE DIETAppropriate for high weight football players as well as basketball or football players trying to gain weight.BreakfastMorning SnackLunchAfternoon SnackDinnerEvening SnackDuring Practice3 large scrambled eggs2 slices whole wheat toast topped with 2 tsp margarine and 2 Tbsp jelly1 cup of 100% apple juice1 medium orange1 whole wheat bagel topped with 2 Tbsp of natural peanut butter1 chicken breast with 1 cup of macaroni and cheese1 cup mixed vegetables1 cup of 100% grape juice1 muscle milk1 medium apple6 oz. sirloin steak2 cups black beans and rice2 cups mixed salad greens and vegetables with Italian dressing1 cup of 100% orange juice2 cups of 2% chocolate milk1/2 cup dry roasted almondsApproximately 6 cups of PoweradeWhen planning your own meals for home or eating out, think about dividingyour plate into thirds: cover 1/3 with fruits or vegetables, 1/3 with high-fiberstarches, and 1/3 with lean protein.The Perfect Platefruits & veggiesstarchlean protein